Nvr Enuff Polish ~ Unicorn Creme Holo’s

*These polishes were provided for review

Omg guys!! I have the most beautiful collection to show you today. Nvr Enuff Polish has brought us the Unicorn Creme Holo collection that’s fit for… well, a unicorn!! 7 pigmented cremes that are just breathtaking. Let’s get started since this will be a long one.

Unicorn Moon is a greyed over white holo creme polish. Let me tell you now. All of these polishes have a flawless formula. Perfect in 2 coats every time!! They all also dry very shiny on their own. I love this one. This isn’t grey at all, just a tad tinted. This shade would be great any time of year. I used 2 coats.

Unicorn Clouds is a pastel blurple holo creme polish. This leans a tad more purple than my pics show. The bottle shots are an accurate representation of the color. Perfect polish all the way around. I appreciate that these dry so shiny and that they dry decently quickly. I used 2 coats for my swatches.

Unicorn Daydream is a light sunset pink holo. This one leans a little orchid to me. Supper pretty on and I think a color that would flatter any skin tone. 2 coats for my swatches.

Unicorn Water is a beautiful bright mint holo creme polish. I would be willing to say 1/5 of my 1600 bottle collection is in the mint family. I love love love this polish. Smooth as butter. 2 coats for my swatches.

Unicorn Rainstorm is a deep teal holo creme polish. What a gorgeous color. I can’t wait to wear this one again. Perfect as per the norm. 2 coats for my swatches.

Unicorn Bouquet is bright rose pink holo creme polish. This leans a tad purple on me. Definitely makes me think of flowers! An absolute dream to work with. 2 coats for my swatches.

Unicorn Legend is a bright violet holo creme polish. This is the perfect grapey colored polish. I really enjoyed this one. This was just as perfect as the rest. 2 coats for my swatches.

Aren’t they just fabulous?!?! The perfect creme formula with added holo. Does it really get any better than that? These will be perfect bases for any nail art. I can’t wait to revisit these! The entire 7 piece Unicorn Creme Holo collection will be $70 or $11 individually plus shipping. They release Saturday February 27th at 11am PST. I promise you won’t want to miss these polishes. If you wish to know anything I used in my manis feel free to ask in the comments 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day ❤

Saki Cosmetics & 1422 Designs ~ Summer Collab

*These polishes were provided for review

Hello!! Long time no blog. I honestly just haven’t been swatching much. I have been painting still just not posting. But here we are with some new stuff. Let’s have a look.

Bahama Mama is a shimmery coral pink. The shimmer in this polish is just breathtaking. Formula, as expected, was wonderful. Bahama Mama would look amazing worn to the beach! I used 3 thin coats for my swatches.

Jamaican Breeze is an orchid crelly polish with purple-pink-gold shifting shimmer and purple holo dust. I love how subtle the holo is. Such a nice little added sparkle. Highly impressed by this new to me indie brand! I used 3 thin coats for my swatches.

What do you think? Purples and pinks always go together in my opinion. These are no exception. Fun Fact: In my YouTube swatch video I used 2 songs. The names of the songs, in order, are Summer and Dreams. Thought that was really neat for the Summer Dreams Collab! These polishes will be available in Saki Cosmetics shop as a pre-order from February 21st – 28th. This set will be 25 CAD (20 USD). Will you be grabbing this duo? Let me know in the comment section below. Have a great day y’all ❤

Glisten & Glow ~ Oct. 2020 PPU

*These polishes were provided for review

Hey guys! Glisten & Glow is back for October’s Polish Pickup. If you haven’t seen the pics yet hold your hats. She’s a doozy! Polish Pickup‘s theme for October is Cartoon/Animation. Truly Outrageous was inspired by Jill’s fanatic love for Jem And The Holograms. Let’s have a looksie 🙂

Truly Outrageous is exactly that. Truly outrageous!! This polish is a burple jelly polish with various shades, shapes, and sizes of pink glitters. Pretty much the epitome of burple color. My pics do lean a little blue so I’ll make sure you know what pic is most color accurate. Truly Outrageous is so fun! The sparkle is fantastic and the depth is just awesome. And it’s SO squishy! I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow and I do believe this will be on my toes. I used 3 thin coats for my swatch plus glitter grabber and top coat. Price $12.50 Cap: Under 395 for both US & UK.

