She Nail Polish ~ Lyght

And finally the last of the 3 polishes i recieved to review for She’ Nail Polish. The name of this super awesome yellow is Lyght. This is also a very yellow polish without being neon or weird. Ya know? All 3 were very pigmented polishes. This was the only 1 of the 3 that had a round brush actually. The other 2 had flat brushes. Just another positive for this polish line. Although i loved these polishes i did have a little streaking issue. This is a creme polish but because of the streaking i put 2 coats over white. Just to help me hide my streaks a little lol. This one did take the longest to dry but again it wasnt terrible. I would easily reccomend these to anyone looking for something different. And i love that they watermarble nicely. Im happy!! Enjoy the pics 🙂

The Juice Box ~ Sunrise Sight Seeing

Hi!! I have been waiting to show this one forever it seems!! The Juice Box Sunrise Sight Seeing! It has patiently sat in my drawer… until last night 🙂 This did take 4 coats to opacity but i usually like to try a polish on its own first to see what its got. Ya know what i mean? Well i definitely should have worn a sky blue color under this one. No matter. It ended up builing up beautifully. Again i did need to glitter fish. But only for the yellow dots!! The rest went on smoothly 🙂 I definitely will be ordering more of her polish in the future. She is great at color matching!! Enjoy 🙂

The Juice Box ~ Disappearing Bladder

Ahhh The Juice Box.  A super popular indie right now!! Today i have Disappearing Bladder. Tomorrow i should have another of these beauties posted!! This is very sheer and it took me 3 coats over white to show even color but its gorgous!!! This yellow is pretty unique. I am a little sad though that i had to fish for almost every glitter on every finger! I would however use this just for the base lol. Super pretty 🙂 enjoy the pics ladies 🙂

Femme Fatale Lacquer ~ Spiked Lemondrops

Hello!! This post i have Femme Fatale Lacquers Spiked Lemondrops. It is a bold yellow jelly polish with fine red glitter throughout. I absolutely love this polish in the bottle!! I am not so sure how it looks on my skintone 😦  This is my second polish from this company and the formula is so professional!! Just the right amount of coverage and glitter. The only 2 pics i got of this are 3 coats with no undies!!! Enjoy 🙂

3 Little Monsters ~ la la loopsy collection

This brand is designed by 3 little girls whose mom owns disturbed potions!! Such a cute idea 🙂 the theme of this set was la la loopsy. Even having 2 girls i dont know much about this doll… anywho i did swatch all of the polishes for you!! My favorite by far is of course the pink. I wanted to like the yellow one but i did have some issues. They are minis so i know they will get thick a little faster than a full size bottle but the yellow needed thinner as soon as i opened it. I liked it much more after that!! It also has heart glitter that i had issues showing because they are white and were easily lost under the yellow polish. It has a very pretty shimmer though which i couldnt capture in my pics. The blue was the same. As far as application with the pink and blue, it was a breeze. No glitter fishing and the perfect thin/thickness. Now for pics 🙂

L-R: Lala, Loops, Oopsy

The macro bottle shot isnt color acurate but the nails are!! 2 coats over white

This was 2 coats alone and i paired it with stardust polish’s pink bikini!!

This is 2 coats over sinful colors sweet nothing. It didnt need undies but it matched so well i couldnt help myself!! Not the best pic but i love it. Overall some great polishes!! Cant wait to try more!! Enjoy 🙂