Moonflower Polish ~ Pop Pastels

*These polishes were provided for review*
*Very picture heavy*
Hey! I’m back guys! I cannot even begin to express how happy I am to get back to nails! Especially with all of these trying times. I mean, can you even believe this? I feel like I live in a book right now. The world is going through such a tough time right now and I am so glad I can be here to give you a little brightness in your lives. Today I have for you the Pop Pastels from Moonflower Polish. Gorgeous pastels with a bright pop! Each mani has 2 coats of polish on my pinky. 1 coat is totally plenty. It is recommended to thin them a little if you are going to just wear them as a polish. I didn’t. These are made specifically to stamp or use in nail art so they will be on the thicker side. Let’s get to them. 
Paloma is a dove gray. “Yes, it’s really pigeon gray…but I haven’t really seen one since moving to Florida and they are all over the place in Puerto Rico so maybe I’m subconsciously missing them? There’s place in Old San Juan called El Parque de las Palomas where there were hundreds of pigeons and you could feed them, visited many times. Smelled awful, but still brings back good memories of simpler times.” I am absolutely loving greys lately. They are so universal and I feel they flatter any skin tone. This cool grey has a fantastic shimmer that just really makes it special! 

Salmón is a “salmon pink, kinda coral. I love fresh salmon sushi.” While I don’t do sushi myself, I absolutely love this color. I am not a huge fan of floral manis and this made me love my cute little flowers! Again, the shimmer makes this polish.

Lavanda is a “soft purple, my daughter loves lavender and soft pastel purples. I’m horribly allergic but I still get her lavender scented things cause I know they help her fall asleep and relax. Middle school is tough.” So is high school. I love/hated both. This reminds me of my son. We use the lavender scented bath stuff to calm him before going to bed. I absolutely love the mixed smell of new baby and lavender!! 

Girasol is a “sunflower orange-yellow. My twin sister loved sunflowers growing up, they always make me think of her.” Sunflower is the perfect description for this yellow. It’s such a deep, warm yellow. Makes me want warm sunny days. I couldn’t capture the shimmer well in this one. It’s there and it’s beautiful. 

Menta is a “minty green, just a great refreshing spring green.” Another good description. This green is the perfect amount of minty while being the perfect amount of springy at the same time. The shimmer, for some odd reason, makes me think of jelly beans.

Agua is a “Caribbean sea blue, a shimmery turquoise, like the waters that I love and miss of my home island.” I have never been further south than Orlando, Florida so this color makes me crave a Caribbean vacation so bad. I just want the waters that you can see through with all the beautiful sea life passing by.

Cielo is a “the color of the sky on a bright sunny day. Florida gets these really nice cloudless days where the sky is exactly this color and the temps are cool. I call them “theme park days” cause they’d be perfect for that.” I haven’t been to a park in such a long time. My daughters go weekly of more to Six Flags every summer (season passes). Either way I am a super sucker for a blue polish. My favorite type of polish is a shimmer crème so you can imagine how much I love this one.

Café is a “light brown, it’s the color of a proper cup of coffee in my opinion. Just a hint of milk and sugar, can’t start my day without it.” I use flavored creamer instead of milk and sugar but the color is pretty accurate for a great cup of coffee. I like mine a touch lighter but not much. The shimmer in this brown makes it different from any other brown I own. It’s a very sensual type color.

The Pop Pastels are available now in Nadia’s shop! These will only be available in full size bottle as the mini bottles come from Italy and that’s obviously not happening at the moment. Each bottle will be $9 and the full set of 8 polishes will be $65. Please allow 5-10 business days for shipment. This is the normal TAT but just keep in mind what we are all going through at the moment. Moonflower Polish is always my favorite brand to stamp with. The quality is fantastic and the customer service is amazing. Links below for what I used for these manis. I hope you all stay safe and healthy in these particularly trying times! Have a great night!!
  • All Polishes: Glisten & Glow Top, Base, Matte coats; SinfulColors Black On Black; Bundle Monster (Maniology) Stamper; Makeup Sponge for gradient.
  • Paloma: Salmón, Lavanda, Winstonia Plate W402.
  • Salmón: Paloma, Lavanda, Winstonia Plate W110.
  • Lavanda: Paloma, Salmón, Winstonia Plate W403.
  • Girasol: Menta, Agua, Beauty Bigbang Plate XL-009.
  • Menta: Girasol, Agua, Winstonia Plate W415.
  • Agua: Girasol, Menta, Born Pretty Store Plate BPL-025.
  • Cielo: Café, Winstonia Plate W101.
  • Café: Cielo, Pueen Cosmetics Plate Pueen09.

