LevelUP Lacquer ~ April Multiplayer Box

                                                                        **Provided for review

          Hi Friends! Today I bring you a new monthly polish subscription box. I know your probably thinking, “another one?!”. But I promise you this one is a little different and a super good deal! This box will offer 2 LevelUP Lacquers polishes, 1 Zoya polish, and extra nail goodies. The price will be $25 but I looked at the site last night and if you rush to it, it is available for $20 plus FREE SHIPPING!! So, the thing we notice thats different is the mainstream polish mixed with an indie polish box. I actually LOVE this idea. For the price you pay there will be a savings on all polishes and getting a Zoya for cheaper than normal is a good thing. Not to mention that they are not always easy for people to get. That being said, the price point is awesome! Here is the first Multiplayer Box!

          Zoya Mae ~ This is exactly what you would expect from Zoya. A perfect formula totally opaque in 2 smooth coats. A magenta polish that has a soft metallic finish and glass fleck. Perfect bright spring color!

Zoya Mae shown in 2 coats with HKGirl top coat.

Zoya Mae macro
LevelUP Lacquer ~ Bianca is a creamy white polish with scattered holo. I used 3 thin coats but 2 thicker coats would be fine. I could not for the life of me capture the holo but IRL its a stunner. A gorgeous base for any type of nail art or just a fresh white polished look
LUL Bianca shown in 3 thin coats with HKGirl top coat

LUL Bianca macro
LevelUP Lacquer ~ Nicollet is a glitter bomb in a clear base with a violet shimmer. I don’t even know what to say about this one. It is such a beautiful mix of irredescent, pastel, and dark glitters. It really all fits so perfectly! It screams spring and gardens to me. I used 1 coat over Bianca.
LUL Nicollet shown in 1 coat over Bianca with a HKGirl top coat

LUL Nicollet macro
These Polishes, minus the Zoya, are only available in this limited edition Multiplayer Box so make sure you grab it while you can!! What one is your favorite?  Links below!
LevelUP Lacquer:: Shop:: Instagram:: Twitter


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