Glisten & Glow ~ Polish Of The Month May 2021

*This polish was provided for review

Hey friends! How has your week been? I hope it was all good. I can even add to the good with this new POTM from Glisten & Glow. It’s just breathtaking. Let’s check it out.

Polish Of The Month May 2021 is a bold royal blue holo micro glitter polish with added linear holo. Just wow. I have very little words. Jill said this was a full coverage glitter but I wasn’t expecting an almost 1 coater!! Formula for such a dense glitter is freaking phenomenal. I used 2 coats plus Glitter Grabber and top coat for my swatches.

So what do you think? I hope you love it as much as I do. This is close to my birthstone as well so I really love it. Polish Of The Month May 2021 releases today, April 9th at 7pm EST. Make sure when you grab it you also grab a bottle of Glitter Grabber. You’ll need it for this polish and it’s such a good product to have if you like glitter. This polish will be $12 per bottle. Glitter Grabber is $7.50 per bottle. I hope you have your shopping fingers ready! See you at 7! Have a great weekend y’all ❤

Glisten & Glow ~ Polish Of The Month April 2021

*This polish was provided for review

Hello! How have we all been? I just started school so I have been a little busy. Today I have for you Jill’s POTM for April. I have been loving this series. Let’s check it out.

Polish Of The Month April 2021 is a brilliant silver linear holo with bursts of pink/purple/green color shifting shimmer. This polish is so blingy! It’s like platinum on the nails. The shift is very apparent and just gorgeous. Formula was wonderful as always. 3 thin coats for my swatches.

POTM April 2021 will be available on April 9th at 7pm EST. Each bottle will be $12. Will you be picking this up? You definitely will not regret it. Set your clocks. Stay tuned for Mays POTM as well!! Have a great day y’all ❤

Glisten & Glow ~ Spring ’21 Cuticle Oils

*These oils were provided for review.

Hey y’all! Today I bring you a quick post. Glisten & Glow’s Spring ’21 Cuticle Oils are just perfect to go along with the Virtual Spring Break Collection (reviewed HERE). Each scent is just amazing. Let’s check them out!

Lemon Chiffon is a tart and zesty lemon scent with a twist of creamy vanilla lemon pie. I could not have described this any better. That is the exact smell you can expect. Lemon meringue to the max!! This is my favorite of all 6!

Pomegranate Punch is a fresh and light scent of sweet tart and pomegranate. I have never smelled a real pomegranate but with this scent I even feel like I can smell the skin of the fruit. Just fantastic.

Waterfall Mist is the end of a rain shower beneath a waterfall, and the air is left with a clean aquatic aroma. Ya, that made me deep inhale too lol. Sounds amazing and smells just as relaxing. I can almost feel the mist around me as I sniff.

Summer Lovin’ is summer fantasies mixed with sweet tropical flowers. Very tropical. There are scents of fruit in the background as well. This will be perfect when you lounging in the sun or at the beach! So yummy!

Cherry Delight is a sweet cherry scent with a touch of cinnamon. I feel like I just opened a can of maraschino cherries and I’m about to make a sundae. This cherry scent is spot on cherry. I don’t so much smell the cinnamon but it is there in a warmth sensation. It’s really neat! Just a warm cherry deliciousness.

Orange Dreamcicle has bright notes of orange with a citrus twist blended with vanilla and coconut. To me this smells like an Orange Julius. Am I aging myself here?! An Orange Julius was pretty much an orange creamcicle that was a drink instead of an ice cream. It was a fresher orange scent and taste though and that is what I smell here. Fresh sliced orange with some fresh whipped cream. So. Freaking. Delicious!!