Moonflower Polish ~ PPU Nov ’18

*Provided for review

*Very wordy

Hello! I am so happy that this month is Bad Ass Women month over at Polish Pickup! As a woman, there isn’ t anything quite as powerful and uplifting as another strong female ❤ The polishes that have been created this month are just beyond amazing. “Moonflower Polish chose Carrie Fischer as Leia Organa. It’s important to make the distinction that MFP is using the actress as well as the character she’s most known for. As a person, Carrie was one of the most badass women in Hollywood. And huge mental health advocate, she was unapologetic about her issues and struggles. Nadia deeply admired her wit and passion about life. Yes, she had plenty of faults, but no one ever said she was perfect, and she never tried to be. That was one of the things she loved about her.
The character she played, was even more important to Nadia. From her first encounter with Darth Vader right at the beginning of New Hope, you knew this girl was a spitfire and more than she seemed. When Luke, Han, and Chewie are trying to rescue her, and she says “this is some rescue, you broke in here and don’t have a plan to get out”, then grabs the blaster from Luke and ends up rescuing them all instead…that’s when you knew she was not a princess in need of rescue. If you stop to think about it, she had just endured what could possibly be the most traumatic thing a person can experience, the destruction of her home planet, everything and everyone she knows and loves, gone in an instant, only to then be tortured and thrown in jail. Yet she never falters, she never quits, she never breaks, she has a mission and won’t stop till it’s completed. Years later, when we see her again in The Force Awakens we know her life between Return of the Jedi and then has had it’s share of heartbreak and struggles. Yet she’s still there, leading The Resistance and the fight against The First Order.
And that is why, for Badass Woman, Nadia did not want to use Princess Leia in her white outfit with buns in her hair or the skimpy gold bikini, she used to promotional pictures of her in The Last Jedi, as General Organa, leader of The Resistance.”

The General is a blueish gray creme base with red to gold color shifting aurora shimmers and scattered holo. Dual purpose, use for stamping or wear as regular polish in 1-2 coats. Dries semi-matte. The first thing I have to say about this is the formula was spectacular. Like totally flawless. The shimmer looked more hot pink than red to me. I actually paired it with pink 2 times without even realizing it. It stamps perfectly ❤ I have tons of pics to share with you for this one. It pairs with everything. I used 2 thin coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches.


with flash
matte macro
stamped with MFP Amapola


blackilght glow


Please add this to your list. If you don’t, you will regret it and we don’t want that!! It is easily one of the best polishes I have ever used! Alone or for stamping. PPU is open November 2nd – 5th, 2018 so set those alarms 🙂 The General will be $12.50 USD and there will only be 150 bottle so don’t wait 🙂 As always links below. Have a fantabulous weekend ❤


Moonflower Polish: Shop: FB Page: FB Group: Instagram:

Polish Pickup: What It Is: FB Page: FB Group: Instagram:

Live YouTube Swatches

Glisten & Glow ~ Summer Livin’ Collection

*Provided for review

*Very picture heavy

Hello! The weekend is coming to a close but I have something to brighten the mood! Jill, owner of Glisten & Glow, has some amazing neons coming to the shop on June 22 ❤ If you follow G&G anywhere then you have already seen these. I don’t think it would hurt to give another look, though, do you? Didn’t think so 🙂 Let’s go!

