Glisten & Glow ~ Dracula’s Den Collection

*These polishes were provided for review

Hey y’all! We are in the golden age of creme polish right now. Seriously, it’s everywhere and they are so versatile. If you don’t know already, Glisten & Glow has what I think are the best creme polishes in the game. So smooth and creamy. I have been obsessed lately. So, here are some more! Let’s check them out 🙂

Oh! Hey Buffy is a very light beige creme polish. When I first got this collection, I was positive that the blood red would be my favorite. Turns out this one is my favorite. I cannot stop using it. It stamps perfectly. It is opaque in 1-2 coats depending on how you polish. I used 2 thin immaculate coats plus Top Coat for my swatches.

Vein Slayer is a white based glitter crelly loaded with various shapes and sizes of red glitters. This one is just as versatile as a creme. Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day. It’s just perfect. This one could be good in 2 coats. I used 3 coats just because that’s what I am used to for crelly polish lol. This laid nice and smooth for all the glitter. The peek of holo glitters is such a nice touch. I used 3 thin coats plus Glitter Grabber and Top Coat for my swatches.

Vamp Stamp is a dark grey base loaded with red metallic flakes and red metallic shreds. I love the name of this one. I also really love shreds and I feel like I don’t see them often enough. I expected this to be chunkier because of the shreds but it laid nice and flat. Of course glitter grabber will help smooth it all out so I highly recommend using it for this. This base is more of a creme base so only 2 coats are necessary. I used 2 thin coats plus Glitter Grabber and Top Coat for my swatches.

Feelin’ Fang-Tastic is a light tomato red creme polish. Oooh here come the reds! Jill doesn’t do reds often so get your grabby hands ready! Quick warning. Reds stain so please use a good base coat and beware. It’s just the nature of red pigment. I really love a good red so I am in heaven right now lol. I used 2 thin coats plus Top Coat for my swatches.

The Bloodiest Of them All is a medium blood red creme polish. This is the red of my dreams. I love everything about this polish so much. This is probably tied for my favorite. I really can’t choose. I don’t have any more words for this one. I just love it is all lol. I used 2 thin coats plus Top Coat for my swatches.

Real Coffins Of Transylvania is an oxblood red creme polish. This turned out to be a true red oxblood. I was so happy about that. I did read that oxblood is brownish as well so that’s all good. I just didn’t want it to lean purple. And it doesn’t. At all. This is the perfect vampy shade for the season. I used 2 thin coats plus Top Coat for my swatches.

What do you think? You absolutely at least need the cremes. They are just flawless! Each polish will be $11 or buy the whole Dracula’s Den Collection for $63. These will release September 30th 2022 at 6pm EST. Set your alarms and don’t be late. This is a limited edition collection and will NOT be restocked when gone. I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by ❤

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