Glisten & Glow ~ 7 Days Of Surprises: SPOILERS

*These products were provided for review Hey peeps! I know you are here for one reason so lets get right to the spoilers. I will be sharing full swatches and full live swatches as the days come to actually open the boxes! Today, you get some macros. Day 1: Happy Days Always Day 2: Get… Continue reading Glisten & Glow ~ 7 Days Of Surprises: SPOILERS

LevelUP Lacquer ~ It’s Always Sunny

                                                                           *Provided for review          Monday again! And of course last night was Sunday so we… Continue reading LevelUP Lacquer ~ It’s Always Sunny

LevelUp Lacquer ~ Intergalactic Flakie Collection

                                                                            *Provided for review          Hey!! How's it goin? I'm about to drop your jaw a few times. Ashley has done it again, and by that I mean created magic. I know there are some people out there that have been obsessed with flakies of all kinds since they became popular on the indie scene. I… Continue reading LevelUp Lacquer ~ Intergalactic Flakie Collection

Deborah Lippmann vs. Sally Hansen

          Good morning! Its Monday... Let's brighten it up with some glitter! This past Wednesday I got a package in the mail from a great friend I met on IG. I had mentioned that I needed to get Starry Starry Night from Essie and she immediately said here have mine!! Along with SSN she also… Continue reading Deborah Lippmann vs. Sally Hansen

Lucky 13 Lacquer ~ Sea Salt Scrub

Hey there! How has your summer been? Mine has been family filled and fun! I have been spending all my spare time at my desk swatching and whatnot. Tonight, I bring you a review of a hand scrub from Lucky 13 Lacquer. The ingredients in this product include sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, coconut oil,… Continue reading Lucky 13 Lacquer ~ Sea Salt Scrub