LevelUP Lacquer ~ November ’20 PPU

*This polish was provided for review

Hey nail peeps. How was your weekend? Mine were just a bunch of days bunched together lol. My weekends are on Wednesday and Thursday. I did get some quality time with my girls though so that was really nice. Anywho, we have the November PPU coming up. Would you like to see what Ashley is bringing to the “Red Carpet”? Well for this inspiration it’s the purple carpet. Ash chose Taika Waititi’s red carpet look from Endgame. How freaking fancy right?! Let’s check it out.

image taken from google

Ragnarok & Roll is a soft light purple crelly polish with purple shimmer, black, white, and iridescent glitters in various sizes and shapes. This is such a delicate polish. The crelly formula is probably Ash’s best so far. And even better, this is her first polish using the new wide brush! What a dream. I absolutely loved working with this polish. You could get away with 2 thicker coats but I used 3 thinner coats for my swatches. Price $11 Cap 200.

Don’t you just love it? I love a soft purple this time of year. The pop of the iridescent glitter is such an added bonus. It’s always changing in different lighting. Polish Pickup will be open November 6th-9th only so don’t miss your chance for this beauty. Hope you all have a great week!

LevelUP Lacquer ~ Oct. 2020 PPU

*This polish was provided for review

Hello! Home from my quick little getaway and I feel so refreshed. It’s amazing what 2 nights on the water can do for you. Anyways, I am back with LevelUp Lacquer‘s contribution for October’s PPU theme of animation! Let’s have a look at this polish inspired by water breathing (10th form) from Demon Slayer (Anime series).

Constant Flux is a medium blue crelly with a scattered holographic shimmer and white and iridescent glitters in multiple shapes and sizes. I love the way the iridescent glitters subtly flash through the base color. This polish was a little on the thick side but nothing you can’t work with! This polish can be worn in 2-3 coats or layered over a darker color. I used 3 coats for my swatches. Price $11. Cap: 250 US / 50 UK

with flash

I love Constant Flux. It’s something I have never seen before and it’s so very pretty. PPU will be open from October 2nd – October 5th. Don’t forget to add this unique beauty to your wish list! Links below. Have a great week y’all πŸ™‚

LevelUP Lacquer ~ April ’19 PPU

*Provided for review
Hi! How are you doing this fine evening? I just watched The Walking Dead season 9 finale. Disappointed is an understatement. WTH! I expected some type of action. Well, let me show you something that is the complete opposite of disappointing. LevelUP Lacquer is back for April’s PPU and Ash nailed it ❀ She was inspired by this famous work of art.
Love Without Limits is a classic white crelly with mixed black and red glitter and a scattered holo shine. Formula on this was great for a crelly base. Plenty of glitter so no fishing. The glitter also lays nice and flat. 2 coats would work but I did add a 3rd just because I’m me lol. Don’t forget that glitter polishes are harder to remove so to make it easier use a peel off base coat. I used 3 thin coats for my swatches. Please be easy on my art. We all know that I am not an artist!!
Love Without Limits

Love Without Limits with flash

Love Without Limits macro

Love Without Limits matte

Love Without Limits matte macro

Love Without Limits with art

Β Β 

Β Polish Pickup will be open April 5th – April 8th. Love Without Limits will be $10.50 and there will not be a cap. Which is great because I hear glitter crellies are making a comeback!! Links below πŸ‘Β 

LevelUP Lacquer ~ March ’19 PPU

*Provided for review
Post number 2! And there may be a third. I just have tons to show you ❀ This awesome polish is brought to you by LevelUP Lacquer. Ash was inspired by Gloryhammer album Space 1992:Rise Of The Chaos Wizards. Shall we?
Darkstorm Galaxy is a “purple jelly packed with UCC Green/purple flakes and mixed purple glitter.” This jelly is sheer enough to layer over another color but I prefer it layered over itself. It has so much going on and the depth is amazing. It really is totally packed with flakies and glitter. It’s mesmerizing 😍 I was shocked when it laid almost totally flat. The base builds up nicely in 3 coats. There is also a really pretty shiftiness to this baby. I used 3 coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches. Darkstorm Galaxy will be $10.50 USD.
Darkstorm Galaxy

Darkstorm Galaxy with flash

Darkstorm Galaxy macro

Darkstorm Galaxy shift macro

Darkstorm Galaxy matte

Darkstorm Galaxy matte macro

Darkstorm Galaxy with art

This polish was really refreshing. I haven’t seen anything like it in such a long time! Takes me back to like 2013 indies. Love it!! PPU will be open March 1st – March 4th. Darkstorm Galaxy will have a cap of 200 bottles. Wish lists are open so go put this on there! Have a good night y’all πŸ’œΒ 

LevelUP Lacquer

*Provided for review

I have some awesomeness for you today! It’s Halloween so I have some Halloween appropriate stuff ❀ Let’s jump right in since today is usually such a busy day.


