Crabtree & Evelyn ~ Black Tulip

Hello again my lovely friends! I am just on a roll! This time I have a new brand to me, Crabtree & Evelyn! I had no idea they even made nail polish. My husband works at Foxwoods Resort & Casino and while we were shopping there the other day we saw these by the register in the Yankee Candle store!! Great gifts by the way 😉 In the rack there were about 10 colors but none seemed unique. I did find 2 though that I liked enough to try. I really am so glad I did too. The one I chose was this one. Its called Black Tulip. In the bright lights of the store it looked like a brownish, plum sheer base packed with fuchsia flakies. It looked familiar but it totally called my name. When I finally got home I realized that it is just a sheer brown base! All the plumy color came from the glow of the flakies! They are just so bold in this polish!  Then, it got better!! The flakies shifted color to gold then green! Multi chrome flakies are super hot right now on the indie scene and I found one at my husbands work lol! It is amazing and I totally recommend this brand of polish! All of my pics are 3 thin coats with top coat. 2 coats would have worked but I am just picky like that lol. I added some glitter placement and star studs because GLITTER AND STARS!

Sinful Colors ~ Starry Night & Rain Rubber

 Happy Saturday night ladies!! I am sitting at home bringing this post to you! Last night my husband came home from work super early and brought me home a few polishes. He grabbed me 2 Sinful Colors, Starry Night and Rain Rubber. For me, SC is always a reliable brand at a wonderful price! Not to mention how easy they are to find. My SC collection is now well over 100!! My husband always pays attention to small polish talk and oohs and ahhs as I surf through blogs and social media. So when I mentioned I needed Starry Night, he took note! He grabbed me Rain Rubber because I may have a slight obsession with texture. So, SN was an upset with the formula. It is a black cream polish with tiny holo glitters, micro pink metallic glitter, and gold holo shards. Beautiful but very thick and very streaky. I added some thinner and it helped a tiny bit but it was still not nice to work with. This is 3 thick coats with topcoat. Next time I will try one coat over black.  RR, on the other hand, was a dream to use! Two easy peasy coats with a quick dry time. The texture in this is barely noticeable compared to other SC textured polishes. It is almost identical to the texture of a rubberized joystick on a game controller. Its definitely unique but I love it!! For this mani I used both polishes together and matched it with a few blue heart studs. Check it out and enjoy!! 🙂

Nail art April challenge

Hi everyone! I have debated doing this for a while but I think I finally convinced myself to just do it. Every month on Instagram there are a bunch of nail art challenges. I participated in my first challenge in March. I didn’t think to blog about it so I didn’t save any of those pictures. I did do April and that’s what I will show you here. I am doing 2 challenges for May which I will also be sharing with you. Hopefully I can stick with it and keep posting my pictures because I really do want to work on my art! Is this something you do on Instagram? I would love to know who else does these monthly art challenges!! Let me know in the comments and enjoy my attempts at art!! They are in order as the picture lists!!