The Rhinestone Housewife Presents: Joy Lacquer; Jet City Burlesque Collection Part 1

*Provided for review


Hello! How are we on this bleh Monday? I can help with that bleh! I have pretties 🙂 A 10 piece Valentine’s Day collection called Jet City Burlesque. Whether you are into celebrating or not, this collection has something for you. Holo, shimmer, glitter, texture, creme, jelly… am I missing anything? Seriously, some of the best quality polish I have tried! Have you used Joy Lacquer? I have and they are fabulous! I will say that these were all a tad thick. It could be the cold or maybe just the makers formula but either way they are workable without any tweaking! They are just thick for my taste. It’s all about preference. That being said, they are super smooth and the thickness makes for amazing stamping polish. Let’s get into the first 5!

Pink door is the first one. “Whether triple, colored or hidden, burlesque performances happen behind many different doors in the Seattle area. Every collection needs a soft pink hue and this one fits the bill as perfectly as the ballet pink slipper it was inspired by. Soothing and pleasant, Pink Door has a true creme finish and is opaque in 1-2 coats.” This is exactly right. Totally a 1 coater actually if you polish carefully. And she stamps! I used 2 coats with top coat for these pics. This one will be $10.00 USD.


with flash

I added some mermaid art with vinyls from Toadarrific Vinyls! I also used The Rhinestone Housewife also from this collection.



with flash

The next polish is also a crème! Stage Kitten: “This is the term used for the stage assistants that are responsible for gathering the performers garments after they strip out of them. The true unsung heroes of burlesque! Stage Kitten is a warm taupe, almost leaning mauve. The color looks as soft as a kitten and it’s finish is a rich true creme, similar to the color of a perfect vanilla latte.” Again, this is easily a 1 coat polish and it stamps. Joy’s crème polishes level out beautifully! This one will also be $10.00 USD.


with flash

The art I added to Stage Kitten also used Toadarrific Vinyls. Adorable unicorns using a few polishes from this collection!


with flash

Lost A Pastie! is up next. “Equal parts titillating and horror inducing, losing a pastie happens. You never know when or where but it strikes terror in the hearts of club owners in the Seattle area due to liquor laws. Lost a Pastie! the polish, is a marvelous interpretation of nude encrusted with Swarovoski crystal. It’s packed with holographic silver and gold glitter that appeals to the sparkle fanatic in all of us. It also contains a range of ultra-luminous orange, pink, teal and purple opalescent glitters. The nude polish base contains a light blue flash that subtly complements the abundant glitter effects, and creates a truly exhilarating finish. Full opacity is reached in 3 coats or you may try applying one coat over Stage Kitten, a similar nude base color. This color is optimally applied lightly for the first 2 coats, allowing it to dry slightly between each.” I used 3 thin coats for my swatch. it will have a slight glitter texture to it so make sure to use a good top coat! Also, a peel off glitter for easy removal! This will be $12.50 USD for a full size.

bottle macro


with flash

And again with the Toadarrific Vinyls… This time a little wintery. I used Show At Midnight for that gorgeous dark sparkle.


with flash

The Rhinestone Housewife is a favorite of mine from the Jet City Burlesque collection. “A tagline given to Hottie McNaughty, it embodies everything that Hottie stood for. A sparkly house with a quirky gem-of-a-hostess. This raspberry color is the pink cousin of our luscious red Glitter Lips polish. It sparkles and shimmers with facets just like that of it’s namesake. Silver sparks with a chrome effects are scattered in with copious amounts of pink holographic microglitter in shades of magenta, punchy pink strawberry and bubblegum. This mouthwatering shade is a must-have for pink polish lovers.” This one has a slight texture to it. You can leave it textured or add a good top coat to smooth it out. I used 2 coats with top coat to make that sparkle pop! Sooooooooo pretty! This will be available full size for $12.50 USD.

bottle macro


with flash

Yay!! Some stamping 🙂 I love stamping. It’s my favorite. I added some bling to the bling!


with flash

Lastly for today we have Hottie McNaughty. “A local Seattle performer, Hottie has been described as the love child of Bugs Bunny and Carol Burnett. Hottie was known for using humor and ‘giving good face’ in her performances and performing to odd and unique music. One of her signature stage colors being orange, the polish made to represent her started with a fire-y tangerine base semi-creme base. It’s scattered with orange and contrasting purple iridescent glitter ranging from medium to large sizes. The more subtle elements include blue, orange and gold microglitter shimmers, giving this crelly (creme-jelly) a fantastically cheerful finish. For optimal application it’s recommended to use 1-2 thin coats, first avoiding most larger iridescent glitters and before the final coat, close the lid and roll the bottle again. For the last coat, permit any and all orange/purple glitter to be caught on the brush, allowing it to lay smoothly on the top layer.” That is all accurate and good advice. Definitely use a good top coat to smooth the glitters! I used 2 coats with top coat. Full sized bottle of this will be $12.50 USD.

