Creative Cuticles Nail Polish ~ Fall Trio 2015

Who is excited for fall?  It is my favorite time of year!! (Halloween of course;))  Today I have a fall jelly trio for you from Creative Cuticles Nail Polish! If you had read my last post about Kayla’s polish then you know how much I love it! I am actually in the process of making a custom polish with her 🙂 What an easy and awesome process. So lets take a look at these squishy beauties!! *Please excuse the crazy lighting. I just got a new light the day I took these and I am still getting used to it!
First up is Phoebe. This is a sheer neutral polish that happens to compliment my skin tone very well! The formula literally applies itself. It is so smooth and shiny! This is 2 coats without topcoat.  

This is 2 coats of Phoebe with one coat of My True Love Sugarplum Gumdrops. I then sandwiched it with one last coat of Phoebe and finished it with a glossy topcoat.

 Macro from the mani above!
Heather is a black jelly that can be opaque after about 4 coats. I had trouble with this formula. For me it was streaky so I tried it with different base coats and different coat thickness. What worked best for me was a ridge filling base coat. I have very grooved nails so if you don’t then you shouldn’t need this. I then put 1 thin coat which was very sheer. My second and third coats were on the thicker side. Problem solved. 🙂 Also super shiny on its own. 3 coats no top coat!

For this mani I used 3 coats of Heather with 1 coat of MTL Jason. For the chain I used a generic stamping plate with Julep’s Tin Man.

Purposely blurry for the holo effect!

3 coats of Heather with one coat of Jason topped with another coat of Heather then a glossy top coat. I could not capture the holo well but I assure you, even through the black it is visible!

I matted this because I love the way it looked textured without actually being textured.

Can you see what I mean about the texture?
Lastly, but my favorite, (I may be bias) is Jennifer. In the bottle this is a deep forest green but on my nails it was a bit brighter. I love this so very much. My husband and oldest daughters favorite color is green so yay!!! Drooling over the shine as I type lol. This is 3 thin coats that level themselves perfectly. Again without top coat.

This one is 3 coats of Jennifer with 1 coat of SinfulColors Green Ocean topped with another coat of Jennifer then topped with a glossy topcoat. The stripes were done using the same generic plate and Julep’s Tin Man. I purposely did not matte this because that mani is coming!!!

Here you can see the squishiness and the holo!! Which was also topped with a coat of Jennifer and glossy top coat!
Overall I feel that Kayla nailed these polishes. Perfect fall colors and totally layerable! The dry time on all of these was actually very impressive for being a jelly formula. And high gloss!? What more could you want or need?! These will be available in Kayla’s shop on August 21st! Links to all that below!! Let me know what your favorite one is in the comments!!
Creative Cuticles Nail Polish: Shop::: Facebook:: Instagram.

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