Well that’s the collection! How do you feel about them. I love them all. I keep all of them next to me and I randomly pick which one to use each time. Always a welcome surprise. Each cuticle oil pen will be $6.99 and they will be releasing on March 26th at 7pm EST. Which scent will you be picking up? Let me know in the comments! Have a great day ❤

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Glisten & Glow ~ Virtual Spring Break Collection

*These polishes were provided for review

*Picture Heavy

Hello! How are you all enjoying this fine weather? I’m KIDDING!! It’s been so cold and windy here in CT. Next week should feel more like spring is coming. I can give you a little relief from the weather with this spring collection. “Since we aren’t able to travel due to Covid19, Glisten & Glow is taking you on a virtual spring break with this beautiful 5 piece creme collection.” Let’s get right into it.

Passports & Partying is a peachy coral creme polish. As with ALL of Jill’s cremes, the formula is perfection. Smooth, self leveling, and they dry with a nice shine. I used 2 buttery coats for my swatches.

Lounging & Laughing is a medium orchid creme polish. This one is amazing. Super pigmented. Drool worthy formula and totally opaque in only 1 coat! I actually only used 1 coat for my swatches!

Sailing & Sightseeing is a misty teal creme polish. For this one the most color accurate shots are the bottle shots. My pictures pulled a little too much to the blue side. Well, we all know I’m a super sucker for a color like this! Definitely 1 of my 2 favorites from this collection. I used 2 coats for my swatches but this could be a 1 coater if you polished carefully.

Beaches & Bikinis is a light violet creme polish. This one is almost neon. This is my other favorite. This is a color that can get you through most of the year. As usual the formula was awesome. I used 2 coats for my swatches.

Sandals & Sunsets is a medium grey creme polish with strong purple undertones. Y’all, how freaking gorgeous is this color?! It definitely leans purple like whoa. Fantastic formula. I used 2 coats for my swatches.

I also want to show you that they watermarble and stamp. I did a swirl design for the watermarble which is difficult to do unless you have good quality polish. I also stamped over a black to white gradient so you could see each color over white and black at the same time. Stamped from thumb to pinky are Sandals & Sunsets, Beaches & Bikinis, Sailing & Sightseeing, Lounging & Laughing, and Passports & Partying. Check ’em out!

How do you like the Virtual Spring Break Collection? I was in love the moment I saw a spoiler in G&G‘s Facebook group. Just a quick note: All products are Glisten & Glow. Top coat, matte top coat, glitter grabber, all polishes, and ridge filling base coat. If you haven’t noticed, I keep stock of multiple G&G products. Jill is my go to for absolutely everything that it takes to make a mani perfect and lasting. Not a sponsored plug lol. I buy most of this stuff myself. I just highly recommend it. Anyways, The Virtual Spring Break Collection will be available on March 26th at 7pm EST. They will be $10 each bottle. Make sure you don’t miss these. They are fabulous and multi functional. Totally worth every penny. Stay tuned for the other part of the spring release! Have a great day ❤

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What I Used: Glisten & Glow Ridge Filling Base Coat, Top Coat, Matte Top Coat, Glitter Grabber, Mother Wind, Danké, Gracias, Goslings & Gardenias.

Glisten & Glow ~ Cornucopia of Thanks Collection

*These polishes were provided for review

Hey y’all! It’s finally cooled down where I am and I couldn’t be happier! My favorite season is winter but fall is a very close second. I hope everyone is feeling well with all that’s going on in the world. Just remember there is always someone to talk to even if it be help lines. I’ll link some numbers below. For now let’s talk polish! I have the Cornucopia of Thanks Collection, which is a quartet of polishes that says thanks in different languages. Let’s have a look.