Most Color Accurate!

Before I show you my fun nail art, I want to tell you about Jill’s top coat. Glisten & Glow Top Coat is an award winning, fast drying, glossy top coat. After using this top coat your nails will be dry in 2-4 minutes or less and they will be durable and long lasting with days to weeks of no tip wear or chipping! It has a crystal clear, shiny/glossy, “wet/gel” like appearance. It seals and evens glitters and flakie polishes. It won’t smear your nail art and it glows under black light! Dang that’s a lot lol. I say this all the time but I have been buying this top coat since 2013 and I haven’t bought another brand since! I have reviewed but never purchased anything but this. It has my heart and my hands ❤ Price $7.50 Cap: US-230 UK-5

Polish Pickup will only be open from October 2 at 11am EST until October 5 at 11:59pm EST. Make sure these go on your wish list!! Have a great day! Links below 🙂

Glisten & Glow

Hey y’all, I’m back. No house. Turns out it needed a new foundation and the seller refused to pay for it. So, for now we are just looking at apartments and will go back to house hunting in a year or so. I’m so sad. The location was EVERYTHING!! But that’s that. Hopefully in a few years we can look again in the same neighborhood. Since this is a review blog, I suppose should get to the reviews huh!? Let’s get to it.

Mystery Polish July 2020 is a bright blue crelly polish with black and black holo glitters in various sizes. To me this is just fantastic. Just look at that blue! It really makes a statement. I’m not always the biggest glitter fan but I absolutely had to have these few polishes. Jill’s crelly formula is as smooth as silk. They level out nicely on their own even with all the glitter. I used only 2 coats in my swatch video but I should have used 3. My pics are 3 coats. The white of my nail shows through without that last coat. Price: $10

Mystery Polish August 2020 is a teal crelly polish with black and black holo glitter in various sizes. Oh look! Another teal… I just can’t help myself. For real. It’s become an obsession lately! It just looks so good with my skin tone. This super smooth polish went on perfectly in 3 thin coats. Price $10

Mystery Polish September 2020 is a bright green crelly with black and black holo glitters in various sizes. I had to have this one because my birthday is in September. It turned out to be my favorite. This shade of green is just so fun and definitely eye catching. The holo also seems to be a bit more visible in this one as well. I used 3 thin coats for my swatches. Price: $10

Overall, I am super happy with this purchase! I have already worn the teal more than once and so has my daughter. It’s also on her toes as well as mine. Like I said before, obsessed. I’m not sure I have ever had a polish with a fill line in less than a week lol. If you are interested in any of these, the link to Jill’s shop will be down below. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Glisten & Glow: Shop: FB Page: FB Group: Instagram:
  • What I Used: Glisten & Glow Base, Top, Matte Coats, Bunnies & Buttercups, Mother Flora; SinfulColors Black On Black; Beauty Bigbang plate BBB XL-042; generic plate to-62; Maniology plate BM-S205.

Moonflower Polish ~ August 2020 PPU

*This polish was provided for review

Hello!! How are we all doing? Staying safe and healthy I hope 🤞🏼 Where I am it is thundering and lightning so this is the perfect time to write about this amazing beauty from Nadia of Moonflower Polish

Lightning Crashes is a “dark purple base with purple-to-blue iridescent micro flakes and scattered holo. It can be used as a regular polish in 1-2 coats or as a stamping polish. Lightning storms over Orlando Florida. Meteorology is one of my favorite sciences. The area of Central Florida where I live is known as Lightning Alley because it’s the spot with the most lightning strikes in the northern hemisphere. The unique shape of the peninsula means there’s usually going to be a thunderstorm in the afternoon, due to the collision of sea breezes from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.” This is a deep grape color with blue flashes. It’s fantastic. I mean, I may be biased because blue and purple are my favorite polish colors, but I doubt it. The formula is perfect and only takes 1 coat. Could it get any better? YES! It stamps perfectly! I used one coat for these pics plus top coat. 

Amazing right?!?! Polish Pickup’s theme is Weird Science and it will be open from August 7th – August 10th. Lightning Crashes will be $12.50 with a cap of 75 US and 5 UK. 