Full Cowl is a glow in the dark base with aqua glitters that glows aqua blue in the dark. It is inspired by My Hero Academia. The base is a tad milky looking because of the glow in the dark pigment. That same pigment also makes this polish a tiny bit thicker than usual. No big deal though! I used 3 thin coats for my swatch plus glossy and matte top coats. For the glow, I held it directly under my desk lamp for about 30 seconds. Full Cowl is $8.50 USD.


with flash



matte macro


glow macro

with art

art glow



Next is Galactic Getaway. This one is my favorite ❀ This one is a tri-thermal polish with scattered holo that goes from a lilac, to a blue-violet, to a deep blackened plum. Fantastic formula for this fun polish πŸ™‚ 3 thin coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches. If you look close at the second transition macro, it actually shows 4 colors ❀ Galactic Getaway is $9 USD.

room temp

room temp flash


warm macro


cold macro


transition macro

transition macro

with art

art transition



Holoween is another tri-thermal polish. This one has crushed holo glitters and it goes from yellow, to orange, to black. The formula for this polish is just like Galactic Getaway, it’s amazing! 3 thin coats with glossy and matte top coats for my swatch. Holoween is $9 USD.

room temp

room temp flash


warm macro


cold macro


transition macro

with art

art transition

As usual, I love all of these πŸ™‚ They are available now in Ash’s shop along with so many other beauties. Links below so have a look! Happy Halloween ❀


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Live Swatches

LevelUP Lacquer ~ PPU Nov. ’18

*Provided for review


Hello! It’s Monday :/Β  I have just the thing to make you feel better about that though! This Friday, PPU Bad Ass Women opens! Ashley from LevelUP Lacquer has brought THE cutest back story to her choice of inspiration ❀ It is her Gram!! Ready for the story? “Keys to the Fridge is inspired by my Grandmother. She was the most incredible woman I’ve ever known. She taught me about aliens, astrology, out-of-body experiences, reincarnation and love. She returned to cosmic dust 4 years ago and I miss her each day. When we were little she made us ask for β€œkeys to the fridge” so we could get something to eat or drink. There was no real key, she would produce an invisible key, sometimes from her pocket or purse, and press it into our open palms. As I grew older I still asked for the keys. But more to see her smile and feel the warmth and love as she laughed and pressed the key into my hand.” Omg are you tearing up? I totally did! Let’s have a look at Keys To The Fridge ❀


Keys To The Fridge, a “blue leaning purple crelly base is inspired by her whimsical flowing skirts, the copper and turquoise glitter is inspired by her jewelry.” I love the mix of colors in this polish. The copper glitters look more orange to me but that’s totally fine. The formula is even better, very even and smooth. I used 3 thin coats for my swatches plus glossy and matte top coats. *My pics did not capture the slight purple-ness of this polish! Please watch my Instagram swatch for true color!!!


with flash



matte macro

with art

Polish Pickup will be open November 2nd – 5th. Go get your wish lists ready!! Keys To The Fridge will be $10.50 USD and will not have a cap πŸ™‚ Links below! Let me know what’s on your wish list πŸ™‚


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Polish Pickup: What It Is: Shop: FB Page: FB Group: Instagram:

Live Swatch

*Instagram Swatch

LevelUP Lacquer ~ PPU September 2018

*Provided for review


Hey guys! How’s it goin’? Have you had the chance to see this movie? I just watched it the other day and wow. There isn’t much else to say about it but WOW! I am the type of person who has seen every horror movie I can get my hands on. This one still made my jaw hit the floor. I actually watched it while swatching this polish. Ashley has again steered me in a great direction for a new movie/show. The polish she came up with is just as great πŸ™‚ Let’s have a look!

Family Ties is a “gray crelly with orange and black glitters with a shimmery copper flash. 2 or more coats for good coverage. Top coat is highly recommended for smoothing out glitter. This polish looks amazing matted!” I definitely agree with the top coat to smooth out the glitters. I actually used 2 thin coats of top coat for my swatches. It also does look amazing matte πŸ™‚ The amount of glitter did make the formula a bit chunky but not hard to work with by any means. I used 3 coats with a glossy and matte top coat for my swatches. If you have seen the movie, you will get the art πŸ™‚


with flash



matte macro

with art

with art matte

What do you think? I think my favorite crelly color is gray so this is awesome for me. And the fact that it is so well suited for Halloween as well makes me so very happy πŸ™‚Β  This polish will be $10.50 USD and there will not be a cap! As usual with PPU there will be a small window to shop. Make sure your alarms are set for September 7th – 10th! Links below so don’t miss it πŸ™‚ Have a great day ❀


