Wildflower Lacquer ~ June Birth Flower

*Provided for reviewHello! Sorry for my lack of posting. I think I have hit a blogger burn out. It feels like such an unwanted chore lately. It may be time for me to take a break. I don't mind the swatching and picture taking. I guess we shall see. For now I am here bringing… Continue reading Wildflower Lacquer ~ June Birth Flower

Wildflower Lacquer ~ May Birth Flower

*Provided for reviewHello! Today Wildflower Lacquer has some new stuff coming to her shop. One of them is this months Birth Flower. This one is inspired by lily of the valley. Let's see this beauty.You're Like Lily Pretty is a white crelly with green to gold  shifting shimmer, and copper shimmer, and lime to blue… Continue reading Wildflower Lacquer ~ May Birth Flower

Battle Of The Boy Bands Box 2.0

*Provided for reviewToday is Monday and I am here to help you with that. In just a few days the Battle Of The Boy Bands Box 2.0 will be available for you to pre-order. This box, brought to you by Wildflower Lacquer and Nailed It!, contains 2 shifty, flakie polishes; a wax melt; and a… Continue reading Battle Of The Boy Bands Box 2.0

Wildflower Lacquer ~ April Birth Flower

*Provided for reviewI tried so hard to write up this post last night. I ended up falling asleep 😑 This cold has just really kicked my butt. I am here now though, so let's check out the next polish in Wildflower Lacquer's Birth Flower series.Dainty Daisies is a light lavender base with purple and gold… Continue reading Wildflower Lacquer ~ April Birth Flower

Le Petite Indies presents the Spring It On Box

*Provided for reviewHey! Coming at you tonight with a late post. Facebook crashing was half of the problem. The other half? Sickness has hit our house. I have been napping a lot because this cold is just wearing me out. This post will definitely help me out though because it all so pretty and I'll… Continue reading Le Petite Indies presents the Spring It On Box