Zombie Claw ~ Zombi-Corn Collection

*Provided for review*Picture heavyI already know you love unicorns!! Am I right? If I am this post is for you 🦄 How about zombies? Pretty ones! Today I have for you the Zombi-Corn Collection from Zombie Claw Polish!! This collection has 3 bright pastel crellys and a flakie shimmer topper. Let's have a look!Maya Zombi-Corn… Continue reading Zombie Claw ~ Zombi-Corn Collection

Zombie Claw ~ Indie Positivity Exclusive

*Provided for reviewHi!! Are you a part of the Indie Positivity on FB? If not you totally should be 👍 Today I have an IP custom polish from Sabrina at Zombie Claw. I can't wait for you to see this. It's unique and so so pretty!Candy Cottage is "a linear holographic rose pink base with… Continue reading Zombie Claw ~ Indie Positivity Exclusive