Don Deeva

*Provided for review

Heeeeeyyyyyyy! Very long time no talk. Long story short, I have had the pregnancy from hell. Severe morning sickness all through the first 6 months and now gestational diabetes. Needless to say, I have really missed doing my nails. Today I have a few polishes to show you from Don Deeva! I’m so excited to show you these. Let’s check them out 😊
Drizella Grid
Let’s start with Drizella. “Where are my prugly polish lovers at? This unique yellow green jelly polish is a stunner. Heavily loaded with original unicorn pigment and her sister UP. If you love OGUP you will need this in your life! You may just step over a sister to snag this wicked lady.” So perfectly said! This polish reminds me of apples. It shifts from green to red to gold like woah. I don’t think I captured the full beauty. I left this on for over a week and stared at it every day. Check the macro for the best color shift! I used 3 thin fabulous coats for my swatches. This polish will be $17.


Drizella macro

Drizella macro

Drizella macro

Drizella matte

Drizella matte macro

Drizella with unicorn stamping of course!
Viral Outlaw Grid
Next up is Viral Outlaw. “This gorgeous multichrome polish is blown out with holo. A deep purple to denim blue base with shifts of silver and teal to rosey purple. So rich in pigment all you need is 1-2 coats and you’re done!” My go to polish is always purple or blue so you can imagine just how much I love this one. Definitely a 1 coater with an incredible formula. I used 2 coats for my swatches because its just what I do. This polish will be $13.

Viral Outlaw

Viral Outlaw macro
Viral Outlaw macro

Viral Outlaw macro
Viral Outlaw with flash

Viral Outlaw matte

Viral Outlaw matte macro

Viral Outlaw with stamping
Slashdance Grid
Slashdance is an “(American Horror story exclusive) A grey base with multi color UCC flakes, hot pink glitter hex and holo. (Week 2)”. Y’all!!!! This one is fan freaking tastic ❤ It shifts in soooo many ways. You will see it best in the bottle shots. I used 3 coats for my swatches but if you polish on the thicker side 2 should work just fine. This polish will be $13.


Slashdance macro


Slashdance macro
Slashdance with flash

Slashdance matte

Slashdance matte macro

Slashdance with 80’s style gradient stamping
Slashdance bottle

Slashdance bottle

Slashdance bottle
When 2 Bechrome 1 Grid
Lastly, we have When 2 Bechrome 1. “A highly pigmented multichrome polish  with heavy holo. This purple base with deep blue has shifts of gold and red.” This one is oh so good. In between the gold and red shifts there are peach and pink shifts. So gorgeous with the purple base. I could wear this one forever. This one is a solid 1 coater. Guess what? I used 2 coats! I know… shocking lol. This polish will be $13.

When 2 Bechrome 1

When 2 Bechrome 1 macro

When 2 Bechrome 1 macro

When 2 Bechrome 1 macro

When 2 Bechrome 1 with flash

When 2 Bechrome 1 matte

When 2 Bechrome 1 matte macro

When 2 Bechrome 1 with Halloween stamping. Late I know 😔
These are my first Don Deevas and I am thoroughly impressed. The formulas were all phenomenal! I have only heard/read great things so my expectations were high. Totally surpassed my mark. These polishes are all available right now so go grab them all!! I will have all the links below for everything I used. Have a great weekend. Stay tuned because I have so much more to share with you! 

Ms. Sparkle ~ Flakies All Over The Place Collection

*Provided for review
Hey! How’s it goin’? Today I bring you flakies galore from the Dutch brand Ms.Sparkle!  This is a new to me brand and I am super happy to report that it was fantastic! Let’s check this quad out.
Fancy Flakies is a purple jelly base with holo sparkles, aurora pigments, iridescent flakies, ucc flakies, and holo ucc flakies. All of these polishes are very pigmented and full of stuff. Formula is also pretty much the same for all. Very smooth and very easy to work with. Even with all the flakies it lays completely even. I just love them so much. I thought this was going to be one of my top 2 but I was wrong. Just wait. I used 2 coats for my swatches.