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Polish Pickup August 2018 ~ LevelUP Lacquer

*Provided for review


Hello!! It’s been a bit but I am back. I missed this but just had to step away for a few. Now that I am back I bring you some PPU awesomeness πŸ™‚ This month Polish Pickup is back in action and the theme is musicals! I am not such a huge fan of musicals. My husband and his family love them. I am, however, completely enamored with Ashley’s (LevelUP Lacquer) contribution ❀ The Barber & His Wife is inspired by Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street. It is an off white, tannish leaning, crelly with pink shimmer and ultra chrome flakies. This polish is made to layer over itself for the best flakie depth. Seriously guys, such a perfect crelly polish. I used 3 thin coats and it was totally opaque. If you polish thicker, 2 coats would be plenty. My swatches are 3 thin coats with glossy and matte top coat.


with flash



matte macro

Isn’t it perfection?!?! The Barber & His Wife will be available on August 3rd – 6th 2018. It will be $10.50 USD and only available on the PPU site. There will NOT be a cap on this one. You really don’t want to miss out on this one. It is such a versatile polish for any collection! As always, links are down below πŸ™‚ I hope you have a wonderful week ❀


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Polish Pickup May 2018 ~ LevelUP Lacquer

*Provided for review


Hi everyone! I am sure you are all busy making your Polish Pickup decisions. Let me throw 2 more things at you real quick! I know it’s last minute but I didn’t want this to get lost in the flow of things. It is an amazing crelly polish and glitter gel! How freaking 90’s right?! Ashley is always so very good at matching her theme pics! So let’s see what we got shall we?


Who played this??? I did not own this system so I sadly did not. BUT, I have seen it played by friends. Does that even count? Anywho, Shaken, Not Stirred is a soft grey crelly base with gold crushed glitters, gold flakes, and a scattering of large black flakes. So .007!! I used 3 thin coats for my swatch with top coat. As usual, you could totally get away with 2 coats. I just polish differently I think.


with flash



matte with flash

matte macro

How about another 90’s icon?


Almost every girl out there has seen this version of Cinderella. Except me of course. I don’t do well with movies that make me cry. I’m more of an out loud sobber lol!! Which has kept me watching scary and/or action movies. Either way, this moment here gives me chills. I can feel how she is feeling and it’s intense. To go with the chills and mood, Ash brings you a glitter gel to match Drew Barrymore! It looks just like this glittery gif and it only has 3 ingredients! 100% pure unscented aloe gel, liquid glycerin, and cosmetic grade glitter! You can use this gel anywhere you want except near you eyes and mouth for safety reasons. It’s awesome in your hair!! Once dry this glitter will stay put until you wash it off with soap and water. Rub it in with your fingers or use the included sponge for a more intense look.


Now for the deets. Shaken, Not Stirred has NO CAP!!! This polish will be $10.50 USD. The body glitter will be $6.50 USD and WILL BE CAPPED at 150 2oz. jars. Polish Pickup opens tomorrow May 4th and will close May 7th! DON’T MISS THESE. Links are below. Have a great day my loves ❀

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Polish Pickup April 2018 ~ LevelUP Lacquer

*Provided for review


Happy weekend y’all!! Any plans? I have none except for fully loving on my 3 kitties ❀ Actually, I am going to make a caramel apple cheesecake! This is a favorite in my house and I don’t even like cheesecake that much! I know I know… Shame. Who wants the recipe? It’s not exactly in season but c’mon… It’s caramel apple ❀ HERE it is πŸ™‚ So, Polish! I have another beauty that will only be available from Polish Pickup for April. This one is from LevelUP Lacquer and it’s a must have!


Lazarus is a darker teal polish with gold/orange/red UCC flakies, matte red micro glitters, and an aqua shimmer. The inspiration for this is the Mass Effect video game, which is set all over our galaxy in the future. Have you played before? I am not much of a gamer so I have not. I just don’t have the coordination or something idk lol. Anyway, Lazarus is the name of the project that brought Commander Shepard back from the dead in Mass Effect 2. I used 3 thin coats plus top coat for my swatch but it would be fine with 2 normal coats. Formula is good and glitter spreads nicely so no weird clumps. This polish will be $10.50 USD and there will NOT be a cap on it!! Which is great because you need it πŸ™‚

bottle macro


with flash


with stamping art

Don’t forget that Lazarus will only be available from April 6th – April 9th, 2018! SET YOUR ALARMS!!! Links for everything down below! Have a (safe) blasty-blast this weekend XOXO πŸ™‚


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**My recipe is not sponsored in any way. It is a recipe I have used multiple times with success each time!! πŸ™‚