The Summer Livin’ Collection has 5 crème neons that are opaque in 2-3 coats and need no white base. They stamp and watermarble like a dream. I have never seen a neon that doesn’t dry matte. These do not! They keep a little shine to them. It’s so neat.

BBQ & Ball Games is a neon yellow crème. Very good formula for a neon. Even better formula for a yellow!! 3 coats plus G&G top coat and G&G matte top coat.


stamping flash


Slushies & Sun Tans is a neon orange crème. 3 coats with G&G top coat and G&G matte top coat.


stamping flash


Road Trips & Roller Coasters is a neon green crème. I love this one. The color green is just perfect. 3 coats with G&G top coat and G&G matte top coat.


stamping flash


Watermelon & Waterslides is a neon pink crème. And I do stress the NEON!!! 3 coats with G&G top coat and G&G matte top coat.


stamping flash


Last one is Flip Flops & Fireworks. This one is a neon purple crème. I only needed 2 coats for this one. Wonderful formula! With G&G top coat and G&G matte top coat.


stamping flash


Here is some art I did using all of the Summer Livin’ Collection!

stripe watermarble


stripe watermarble matte


flower watermarble


flower watermarble matte



I don’t care how many neons you have, these are different and you need them. Everything about them is just flawless! Don’t forget, these release in the shop on June 22nd 2018 at 7pm eastern time. As a set they will be $40 USD or you can pick your favorites for $8.50 USD each! Let me know in the comments which ones your grabbing. Links are below. Have a great week all ❤


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Got The Blues

*Nothing to disclose

Hey y’all! Today is gonna be a personal post. It does come with a mani though 🙂 Feel free to scroll to it if it’s all you wanna see! No hard feelings 🙂 If you wanna read about what’s going on in my life, keep reading!

So, my life is kinda all over the place right now. Sometimes writing helps me get it all into perspective so here we are. Overall, life is good. I am very happily married, I am fed and clothed and I have a stable home. So why the freaking roller coaster? If you want a little extra read and more back story, read HERE. It may help with understanding all this. Caught up? Now, things have changed a little and my husband and I have decided to try and have a baby! Life is just different than it used to be. I am different than I used to be. Because of these life changes, I feel like I could really kill it at motherhood. My girls are much older, 15 & 12, but I am still young! Especially at heart. Not to brag but I am really fun and awesome lol. I love my girls and I see them when I can but they are teen/pre-teen. They are busy with school sports and friends. I just know that this time will be different. I have talked to my doctors about my meds and what is safe during pregnancy. I was told that I have to honestly weigh the benefits between my mental health and the health of the baby. My mental health issues are pretty extreme without meds. I mean, they have kept me out of work for about 7 years! Between my OB/GYN, my psycologist, and myself, we decided to switch to a safer brand and half the dose. I started out on Clomiprimine 200mg. I slowly weaned off of that and onto 20mg Prozac. I still will be going up to 40mg but that’s it.

The process has not been nice. Like I said, my issues are pretty extreme so to keep me any type of normal I need high doses of the meds I use. Dropping those meds then switching them has really messed me up. I don’t think I have done dishes or any type of house work for over 2 weeks. Luckily my husband is like sent from god himself so he hasn’t missed a beat<3 The depression has been crippling. It is so hard to be in a state where you don’t want to move or even eat. Crying all day with no real reason. It was absolutely miserable. I have slowly started to feel better and now I am feeling the excitement. I get the chance to be a mom again! I have gotten the go ahead from all my doctors, some family and my husband, who is freaking out excited!! I have only told some family. The people we haven’t told are the people we want to surprise when the pregnancy arises. Seriously guys, I am on cloud 9 right now! I feel like everything is just falling into place ❤ And now that things have leveled out so well, I am back to my normal nail painting self!


For my first mani in over a week I used Zoya Dream. After having all girls I am really hoping for a boy!! My husband swears it will be but we shall see… It did give me a theme though. I went simple with 2 stamps that just scream baby! I used Glisten & Glow’s Mother Sky to stamp with and Top Coat to seal it all up. The stamper I used is my go to and my favorite, the Long Clear Stamper from Polished Vino. Lastly, the plates I used were both from Pueen’s First Generation collection, Plates 12 & 14. It’s simple but it gives me serious baby boy vibes!