Bedankt (Dutch) is a light periwinkle creme polish. Definitely not your average fall color but it fits with this collection beautifully. My pictures lean a little blue for this one. It has the slightest purple hint that my camera just wouldn’t pick up. As always I’ll let you know what’s color accurate. Bedankt was a dream to work with. 2 perfect coats for my swatches. Price $10

Most color accurate

Danke (German) is a medium boysenberry purple creme polish. I really want to say that this one is my favorite but every time I get to the green it wins lol. This is a super close second though. Just look at the deep lusciousness. This looks fabulous on the nails. I feel like this would fit all skin tones. An all around perfect polish. 2 coats for my swatches. Price $10

Gracias (Spanish) is a medium deep green creme polish with a touch of teal. Y’all. This polish looks as if an emerald and some jade were melted together. The color is just stunning. Probably my favorite new green. I could not wait to get this on and it did not disappoint! If you get only 1 polish here let it be this one for real! Jill’s creme polishes are always fantastic and Gracias was no different. 2 coats for my swatches. Price $10.

Spasibo (Russian) is a light pumpkin creme polish. I know it’s corny but I had to put pumpkins on this color lol. It’s the perfect pumpkin shade without being too bold. This one is super squishy. More like a crelly than a creme. An absolute dream to work with. I used 3 thin coats for my swatches. Price $10

What do you think? Do you love them? The Cornucopia of Thanks Collection is the perfect fall set. Please, please, please come back and let me know what you picked up and what you think about Gracias lol. Must haves for sure. The Cornucopia of Thanks Collection will be available on October 9th at 7pm EST. Don’t miss them! Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂 Links below!

Glisten & Glow ~ Oct. 2020 PPU

*These polishes were provided for review

Hey guys! Glisten & Glow is back for October’s Polish Pickup. If you haven’t seen the pics yet hold your hats. She’s a doozy! Polish Pickup‘s theme for October is Cartoon/Animation. Truly Outrageous was inspired by Jill’s fanatic love for Jem And The Holograms. Let’s have a looksie 🙂

Truly Outrageous is exactly that. Truly outrageous!! This polish is a burple jelly polish with various shades, shapes, and sizes of pink glitters. Pretty much the epitome of burple color. My pics do lean a little blue so I’ll make sure you know what pic is most color accurate. Truly Outrageous is so fun! The sparkle is fantastic and the depth is just awesome. And it’s SO squishy! I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow and I do believe this will be on my toes. I used 3 thin coats for my swatch plus glitter grabber and top coat. Price $12.50 Cap: Under 395 for both US & UK.

Most Color Accurate!

Before I show you my fun nail art, I want to tell you about Jill’s top coat. Glisten & Glow Top Coat is an award winning, fast drying, glossy top coat. After using this top coat your nails will be dry in 2-4 minutes or less and they will be durable and long lasting with days to weeks of no tip wear or chipping! It has a crystal clear, shiny/glossy, “wet/gel” like appearance. It seals and evens glitters and flakie polishes. It won’t smear your nail art and it glows under black light! Dang that’s a lot lol. I say this all the time but I have been buying this top coat since 2013 and I haven’t bought another brand since! I have reviewed but never purchased anything but this. It has my heart and my hands ❤ Price $7.50 Cap: US-230 UK-5

Polish Pickup will only be open from October 2 at 11am EST until October 5 at 11:59pm EST. Make sure these go on your wish list!! Have a great day! Links below 🙂

Glisten & Glow ~ Fall 2020

Hello! How are we all doing? I am fabulous! It’s 71 degrees out and all my windows are open. I love this time of year. The fresh air is just so perfect and refreshing. A perfect fall type day to bring you Glisten & Glows Fall 2020 trio! 3 gorgeous glitter crellies that are a little out of the norm color wise. On to the pics!

The Great Grape Stomp is a white based crelly with various shapes and sizes of purple, lavender, garnet, grey, and gun metal glitters. An absolute must have for any purple lover. The polish is nice and creamy. Glitter packed but not chunky. No need to fish for glitters as this has tons! The glitter colors all compliment each other so nicely. An all around pleasure to use. 2 coats for my swatches. Price $10.

