LevelUP Lacquer ~ Lucky Charms Inspired Spring Collection

                                                                       *Provided for review

          I hope you are all ready for this! It will be a little picture heavy. This is the Lucky Charms inspired spring collection. There are 8 polishes in this collection and again, Ashley hit it outta the park! Each polish matches its corresponding marshmallow perfectly. I will keep this as short as possible so here are the swatches.

          Hearts is a medium pink crème polish with holo. Wonderful formula that is very opaque. For my swatch I used 2 coats with top coat.

2 coats of Hearts with top coat

Hearts macro
Stars is my favorite. Hands down. I really don’t know why since I usually don’t care too much for orange or yellow. This polish is just that good. It is a beautiful bright white crelly polish with yellow and orange glitters. the orange glitters are holo so it has just a touch of sparkle. I think this is in my top 10 polishes ever! My swatch is 3 thin perfect coats with top coat.
3 coats of Stars with top coat

Stars macro
Horseshoes is super pretty. It is almost neon purple. Like sun washed neon maybe. I tried to get color accurate pics but of course I didn’t. I will be working on that I promise! This polish is packed with micro flakies. My swatch is 2 smooth coats with top coat.
2 coats of Horseshoes with top coat

Horseshoes macro
Clovers is a green gold and yellow glitter topper. Very smooth formula. No dabbing required! I used 1 coat over a light grey and a darker green with top coat. I wanted to make sure you could see the yellow glitters!
1 coat of Clovers with top coat

Macro of Clovers over SinfulColors Exotic Green

Macro of Clovers over a light grey base I made myself
Blue Moons is an electric blue crème polish with darker blue glitters. This one will really stand out. Very eye catching. For this swatch I used 3 thin coats with top coat.
3 coats of Blue Moons with top coat

Blue Moons macro
Pots Of Gold is super blingy! It is a black jelly with gold flakies, and silver and gold holo glitters. A LOT of holo glitters. You could layer 1 coat over black but I did 3 thin coats and I prefer it that way. It gives so much more depth and sparkle. My swatch is 3 thin coats with top coat.
3 coats of Pots Of Gold with top coat

Pots Of Gold macro
Rainbows is next. This one really surprised me. It has a mix of holo, metallic, and sheer glitters to make the rainbow effect. It all works so well together. The fact that its all suspended in a holo base is just a bonus. I chose to swatch this over a few colors so you can see how well it works. I used 1 coat with top coat over the base colors. I will list the base colors with the macros.
1 coat of Rainbows with top coat

Macro of Rainbows over SinfulColors Beverly Hills

Macro of Rainbows over SinfulColors Chalk It Up 

Macro of Rainbows over Sally Hansen Berry Juicy

Macro of Rainbows over Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty

Macro of Rainbows over SinfulColors Sugar Rush
Lastly we have Red Balloons. This polish is a muted red crème with holo. Of course the formula was so buttery. I love a good red polish! My swatch is 3 thin coats with top coat.
3 coats of Red Balloons with top coat

Red Balloons macro

Red Balloons macro
Will you be picking up this collection? Let me know which one is your favorite! Links below 🙂
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Crabtree & Evelyn ~ Black Tulip

Hello again my lovely friends! I am just on a roll! This time I have a new brand to me, Crabtree & Evelyn! I had no idea they even made nail polish. My husband works at Foxwoods Resort & Casino and while we were shopping there the other day we saw these by the register in the Yankee Candle store!! Great gifts by the way 😉 In the rack there were about 10 colors but none seemed unique. I did find 2 though that I liked enough to try. I really am so glad I did too. The one I chose was this one. Its called Black Tulip. In the bright lights of the store it looked like a brownish, plum sheer base packed with fuchsia flakies. It looked familiar but it totally called my name. When I finally got home I realized that it is just a sheer brown base! All the plumy color came from the glow of the flakies! They are just so bold in this polish!  Then, it got better!! The flakies shifted color to gold then green! Multi chrome flakies are super hot right now on the indie scene and I found one at my husbands work lol! It is amazing and I totally recommend this brand of polish! All of my pics are 3 thin coats with top coat. 2 coats would have worked but I am just picky like that lol. I added some glitter placement and star studs because GLITTER AND STARS!