What do you think? Have you gone through anything like this? I would really love to hear how your experience was! If it is not something you want to share publicly you can email me at Well, thanks so much for listening to my ramblings 🙂 I hope you all have a great weekend ❤

Dimension Nails

                                                                       *Provided for review

 *Picture heavy

Hey my lovely readers! How are you on this fine 50 degree winter day??? Well, not technically winter, but seriously 50?!?! What is going on? It’s really hard to get into the holiday spirit when it doesn’t feel like the season. So today, I am bringing you so brightness. I have a new to me brand, Dimension Nails, that is 10-free, cruelty free, and 100% vegan! I have 2 polishes and a stamping plate so lets get to it!
The first polish we have is Mako Shark. It is a deep teal crème polish that is very opaque. The formula was super smooth like butter. An all around fantastic polish. I used 2 coats plus top coat for my swatch. The flash pic is color accurate. It was coming off a bit bluer without the flash.

with flash
Here is Mako Shark with some silver flakies added to it. The how-to will be in my swatch video for these babies!

with flash

The second polish is Raspberry Cordial. This one is even more opaque than Mako Shark. A total one coater if you polish carefully. I used 2 coats plus top coat for my swatch of Raspberry Cordial. Mostly just an OCD thing. Again, this polish is effortlessly applied.

with flash
**Be careful when painting and removing these polishes! Due to the highly pigmented nature of these polishes, they can stain!

The art I did over this color was using the stamping plate that I chose to review.

The stamper I chose to use ended up not being a good one for the plate. It happens. After I was done filming, I tried 2 of my other “go-to” stampers. There was a huge difference once I found THE stamper. The 3 stamper I used are a big marshmallow stamper, a silver fancy stamper, and a long clear stamper. These were my findings:

big marshmallow stamper, squishy head

fancy silver stamper, firm head

long clear stamper, medium firmness

You can clearly see the difference

This is just a better angle to show Mako Shark stamped over black

 The stamping I did on my actual nails came out pretty descent. Next time I will use another stamper. The plate itself is etched perfectly.  

with flash
High quality products! Did I mention the cremes watermarble?? They do! SO VERY WELL!! If you want to know where I bought the stampers I used please feel free to ask in the comments or email me! That goes for any questions or comments at all 🙂 Thank you so very much for reading all of this! You have no idea how much I really appreciate it ❤ Please make sure to check out this shop for AMAZINGLY wonderful stuff!! Have a great day everyone!

Go watch my swatch video to see what this is about ❤

BOii Cosmetics

          Sooooo…… This is gonna be very very picture heavy. There are 5 polishes and I have 8 pics per color. That being said, It is a mix of nail art, black light shots, and regular swatch shots. Oh, Hi!! I forgot that part LOL! As I was saying this is gonna be full of pics so I will keep the chat to a minimum. We have 5 colors to look at tonight from BOii Cosmetics. They all have the same great formula especially for neons. The only difference in polish are the amount of coats and the color shifting shimmer. Since we got formula covered, I will just put the name of the polish, how many coats, and the colors of the shimmer shift! All art info will be in the photo captions. Let’s get started 🙂

          I’m Blinging In Neon ~ 2 coats over 1 coat of white polish with top coat. The shimmer shifts from yellow to gold to green.

2 coats of I’m Blinging In Neon over white with top coat

2 coats of I’m Blinging In Neon over white with top coat. Black light shot. NOT GLOW IN THE DARK

Macro of I’m Blinging In Neon

Black light macro of I’m Blinging In Neon

I’m Blinging In Neon stamped with Born Pretty plate BPL-025

I’m Blinging In Neon stamped with Born Pretty plate BPL-025. Black Light shot

Stamping macro

Black light stamping macro
Nail Grillz ~ 3 thin coats over 1 coat of white polish with top coat. Shimmer shifts from blue to purple to pink.
3 coats of Nail Grillz with top coat

3 coats of Nail Grillz with top coat. Black light shot. NOT GLOW IN THE DARK

Nail Grillz macro

Nail Grillz black light macro.