Fancy Flakies

Fancy Flakies with flash

Fancy Flakies macro

Fancy Flakies in low light

Fancy Flakies matte

Fancy Flakies matte macro

Fancy Flakies with art
To Flake Or Not To Flake is a cool red jelly base with holo sparkles, iridescent flakies, and ucc flakies. I love me a good red polish so very much. I thought this was going to be my top pick but again I was wrong. This is actually my third favorite of them all. It was really hard to pick favorites because they are all so effing good! This didn’t stain at all and I wore this for 3 days. It’s also very opaque so it’s really the ideal red. 2 easy coats for my swatches.
To Flake Or Not To Flake

To Flake Or Not To Flake with flash

To Flake Or Not To Flake macro

To Flake Or Not To Flake in low light

To Flake Or Not To Flake matte

To Flake Or Not To Flake matte macro

To Flake Or Not To Flake with art
Up In Flakes ha a green jelly base with holo sparkles, iridescent flakies, and holo ucc flakies. This is the one!!! My favorite 💚 I would stare at this all day long if I could. It has so many color changes to it. It really is my favorite green now. This one absolutely needs to be seen in person. 2 flawless coats for my swatches.

Up In Flakes

Up In Flakes with flash

Up In Flakes macro

Up In Flakes in low light

Up In Flakes matte

Up In Flakes matte macro

Up In Flakes with art
Who Do You Flake You Are? is a blue/green jelly base with holo sparkles, iridescent flakies, and holo ucc flakies. This one is my second favorite. It reminds me of a very colorful ocean bottom with clear blue waters. Like a jewel. This is another one you have to see in person to fully appreciate. There is just so much going on. It’s amazing because none of them are too busy. Absolutely stunning. 2 coats for my swatches.

Who Do You Flake You Are? 

Who Do You Flake You Are? with flash

Who Do You Flake You Are? macro

Who Do You Flake You Are? in low light

Who Do You Flake You Are? matte

Who Do You Flake You Are? matte macro

Who Do You Flake You Are? with art
What do you think? I am over the moon for all of them. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law were both speechless when they saw them in person. The Flakies All Over The Place collection will be available by Tuesday May 14th. The 10ml size will each be $8.62 and the 15ml size will each be $10.78. Will you be picking them up? I really highly suggest them! Hope you all have a great week! 

Wildflower Lacquer ~ May Birth Flower

*Provided for review
Hello! Today Wildflower Lacquer has some new stuff coming to her shop. One of them is this months Birth Flower. This one is inspired by lily of the valley. Let’s see this beauty.
You’re Like Lily Pretty is a white crelly with green to gold  shifting shimmer, and copper shimmer, and lime to blue to green UCC flakies, and a scattered holo sparkle. This is really nice. I don’t usually care for white polishes but the flakies make me love it. Also, lilies are my favorite flowers. All types. The color of the flakies is just really fun. It almost looks like tiny gems on your nail. I used 3 thin coats for my swatches. 

You’re Like Lily Pretty

You’re Like Lily Pretty macro

You’re Like Lily Pretty matte

You’re Like Lily Pretty matte macro

You’re Like Lily Pretty with art
I know, I know. My art has lily pads… It’s all I had for lilies and we have all seen what my hand drawn art looks like.  Also not sure if those flowers are supposed to be lilies but they have 6 petals like a lily. As with each monthly birth flower polish, this will be $8.50 for the month of May then it will go up to $10. There is no reason to wait since you’ll be saving money on the polish! And it’s worth it. It’s perfect for this time of year and it’s just so very pretty. Hope you all have a fantastic day!! Links below ❤

Moonflower Polish ~ May ’19 PPU

*Provided for review
It’s almost that time again! PPU is back with one of my favorite themes!! The 80’s!! I was born in the 80’s so I have been reminiscing for weeks. This may sound corny, but I’m sure other 80’s babies will understand; It was a simpler time. I appreciate the childhood I had. The things that molded me into who I am today! Times like this I wish I worked so I could buy these pretties. I shall live vicariously through you all so please buy up everything this month! I need it lol! One polish I do have is from Moonflower Lacquer. This polish is based on Puerto Rican pop sensation Chayanne and his 1987 Fiesta en America music video. Let’s have a look.
Fiesta en America is a denim blue creme stamping polish with scattered holo, red-gold micro flakes and green-blue micro flakes. This one is dynamic and so freaking awesome. Denim is a spot on description of the blue color. The flakes are such a great addition. It looks peppered ya know? Really spectacular polish. I used2 smooth coats for my swatches.