Jack O’Lantern Blaze is the only color you might expect to see in a fall collection. It’s a white based crelly polish with various shapes and sizes of chocolate, yellow, and orange glitters. This screams falloween. Again, a super smooth polish filled to the brim with glitter. I think of s’mores and pumpkin pie when I wear this. 2 coats for full coverage. Price $10

Harvest Moon Skies is a white based crelly loaded with various shapes and sizes of navy, turquoise, grey, gun metal, and aqua glitters. This one is my favorite. The colors together are unique but so very pretty. I especially love the grey and gun metal glitter. Not a color I would expect at all but it totally works. As with the others, this is super smooth but glitter packed! 2 coats for my swatch. Price $10

Did you notice that all of my manis looked smooth? That’s because I used Glitter Grabber! After you put on your polish, allow it to dry fully then use a coat of Glitter Grabber before you top coat! Totally smooth! It is a miracle product that has many uses. Make sure you follow Glisten & Glow‘s FB page to see what people are saying. If you use glitter you absolutely need Glitter Grabber! Anywho, the Fall 2020 collection will be available for purchase on September 18th at 7pm EST. Set any alarms you have. You will not regret this purchase ever. I will have the links below! Have a great day y’all 🙂

Glisten & Glow

Hey y’all, I’m back. No house. Turns out it needed a new foundation and the seller refused to pay for it. So, for now we are just looking at apartments and will go back to house hunting in a year or so. I’m so sad. The location was EVERYTHING!! But that’s that. Hopefully in a few years we can look again in the same neighborhood. Since this is a review blog, I suppose should get to the reviews huh!? Let’s get to it.

Mystery Polish July 2020 is a bright blue crelly polish with black and black holo glitters in various sizes. To me this is just fantastic. Just look at that blue! It really makes a statement. I’m not always the biggest glitter fan but I absolutely had to have these few polishes. Jill’s crelly formula is as smooth as silk. They level out nicely on their own even with all the glitter. I used only 2 coats in my swatch video but I should have used 3. My pics are 3 coats. The white of my nail shows through without that last coat. Price: $10

Mystery Polish August 2020 is a teal crelly polish with black and black holo glitter in various sizes. Oh look! Another teal… I just can’t help myself. For real. It’s become an obsession lately! It just looks so good with my skin tone. This super smooth polish went on perfectly in 3 thin coats. Price $10

Mystery Polish September 2020 is a bright green crelly with black and black holo glitters in various sizes. I had to have this one because my birthday is in September. It turned out to be my favorite. This shade of green is just so fun and definitely eye catching. The holo also seems to be a bit more visible in this one as well. I used 3 thin coats for my swatches. Price: $10

Overall, I am super happy with this purchase! I have already worn the teal more than once and so has my daughter. It’s also on her toes as well as mine. Like I said before, obsessed. I’m not sure I have ever had a polish with a fill line in less than a week lol. If you are interested in any of these, the link to Jill’s shop will be down below. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  • What I Used: Glisten & Glow Base, Top, Matte Coats, Bunnies & Buttercups, Mother Flora; SinfulColors Black On Black; Beauty Bigbang plate BBB XL-042; generic plate to-62; Maniology plate BM-S205.

Glisten & Glow

*These products were purchased by me

Hello! Today I just want to stop in and share some stuff I have picked up recently. Anyone who knows me well knows I am very loyal to my Glisten & Glow top coat. Well, I was just about out when Jill announced a sale! So I grabbed a few polishes and refills for my base and top coat. When I got it in the mail I noticed that I also got a free gift. Turns out Jill is just awesome and threw some in for her customers!! So sweet ❤ Let’s see what I grabbed.

