LevelUP Lacquer ~ November Multiplayer Box

                                                                                             *Provided for review          Hello peeps! It is FRIDAY!! Its a Tuesday for me so... But new polish will brighten anyones day right?! Today I have for you this months Multiplayer Box. There is a new and easier set up for purchase and payment! Here are the deets:          Multiplayer Monthly Box!… Continue reading LevelUP Lacquer ~ November Multiplayer Box

LevelUP Lacquer ~ September Multiplayer Box

                                                                             *Provided for review          Hey peeps! I am so sorry I am running late with this post. Better late than never! This time I bring you the September Multiplayer Box. As always this box comes with 2 LevelUP Lacquer polishes and 1 Zoya polish. It also will have random nail goodies. Things from a stamping… Continue reading LevelUP Lacquer ~ September Multiplayer Box

LevelUP Lacquer ~ June Multiplayer Box

                                                                           *Provided for review          Happy weekend friends! Hope you are all enjoying the weather. Today I have June's Multiplayer Box from LevelUP Lacquer. Due to the AMAZING USPS, I am behind a few days... So let's jump right in. You can get all of the info on ordering HERE, in my first post of the… Continue reading LevelUP Lacquer ~ June Multiplayer Box

LevelUP Lacquer ~ May Multiplayer Box

                                                                           *Provided for review          Hi everyone! How are we this Saturday? I am loving that the weather is getting warmer. With warmer weather comes much more energy! Which is good because I got a lot of review stuff coming in! YAY!! I have vinyls, stamping plates, polish, and more polish!! 🙂 So be on the… Continue reading LevelUP Lacquer ~ May Multiplayer Box

LevelUP Lacquer ~ April Multiplayer Box

                                                                        **Provided for review          Hi Friends! Today I bring you a new monthly polish subscription box. I know your probably thinking, "another one?!". But I promise you this one is a little different and a super good deal! This box will offer 2 LevelUP Lacquers polishes, 1 Zoya polish, and extra nail goodies. The price will be $25… Continue reading LevelUP Lacquer ~ April Multiplayer Box