Glisten & Glow ~ Living Free In 23′ ~ December 22 PPU

*These polishes were provided for review

Hey! How are we all doing? My household is sick with a cold. Hate being sick. Luckily it’s not too horrible for me. My poor son is getting it the worst. He is almost 3 and has never been sick! Like even as a baby he never spit up. Once while we were still in the hospital and that was it. Weird right?! Anywho, let’s lift my spirits with this beautiful polish.

Living Free In 23′ is a warm taupe based polish loaded with shifting shimmers that shift from purple/red/yellow. This polish was inspired by the calm vibes and free feeling of a new year and new beginnings. I don’t know why but red shimmer always looks pink to me. Is it because I wear glasses? Idk. To me the most prominent is pink to yellow. You can definitely see the purple in a lower light. I absolutely love this polish. Like who even am I??? I used to hate neutral colors. Lately they are my top picks for everything. Formula on this was amazing for all the shimmer added. I used 2 coats for my swatches.

Also available for December is Glitter Grabber.

Glitter Grabber is an amazing product that gets applied after any glitter or flakie dense manicure is done and it’s fully dry and before your top coat. It aids in creating a smoother surface for your top coat or matte top coat all while “grabbing” that extra texture.

Directions: After you have applied your glitter or flakie polish and have fully let it dry, you add a nice layer of Glitter Grabber on top. It is a shiny formula upon application and will add that extra layer of protection and smoothing action to that texture. Allow to fully dry and then add your glossy or matte top coat. It works at grabbing that extra texture that glitter or flakies can have!

Glitter Grabber is a staple in my collection. I can’t live without it lol. And Living Free In 23′ is a new favorite. Make sure you grab this because there is a new G&G trio coming out soon that this will be a part of. 3 shimmery yummy polishes that match with Living Free In 23′. This polish will complete the set and make it a quad. Swatches coming soon! Living Free is totally office appropriate by the way! If you follow my IG you saw that I just posted with this polish. Living Free In 23′ will be $13 win NO CAP. Glitter Grabber will be $8 with NO CAP. These polishes will only be available December 2nd 11am EST – December 5th 11:59pm EST. Don’t miss it! I hope you all have a fabulous day! Thanks so much for stopping by ❤

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