First up is I Will Always Love You. You already know I’m a sucker for red polish. Here is this perfect classic red jelly. The formula is better than a jelly polish. Jellies can be picky but this one was very forgiving. No staining of the cuticles at all. IWALY dries to a super high shine finish as well. You really can’t ask for more with this baby. I used 3 coats of pure perfection. Price: $8.50

My next pick was SPARS Of The Coast. I know I went plain. And I am so happy about it. Sometimes the color is all you need. This teal creme polish is a necessity in any collection. I have multiple and they are all very different. Which is why I still needed this one! SOTC is an easy 2 coat polish. I used 2 coats for my swatches. Price: $8.50

Boots On The Ground is an olive green creme polish. I feel like you can never have enough green polish. This is the color I’m always looking for but never seem to have. So now I do! The color is just so rich. Formula, like all G&Gs, is fabulous. Again, this is easily a 2 coater. I used 2 coats for my swatches. Price: $8.50

Here are the other things I got!

If you have never used Glisten & Glow top coat I highly suggest you get on that! It’s life changing lol!! The free gift was a jolly rancher scented cuticle oil. It’s so yummy!! Within a week of this purchase, I went back and grabbed 3 more polishes. That will be my next post. Can you guess what they are? Let me know in the comments! Also let me know what you think of this setup. Gotta get a signature look down. I always look forward to hearing from you. Have a great rest of your week y’all ❤

Glisten & Glow ~ Summer Livin’ Collection Part 2

*Provided for review
Here we are again! This time I’m bringing you part 2 of the Summer Livin’ Collection. 1 crème and 3 neon glitter crellies! Let’s get to it.
Mini Golf & Margaritas is a neon blue polish. This polish is the best blue I own 💙 I also have this on my toes. Absolutely the perfect crème formula. 2 easy peasy coats. Could have been 1! 

Mini Golf & Margaritas

Mini Golf & Margaritas with flash

Mini Golf & Margaritas macro

Mini Golf & Margaritas matte

Mini Golf & Margaritas matte macro

Mini Golf & Margaritas with more awful nail art lol

Bikinis & Boogie Boards is lighter neon blue glitter crelly with all neon glitters in various sizes and shades of  orange, green, yellow, and blue. How unique is this?! This reminds me of an orange or a peach tree on a clear summer day. This polish literally made my mouth water at first. The formula is a little on the thick side. Nothing a few drops of thinner won’t fix if you want it thinner. 2 coats for my swatches

Bikinis & Boogie Boards

Bikinis & Boogie Boards with flash

Bikinis & Boogie Boards macro

Bikinis & Boogie Boards matte

Bikinis & Boogie Boards matte macro

Bikinis & Boogie Boards with art

Cotton Candy & Convertibles is a lighter neon pink glitter crelly loaded with all neon glitters in various sizes and shades of pink and purple. If you love neon and you are also a girly-girl, you need to own this. It is so sweet I just wanna eat it. It reminds me of a cotton candy frosting . So good! I used 2 coats for my swatches.
Cotton Candy & Convertibles 

Cotton Candy & Convertibles with flash

Cotton Candy & Convertibles macro

Cotton Candy & Convertibles matte

Cotton Candy & Convertibles matte macro

Cotton Candy & Convertibles with art

Snow Cones & Skinny Dipping is a white based glitter crelly loaded with all neon glitters in various sizes and various shades of pink, purple, blue, green, orange and yellow. This one is funfetti for sure. Super bright and fun. I love love love this one. Way more than I thought I would actually. This will be on my toes next! Formula was good but a tad sheer. I used 3 thin coats for my swatches.  

Snow Cones & Skinny Dipping

Snow Cones & Skinny Dipping with flash

Snow Cones & Skinny Dipping macro

Snow Cones & Skinny Dipping matte

Snow Cones & Skinny Dipping matte macro

Snow Cones & Skinny Dipping with art

The Summer Livin’ Collection has 2 parts. These 5 polishes make up part 1. These will be released on May 11th at 7pm EST. Each polish will be $8.50. This 5 piece set will be available together for $40 and you can purchase the entire 9 piece Summer Livin’ Collection for $70.  I know I always do, but I suggest getting them all. They are super versatile and work so well together. Links below for your shopping pleasure!