Beauty Bigbang ~ Aurora Powder + No Wipe Gel Top Coat

                                                                            *Provided for review

          Hi all!! How has your summer been? Mine has been pretty uneventful… We are usually on vacation right now. This year we chose to switch our “August” vacay for a “Christmas with the family in a beach house” vacay. Not too bad of a trade right?!?! My mother-in-law actually forced us to do this lol. She is amazing and rented an 8 bedroom beach house to get the distant fam together for once. My husband and girls are stoked as well!! Is it Christmas yet???? No? Well, since it will still be a little bit, why don’t I go ahead and tell you about this new-to-me beauty/nail art website. It’s Beauty Bigbang and it is awesome! They contacted me to review a few things and for my first review they asked me to keep it below a certain amount. 3 things for less than $15. So, I go check it out and I am floored. I have seen the chrome holo or chameleon powders for almost $50… I just don’t have that type of budget so I have kind of skipped the trend. I was able to get a chameleon powder, a no wipe gel top coat (also something I have been looking for), and water decals for under my given amount. While the amount of powder you receive will be smaller, it at least gives those on a lower budget a chance to play! Today we will look at the powder then I will have a link to my YouTube for a tutorial! Yowza, Sorry for the heavy reading… Let’s go!

          Beauty Bigbang Aurora Powder Item #J2831. This is a chameleon powder. Over black it is green, gold, rose gold, blue, and more. Over white it will end up like the 90’s pearly looking school folders. SUPER mermaid pearly. It is very simple to use and works amazingly. I have only tried it over black so far but WOW. It is so eye catching. The color changes with every move of the hands or fingers. I have little knowledge of these type of powders but it seems to be great quality. A little goes a long way so the small amount I got will last me quite some time.

          No Wipe UV Gel Top Coat Item #J2845. I figured since it is used with the Aurora Powder I would throw my thoughts on it in here. LIFE SAVER! Ok, not really but almost. It is so nice to be able to top coat then walk away. This specific one is wonderful! It take just a minute to cure for me over black even though right on the bottle it says 2 minutes for darker colors. It was nice and shiny and had a good consistency. To me, the smell was a little stronger then your average gel top coat. Dealable though. Good price and it can be used with a UV light or an LED light to cure!!

          Here are some pics and the link to my tutorial on how to use the Aurora Powder.

          As always, all the links are below for Beauty Bigbang. Stay tuned because I have so much more to come! Thanks for reading all that. Have a wonderful Eclipse Day!!! ❤

          When shopping at Beauty Bigbang, Please use my code “CAFF10” For 10% off of any item!!
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          Click HERE for tutorial.

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