Nail Grillz stamped with Born Pretty plate BPL-003

Nail Grillz stamped with Born Pretty plate BPL-003. Black light shot
Nail Grillz stamped macro

Nail Grillz stamped macro. Black light shot
Glitzy Neon ~ 2 coats over 1 coat of white polish with top coat. Shimmer shifts from pink to gold.
2 coats of Glitzy Neon with top coat

2 coats of Glitzy Neon with top coat. Black light shot. NOT GLOW IN THE DARK

Glitzy Neon macro

Glitzy Neon macro. Black light shot

Glitzy Neon stamped with Born Pretty plate BP-73

Glitzy Neon stamped with Born Pretty plate BP-73. Black light shot

Glitzy Neon stamped macro

Glitzy Neon stamped macro. Black light shot
My Nails Are Blinging Dollar Signs ~ 3 thin coats over 1 coat of white polish with top coat, Shimmer shifts from gold to green to blue.
3 coats of My Nails Are Blinging Dollar Signs with top coat

3 coats of My Nails Are Blinging Dollar Signs with top coat. Black light shot. NOT GLOW IN THE DARK

My Nails Are Blinging Dollar Signs macro shot

My Nails Are Blinging DollarSigns black light macro
My Nails Are Blinging DollarSigns stamped with Born Pretty plate BPL-003

My Nails Are Blinging DollarSigns stamped with Born Pretty plate BPL-003. Black light shot

My Nails Are Blinging DollarSigns stamped macro

My Nails Are Blinging DollarSigns stamped macro. Black light shot
I Love Neons That Sparkle ~ 3 coats over 1 coat of white polish with top coat. Shimmer shifts from purple to pink to blue.
3 coats of I Love Neons That Sparkle with top coat

3 coats of I Love Neons That Sparkle with top coat. Black light shot. NOT GLOW IN THE DARK

I Love Neons That Sparkle macro shot

I Love Neons That Sparkle macro. Black light shot

I Love Neons That Sparkle stamped with Born Pretty plate BPL-003

I Love Neons That Sparkle stamped with Born Pretty plate BPL-003. Black light shot

I Love Neons That Sparkle stamped macro

I Love Neons That Sparkle stamped macro. Black light shot

          Now I am sure you’re asking, were all those pics necessary? YES! Just to see they ways they can look in black light and with art. And maybe after all those pics you may need to have them! If that’s the case the links are below! The polishes are greatly priced, there are sooooooooo many color/finish options, and for me the best part is the amount of good they do with their earnings. Definitely glad to support this indie brand. Let me know what you think and which ones you have to have 🙂 Til next time!! 🙂

          BOii Cosmetics:: Shop:: Instagram:: Facebook:: Twitter::


Nail Nation 3000

          Hello!! How are we all doing today? I have a super quick post this evening. I recently won a polish in an Easter egg hunt type giveaway on Instagram. When I got my package in the mail it had 2 full sized polishes and a mini holo top coat! The reason I had to blog these is because they just really need to be shared. The polishes are breathtaking and the formula is perfection. Dry time is unreal! Before I show you the polish, lets look at the packaging!

                      Smoldering Crimson is a vampy holo polish. I used 2 coats with top coat.

