Glisten & Glow ~ 7 Days Of Surprises Day 6

*This polish was provided for review Hey y'all! How are we doing today? It's the weekend so I hope we are all doing well! Can you believe that today is the last polish day of the 7 Days Of Surprises? This went so much faster than I thought it would. Let's get into the last… Continue reading Glisten & Glow ~ 7 Days Of Surprises Day 6

Glisten & Glow ~ Oct. 2020 PPU

*These polishes were provided for review Hey guys! Glisten & Glow is back for October's Polish Pickup. If you haven't seen the pics yet hold your hats. She's a doozy! Polish Pickup's theme for October is Cartoon/Animation. Truly Outrageous was inspired by Jill's fanatic love for Jem And The Holograms. Let's have a looksie :)… Continue reading Glisten & Glow ~ Oct. 2020 PPU

Glisten & Glow

*These products were purchased by me Hello! Today I just want to stop in and share some stuff I have picked up recently. Anyone who knows me well knows I am very loyal to my Glisten & Glow top coat. Well, I was just about out when Jill announced a sale! So I grabbed a… Continue reading Glisten & Glow

Don Deeva

*Provided for reviewHeeeeeyyyyyyy! Very long time no talk. Long story short, I have had the pregnancy from hell. Severe morning sickness all through the first 6 months and now gestational diabetes. Needless to say, I have really missed doing my nails. Today I have a few polishes to show you from Don Deeva! I'm so… Continue reading Don Deeva

Glisten & Glow ~ 9 Year Anniversary Trio

*Provided for reviewToday is the day! Glisten & Glow has been in business for 9 years!! I started following in 2012 when I stopped biting my nails. Lots of things have changed since then but G&G remains a constant in my life. The top coat is my life line for swatching! Seriously. It makes all… Continue reading Glisten & Glow ~ 9 Year Anniversary Trio