SinfulColors ~ Stoned Crystal Shimmers Part 1

                                                                             *Purchased for me by my husband 🙂

         Hello! I hope everyone is having a good week so far! Today I bring you a new collection from SinfulColors. This is the first collection from SC that I loved so much I needed them all! Well, come to find out there are more than the 8 I have to show you. Now I am on a mission! For now, let’s check out the ones I do have. First let me start with the formula. They are all the same except for 1 and I will note it when the color comes up. All of them are a dream to work with. They required no more than 2 smooth coats. My swatches are 2 coats with top coat. They all have the same abundant amount of iridescent flakies. I am pretty sure they are iridescent. They look different with each base color. This makes each of them unique and gorgeous! *I did have to edit the color on some of these pics. I will let you know which when we get there.

          Let’s start with Desert Reign. This is a gorgeous mauvey, dusty purple color. Super gorgeous neutral shade.

Just Deserts is a soft peachy nude. Again, super flattering neutral polish.

Clay Me is a unique mix of coraly orange and burnt orange. This is a love it or hate it color. I love it 🙂

Last one for today is Thera-Pewter. A delicate dove grey polish with blue undertones.

I will have the second part of this posted soon! For now make sure you check your local Rite-Aid!! That is where I found mine and I also hear of lots of others having good luck at this store!! Links for SinfulColors below 🙂

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