Smoldering Crimson in 2 coats with top coat

Smoldering Crimson in 2 coats with top coat

Smoldering Crimson macro
Artisans Gold is the best gold holo I have ever used! 2 perfect coats with topcoat. This metallic polish also stamps! Watch the video of this polish HERE!
Artisans Gold in 2 coats with top coat

Artisans Gold macro
Artisans Gold stamped using Born Pretty plate BPL-003
The Medium Holo Top Coat surprised me! I expected it to be your average holo top coat but it isn’t. It also has a gold shimmer. And it does not apply streaky. I have had issues in the past with even application. This is smooth as hell! I put this over some nail art.
Medium Holo Top Coat in 1 coat with top coat

Medium Holo Top Coat macro
Ok, There ended up being more pictures then I remembered… Sorry! I highly recommend this indie brand! The quality is out of this world. I can not wait to try more. Is there a must have color that you can steer me towards? Let me know in the comments. Links below!
Nail Nation 3000:: Shop:: Instagram:: Facebook:: Twitter::


                                                                            *Provided for review

          Hello! Today I bring you something totally new. daniPro – The only doctor created, toxin free polish infused with undecylenic acid.  Because this is so new I will be dropping a lot of knowledge on you! If you just want to get to the swatches feel free to skip ahead. I suggest the read though because it is always good to be informed!

**All of the facts are being directly taken from my swatch package info. Swatches and Formula review are completely my own thoughts!!
Manhattan Podiatrist, Dr. Gary Evans, named daniPro after his daughter Danielle. daniPro is the only doctor created nail polish that is infused with undecylenic acid* and is completely free of damaging chemicals found in so many popular brands today. daniPro does not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or dbp. daniPro has also never been tested on animals. *Undecylenic acid is not proven effective in treating fungus on the nails. daniPro was originally created to provide a more health conscious manicure or pedicure at the nail salon or even from the comfort of your home.
Recently recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association, the nation’s leading professional organization for today’s podiatrists, daniPro has a safe and proven 5-free formulation. 1) No formaldehyde. 2) No formaldehyde resin. 3) No DBP. 4) No TPHP. 5) No toluene.
About Dr. Evans:
A graduate of NYU and the prestigious New York College of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Gary Evans is a board certified podiatrist and surgeon who has been practicing in New York City for over 30 years. Following extensive surgical training, he began his private practice. Dr. Evans specializes in all aspects of podiatry including: podiatric medicine, corrective foot surgery, and sports medicine. Dr. Evans is a pioneer intreating nail fungus and creator of daniPro nail polish, the first and only toxin-free infused nail polish containing the active ingredient undecylenic acid.
About The American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal Of Approval:
The American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal Of Approval recognizes products that have been found beneficial to foot health and of significant value when used in a consistently applied program of daily foot care and regular professional treatment. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) is the nations leading professional organization for todays podiatrists. Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPMs) are qualified by their education, training, and experience to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the foot, ankle, and structures of the leg. APMA has 53 state component locations across the United States and its territories, with a membership of more than 12,500 podiatrists. All practicing APMA members are licensed by the state in which they practice podiatric medicine. For more information, visit
To the swatches!! I was sent 3 colors and a top coat. My first impression was great! they are nice bright shades. Lets see how they held up!
First we will start with Forever Girl. This is the newest shade for Spring 2016. I feel that the formula was a little bit patchy. This is very common though in lighter pinks so its not a big deal. I used 3 thin coats for my swatch with Peace, the daniPro top coat. Forever Girl dries really fast and shiny on its own but I had to test the top coat!! Very pretty bright baby pink polish.
3 coats of Forever Girl with Peace top coat
I added stamping using the shade My Girl also from daniPro.
Next is My Girl. My Girl is a bright medium pink. Such a bold crème polish. I used 3 thin coats plus Peace top coat. My girl also dried very quickly and shiny. Great formula.
3 coats of My Girl with Peace top coat
I added stamping to this with a black polish.
The last color I have is First Kiss. A bright tomato red crème polish. The formula was perfect and it dried fast and shiny. Seems to be the thing for this brand! 2 thin coats with Peace top coat.
2 coats of First Kiss with Peace top coat
And again I added stamping to this polish with a holo polish!
The top coat, Peace, was a huge shocker for me! It is super shiny, it dries fast and there was no shrinking at all! It was even pretty good with not smudging my stamped designs!
Overall, I love these polishes. They are great quality. They are a little pricey. The suggested retail price is $18.50USD each. I would not pay that for a regular polish. This polish, however, has some serious benefits! Especially during the spring and summer months. The colors are very bold and there are 20 colors overall. Will you be trying this new brand?? I will leave all the links below so you can get more informed and decide for your self! Hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know in the comments!
daniPro:: Website:: Instagram:: Facebook:: Twitter::  

Joy Lacquer ~ Know It. Fight It. End It.