Fiesta en America  

Fiesta en America with flash

Fiesta en America macro

Fiesta en America matte

Fiesta en America matte macro

Fiesta en America stamped

Fiesta en America stamped macro

Fiesta en America stamped macro
What are your must haves this month? Is this one of them? If it wasn’t, I hope it is now 😁 You can never go wrong with a Moonflower stamping polish ❤ Polish Pickup will be open May 3rd – May 6th so mark your calendars! Fiesta en America will be $12.50 with a cap of 75 bottles so get your ninja fingers prepped. Links below! Have a great day 💕

Stella Chroma ~ Americana Collection

*Provided for review

Greetings friends 👋 I have so much stuff coming. April 12th is a very popular release date. Right now I will be showing you the Americana Collection from Stella Chroma. This collection has it all, flakes, shimmer, holo, and crème. Stella Chroma is such great quality nail polish. Let’s check them out.
Cherry Blossomis a creamy, pale shade of pink with highlights of silver holographic flakies. It is opaque in 2-3 coats. Inspired by the cherry blossoms that bloom all over Washington, D.C. in the spring.” This polish is so soft and girly. Very perfect for spring time! Formula is immaculate. I used 3 thin coats for my swatches. Before I forget to warn you: I am no good at hand drawn art. I just try it anyways because I want to be good 😂 Be nice ✌

Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom flash

Cherry Blossom macro

Cherry Blossom matte

Cherry Blossom matte macro

Cherry Blossom with art
The Arch “is a purely holographic silver polish inspired by the famous Gateway Arch in St Louis, Missouri. I had seen this structure many times in pictures, but when I saw it with my own two eyes, the sun was glinting off of it and it was beautiful! And as a lover of heights, going to the top and feeling it sway in the wind was amazing as well. Wear your shades and put 2-3 coats of this one on your nails.” Lover of heights? Does that really exist?! I get an upset stomach just watching high things on TV. This polish is the closest I will ever get to the top of that arch so thankfully it’s phenomenal. Nice and smooth. I used 3 thin coats for my swatches. I hope you see the “arches” in my nail art! 
The Arch

The Arch with flash

The Arch macro

The Arch in direct sunlight taken with my iPhone SE

The Arch with art
We’re Goldenis a deep orange packed with all sorts of gold flakies and shimmery goodness with a bit of holo thrown in as a nod to the absolutely amazing Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I’ve never been to the area, but it is definitely on my bucket list. Opaque in 2 coats.” OOOHHH This one is so good. In my next post you will see how well this baby stamps. Amazingly perfect formula. 2 fantastic coats for my swatches. This is possibly the worst drawing of the golden gate bridge ever. Sorry!!

We’re Golden

We’re Golden with flash

We’re Golden macro

We’re Golden shift macro

We’re Golden matte

We’re Golden matte macro

We’re Golden with something that tried to be art
Fenwayis a springy green cream inspired by the Green Monster in Fenway Park in Boston. Mr. SC and I are huge baseball fans and no matter what hitter is up to bat, it is super exciting to see the baseball fly over that big wall! Opaque in 2 coats.” This is my favorite. I was born into a family of Red Sox fans so you know I’m also a fan. And because I live in CT I have actually been there a few times to see that fantastic wall in person. This formula is just perfect. There really isn’t a better word because it’s so perfect lol. 2 exceptional coats for my swatches. 


Fenway with flash

Fenway macro

Fenway matte

Fenway matte macro

Fenway with art
Do you love them? They actually all stamp! I really cant wait to show you We’re Golden stamped in my next post. It’s a chameleon type color. The Americana Collection will be available April 12th. Cherry Blossom, The Arch, and We’re Golden will all be $12 and Fenway will be $10. You can purchase these as a set for $41 from 4/12-4/26. They’ll be available only individually after that. Make sure you save yourself some cash and get them sooner rather than later. Stay tuned for my next post which is also Stella Chroma!! TTY asap 👍