Glisten & Glow ~ Fall Vibes Collection

*These polishes were provided for review


Hey y’all!! This is gonna be a long one so let’s skip the personal talk and get right to it. I don’t have much to say anyways lol. Here we go!

Afghans & Apple Butter is a pale mauve creme polish. You’re gonna hear this a lot but I love this one. I have been using it as a base for all types of nail art. It’s so pretty and it practically polishes itself. PERFECT formula. I used 2 thin coats plus Top Coat for my swatches.

Flannels & Feasts is a radiant orchid creme polish. This is the perfect fall purple. This will compliment anyone at any time of year but it’s definitely a fall shade. Formula is flawless. Self leveling and just oh so smooth. 2 thin coats with Top Coat for my swatches.

Hayrides & Hot Cocoa is a rose taupe creme polish. Honestly, its the perfect chocolate color lol. It pulls brown like whoa. Nice and creamy just like the rest. I used 2 thin coats plus Top Coat for my swatches.

Hoodies & Hugs is a salmon pink creme polish. How much do you love this pink?!?! It’s such a fresh pop of color for this fall collection. I absolutely adore this one. 2 thin coats plus Top Coat for my swatches.

Soup & Snuggles is an olive green creme polish. Olive green is right. Like an exact match! This is one of those love it or hate it type colors. I happen to love those type of colors so I’m totally here for it! Smooth as butter. 2 thin coats plus Top Coat for my swatches.

Spices & Sweaters is a pumpkin spice orange creme polish. I love that this is pumpkin spice and not pumpkin. It has a deepness to it. Very unique to anything I have seen. 2 thin, perfect coats plus Top Coat for my swatches.

Tea & Totes is a camo green creme polish. This is the one. My favorite in the bunch. I don’t know why but I am so drawn to green lately. This could almost be a 1 coat polish if you polish thicker. I used 2 thin, amazing coats plus Top Coat for my swatches.

Turtlenecks & Touchdowns is an indigo creme polish. Holy wow guys. This polish is fantastic. Matte this baby and you have the best mani! Seriously a show stopper! Perfect all around. 2 thin coats plus Top Coat for my swatches.

I cannot urge you enough, PLEASE GET THESE CREMES! They are so versatile. Any art I did here (minus black or white) used only the Fall Vibes Collection. They stamp so well and watermarble. As you can see I am not the best water marble artist but I try! I’m sure if you follow my IG you will see them regularly. The Fall Vibes Collection will be available September 9th 2022 at 6pm EST. Each polish will be $11 or you can buy the whole set for $80. I know it seems like a lot but I PROMISE you will get your moneys worth. I will leave the links below for Jill. I hope You all have a great rest of the week. Thanks so much for stopping by ❤

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