bottle macro


with flash

And back to vinyls lol!  I used Show At Midnight to contrast the bright orange!


with flash

So, what do you think so far? I freaking love them and this is only half! This collection will be available in a mini (8 ml) set for $72.00 USD. Full sized (13 ml) will be available singly for the prices listed. They will also be available as a full size set for $110 USD. They are exclusive to The Rhinestone Housewife shop! “This collection was inspired by the Seattle burlesque scene that I was part of way back in the day. The burly-Q revival was fabulous and vibrant and I will always have fun remembering how we used to race from one gig to another on a Saturday night.” These will be releasing on February 14th, 2018. Which is your favorite so far? Head over to my YouTube for a swatch video for the first 5 polishes. Or, you can check my Facebook and Instagram for quick single swatches! Come back tomorrow for part 2 🙂 have a great night ❤

LevelUP Lacquer ~ July Multiplayer Box

                                                                          *Provided for review

          Hi there! Today I bring you July’s Multiplayer Box. I am super late getting this post up. I had the first 2 polishes swatched almost immediately but I just could not find the right color to show the glitter off best. It looks good over many colors but when it’s official pictures it’s gotta be better than good. Does that make sense? Anyways, you know the deal with the monthly box right? If not you can read the deets here!

          As usual, the Zoya in this bunch is amazing! Levi is a nudey gold color that also has small holo hexes. Such a PERFECT summer polish, totally looks like sand. 2 perfect Pixie Dust coats without top coat.

2 coats of Zoya Levi
Levi macro
Sea Foam is a greenish teal polish with tons of silver ultra micro flakies. It was sheer on the first coat but builds up nicely. 3 smooth coats with top coat and matted.
3 coats of Sea Foam with top coat

3 coats of Sea Foam with matte top coat
Sea Foam macro

Sea Foam matte macro
Lastly for this months box is Beach Comber. Beach Comber is a packed glitter bomb polish with a purple shimmer. The shimmer is slight but so perfect for this mix. there are holo circles along with translucent glitters, matte glitters, and iridescent glitters. This reminds me so much of beach balls!! so fun and bright 🙂 1 coat over CCNP I’m Blue for You with top coat and also matte!
1 coat of Beach Comber over CCNP I’m Blue for You with top coat

1 coat of Beach Comber over CCNP I’m Blue for You with matte top coat

Beach Comber macro

Beach Comber matte macro
Make sure you rush to grab your box!! The LUL polishes are LE and only available this month, in this box! This is a super fun summer box that you don’t want to miss. Links below 🙂
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Sinful Colors ~ Starry Night & Rain Rubber

 Happy Saturday night ladies!! I am sitting at home bringing this post to you! Last night my husband came home from work super early and brought me home a few polishes. He grabbed me 2 Sinful Colors, Starry Night and Rain Rubber. For me, SC is always a reliable brand at a wonderful price! Not to mention how easy they are to find. My SC collection is now well over 100!! My husband always pays attention to small polish talk and oohs and ahhs as I surf through blogs and social media. So when I mentioned I needed Starry Night, he took note! He grabbed me Rain Rubber because I may have a slight obsession with texture. So, SN was an upset with the formula. It is a black cream polish with tiny holo glitters, micro pink metallic glitter, and gold holo shards. Beautiful but very thick and very streaky. I added some thinner and it helped a tiny bit but it was still not nice to work with. This is 3 thick coats with topcoat. Next time I will try one coat over black.  RR, on the other hand, was a dream to use! Two easy peasy coats with a quick dry time. The texture in this is barely noticeable compared to other SC textured polishes. It is almost identical to the texture of a rubberized joystick on a game controller. Its definitely unique but I love it!! For this mani I used both polishes together and matched it with a few blue heart studs. Check it out and enjoy!! 🙂

Nail art April challenge

Hi everyone! I have debated doing this for a while but I think I finally convinced myself to just do it. Every month on Instagram there are a bunch of nail art challenges. I participated in my first challenge in March. I didn’t think to blog about it so I didn’t save any of those pictures. I did do April and that’s what I will show you here. I am doing 2 challenges for May which I will also be sharing with you. Hopefully I can stick with it and keep posting my pictures because I really do want to work on my art! Is this something you do on Instagram? I would love to know who else does these monthly art challenges!! Let me know in the comments and enjoy my attempts at art!! They are in order as the picture lists!!

