Black Dahlia Lacquer ~Blue-Green Zinnia

**I was recently emailed by the owner of BDL and she informed me that when she gave me names she forgot a key word for this polish!! It is Called Blue-Green Zinnia!!makes more sence huh!? ok, continue:)

Hello ladies 🙂  Today I have for you another amazing polish from Black Dahlia Lacquer. The name of this one is Blue-Green Zinnia. This actually kind of confuses me because it’s a blue polish. It is supposed to be a “subtle green holo”. I tried all kinds of lighting and it was still a light blue. So for me, I just looked at it as a gorgeous blue polish :). It applied smooth and took 3 coats to be solid on the nail. This polish is full of turquoise micro shimmer flecks and the most subtle holo dust that lightly glints in the sun. I really love these polishes so far!! Such great quality and different glitter mixes than I have seen anywhere! Check out this one I did with tiny blue bow gems! There are a lot of pics because like I said I tried lots of lighting. Enjoy friends 🙂

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