My True Love Creations ~ Valentine’s Day Trio

Hello again! How are we all doing? Most of you, I’m sure, are prepping for the romantic day that is Valentine’s Day! I, on the other hand am prepping for an INTENSE week I have coming up!! Between my sister and I, we have managed to have 4 kids within 2 weeks of each other! Heres the breakdown! Abigail, my oldest, will be 12 on March 4th. Mary-Jane, my sisters daughter, will be 1 on March 5th. Keira, my youngest, will be 9 on March 10th. And finally, my sister is due with a little boy on March 12th! Can you believe that?! Hmmmm, this blog is supposed to be about polish you say? Fine with me! Here it is!! The best work from Cherise yet!! I just love her polish! I always gush to my husband while swatching lol. For the Valentines Day trio there are 2 awesomely squishy jellies and 1 very pretty, girly glitter. Lets start with Cupid’s Crush. There is nothing better than a bold red jelly that is super juicy and practically applies itself! I did leave a little extra dry time between coats because jellies definitely drag if not dry. There was not one single issue with this polish at all, actually for any of these! Here is Cupid’s Crush. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy topcoat. On my accent I used Stardust, also one of MTL’s polishes!

Next is The Nights Affair. This was the same formula as CC, just a deep plumy purple instead of red. Smooth as butter! This is 3 coats with a glossy topcoat. On my accent I used a large heart stud that I got in a swap at some point.
This Macro is under a different light on my desk but this is more color accurate!
Lastly, I have Sweet Emotions. This is a glitter in a clear base. There are micro holo silver glitters, small purple hexes, and medium lavender hexes. Its so girly and fun! I did a sideways gradient using a pastel pink and purple, then used one coat of Sweet Emotions on top! All with a glossy topcoat of course! Great formula as usual and no fishing at all!

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I have and will!!

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