China Glaze ~ Seahorsin’ Around

Hello!!I had the intention of showing you the rest of the China Glaze Sea Goddess collection, but I really didn’t like the way any of my pictures came out after giving them a second look. So for now I have just 1. At least its a pretty one. This is Seahorsin’ Aound. I love how much it flashes and shimmers. Blue, green, gold!!! Totally captures the feel of the ocean on a really sunny day and the water is just sparkling under the sun!! Totally perfect. This was 3 coats but would have been fine with 2. I just like the extra texture of the layers 🙂 It dries matte although like pretty much all of this collection it just shimmers so much you cant tell. I did add a top coat to my ring finger. I prefer it without topcoat though. An all around wonderful polish!! See for yourself 🙂

Zoya ~ Stevie

Hi ladies. As promised here is the amazing Stevie!! I picked this up with my last Zoya order. I had been wanting this for quite some time now. Not sure what took me so long to get this one. It is worth every penny 🙂 It took me 3 coats until it was opaque. But it dries super fast so you wont have to wait forever between coats. It has a matte textured finish with silver micro glitters. I love love love this!!!! Lets get to the pics!!

Zoya ~ Beatrix

Hello and welcome to what may possibly be my favorite Zoya pixie dust so far! I really wasn’t looking at this color much because I’m not a huge orange fan. My husband kept saying that he liked it and thought I should get it. I gave in because I couldn’t make up my mind for my last choice and I figured if I didn’t like it I could send it to Sally. I know she likes orange:) Always when I get new polish the first thing I do is swatch it on a piece of paper. When I finally got to this one I was just wowed. It almost looks like a coral color with golden shimmer. It gets more of an orange color as the coats build but it is pretty sheer. This took 3-4 thin coats. Mostly 3 but 4 on a few that needed touching up. I can not wait to wear this in the summer. It is the perfect beach color!! See for yourself

Zoya ~ Chita

 Hey there friends! I have gotten super spoiled lately. My husband just cant help himself. Which is the worst because I cant help myself when it comes to polish!! There was a major Zoya promotion recently for 3 free polishes!! All you had to pay was $12 for shipping and handling!! So my husband let me get three then created an account in his name and told me to get a few more!!!! When he says yes I don’t hesitate. I asked my nail bestie Sally what she liked and hooked her up! I chose for her Stevie and Blaze. Stevie is a pixie dust textured polish and Blaze is a holographic polish. These will be her first Zoyas!! And that’s just the Zoyas! I was also able to pick up some new indies which I will be getting swatch of soon so keep an eye out for that!! What I have for you now is one of the polishes I picked for myself from the Zoya sale. This one is Chita. Chita is a dark forest green with silver micro glitters that could totally be a one coater. I used two because I prefer my coats to be very thin. If you wanted to use a thicker coat just one should do. I also did not use top coat. This dries to a textured matte finish that is just the best. If you don’t own any Pixie dust polishes from Zoya I strongly suggest you get one. In my opinion they are the best textured polishes by far!!! My skin looks a little red but I think after I did these swatches I made it better so bare with me on that. I’m working on making my lighting much better for the sake of these beautiful polishes. Check out Chita.

Sinful Colors ~ Blue Persuasion

Of the 4 textured Sinful Colors I have so far, this is my favorite by a long shot!!! Again this is really weird for me since my 2 least favorites are the pink and purple. I like them both but wait until you see this one!! Its this awesome dark blue with pink glitters 🙂 As with the green one this needed 2 coats and dried super fast to a matte textured finish. I got an awesome macro of this one for you!!! I highly recommend this polish if you don’t have it already!!! Get ready to drool… 😉

Sinful Colors ~ Emerald Envy

Hey there friends 🙂 I said I would have these posted already but I don’t.  So I’m doing it now. I’ll stop telling you all how irritating it is to deal with new electronics for me and just breath and blog!! Here we go. Today we have Emerald Envy from Sinful Colors.  I am very pleasantly surprised by this one.  My husband is the green lover. I gravitate towards purple like its the only color on earth lol. So when my husband brought this home for me I was like, eh.  But when it was this guys turn to be swatched I slowly fell in love.  It has this amazing gold shimmer to it. If you have ever seen Happy Ending also by Sinful Colors it is just like it but textured and matte. It took 2 coats to be a solid color and the dry time was amazing. Usually textures dry super fast like glitter polishes. I will be using this polish a lot come St. Patricks day!! See for yourself 🙂