March Adore Box

                                                                       *Provided for review

          Hey guys! It’s been pretty quiet around here. My 5 year wedding anniversary is Thursday and we are going to NH for 4 days!! We have been saving and planning for this for months. This months box happen to fit what I needed like a glove! If you saw my video, you know what came in the March box. Now you get to see what I thought! If you didn’t see my unboxing video, you can check that out HERE. Either way, now you get my full thoughts. Ready???

          First, the Kiss eyelashes. The name on these is “Natural Plump“. They resemble “natural eyelashes with tapered ends”. My eyelashes are long, thick, and dark naturally. Along with my OCD however, I sometimes pull at my eyelashes leaving thin spots. These will be perfect for our anniversary dinner. Natural looking but with fullness. My eyelashes are actually a little longer than these so I don’t even think you will be able to tell when they are on. I haven’t used them yet because I want to use them Thursday but, I will add some pics of my completed makeup look before dinner 🙂

Next we will check out this Hyper Go After Sports Wipe. Sooooooo…… I didn’t work out or exercise before I tried this. I did scrub my bathroom though, and that made me sweat like crazy! When I was done I grabbed for this baby. It is big, 1 foot by 1 foot! I went straight for my face. It was really quick because of the size. It was also pretty thick and soft. Very cloth like. After I wiped my face, I wiped my neck, back, and chest. The sweaty spots… First thing I noticed was the scent. It says unscented but it definitely has a smell that’s pretty strong. It’s not floral or perfumey, just strongly clean. I also noticed that it was moist but not dripping. Nothing more annoying than something made for convenience making a mess! This wipe was great! Left my skin soft and not dried out at all. I will be getting some of these for my husband. He is a gym goer and would get great use from these!! Good stuff 🙂
          This product was highly needed for my collection! I am talking about the Coastal Scents 10 Blush Palette. I only had 1 lonely blush before this and it was very warm/golden toned. While it is gorgeous, I needed to branch out. This palette has a wide array of pinky/peach colors that will compliment any skin tone. The product is a little powdery so careful of fallout. I was so shocked at the pigment in these beauties. Last night I was playing with my make up and I used a peach shimmer shade and I was so happy with it!! I cannot wait to try more colors. Sooooo pretty!!

Look at those peachy cheeks ❤
          Lastly is the Measurable Difference Posh Matte Liquid Lipstick. I got the color Nudist in my box. Definitely nice for my skin tone. I first tried this on its own. I did not realize that matte liquid lippies was something I would have to get used to. I like lip balm so this was totally new for me. After about a half an hour I added a shimmery lip gloss lol. Last night I used it after letting my lips soak up some moisture. I lined my lips with my liner from last months box then blended this in the middle. I love the way it looked!! And I left it matte. Now, I am obsessed! I will be searching everywhere I can on vacation to #buyallthelippies!!!!
Hot pink lip liner from February’s Adore Box

So, have you subscribed to this box yet?? There isn’t much reason not to. There is a plan for everyone’s price point! And the value of each product you will get well exceeds the price you pay. Seriously, don’t let another month go by without this fabulous box!! Stay tuned for a vacation makeup blog post! I will be using products from all the Adore Boxes I have gotten so far!! So exciting!! As always, links for this box and the social medias are below!!  See you soon 🙂

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