Hi guys! I have been under the weather and I cant sleep so here I am. I want to show you a polish and cuticle butter I just won in a giveaway! Joy Lacquer is a new to me indie polish brand. I love trying new things. Especially when they impress! The polish is just amazing. I used 3 thin coats of Know It. Fight It. End It. plus my HKGirl top coat. This polish is a blurple metallic that has a great formula. Brush strokes are a little visible but not too bad at all. My favorite thing about this polish is that it stamps! I did some stamping over SinfulColors Alfresco and the colors matched beautifully. The stamping itself is terrible because I was trying my new marshmallow stamper. For some reason the firm stamping heads pick up sooooo much better for me!

Joy Lacquer Know It. Fight It. End It. macro
Joy Lacquer Know It. Fight It. End It. stamped over SinfulColors Alfresco.

Joy Lacquer Know It. Fight It. End It. stamped over SinfulColors Alfresco macro
Matte Orange Cuticle Butter is the second thing I want to show you. It is the best thing ever! I have been strictly using my Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Nail Oil and my Burt’s Bees cuticle cream. My nails have been pretty good so far. Then this! I have stopped using my Burt’s Bees and I don’t plan on buying it anymore. This balm is much more firm and way less greasy. The smell is so very subtle, yet very fresh. This cuticle butter and my oil are a match made in heaven. The packaging is so tiny and cute. Super convenient. Its is also available in bigger sizes and other scents. I grabbed this little piece of info from her shop site, “Matte Orange Cuticle Butter is a firmer formula and contains a bit less oil than your normal cuticle butters, but is just as beneficial.  It’s base is shea and cocoa butter with grapeseed oil added.  The fragrance is blood orange essential oil and is found to be very soothing and subtle.  Matte Orange is perfect for those who do not want a shiny look on their fingertips.” I am now totally hooked. I will be trying this in other scents but because of the matte quality this one has, I will be keeping it as a staple for swatching. Moisturized cuticles without the oil slick shine!
This, and the next picture, were taken right after washing my hands and applying the Matte Orange Cuticle Butter. I used no other products in these pics.

Please, please, please, go give this shop a look and follow the social media accounts! This is a highly underrated indie that needs to be shared! If you already own a Joy Lacquer, tell me what is the must have shade? Links below!!
Joy Lacquer:: Shop:: Instagram:: Facebook::

Formula X ~ Infinite Ombre

Hello!! I hope everyone had/is having a wonderful Saturday! Gorgeous weather here in CT 🙂 And what am I doing you ask?! I am sitting here bringing you a nifty new Formula X Infinite Ombre nail kit! This kit was provided  for free from PreenMe and Sephora to test and create new looks with. Per the norm, I have swatches first! I was really excited to try this new trend in polish! These are supposed to be the more pigmented version of sheer jellys. The kit comes with 4 colors and a silver base called Platinum Prime. I do not have swatches of Platinum Prime because it was just your average silver metallic polish. If you would like to see a swatch just let me know in the comments and I will add it for you 🙂 The other four polishes were all the same amazing jelly formula. It was a step above a jelly though. Like a jelly+ polish lol. For each polish I did one finger that did not use the base. Either way I loved most of them. Have a look!

Infinite Indigo is an deep inky blue that leans slightly purple in real life. This is 2 coats over Platinum Prime on all but my index finger, all with a glossy top coat. The top coat was strictly for drying purposes because these have a wet shine look on their own!! The index finger looks almost blackened without the shine of the silver base. Love it both ways equally!

 Timeless Teal is a deep teal that looks almost like an emerald color in real life (ya know, cuz this is a dream lol!). This looks pretty streaky in pics but it didn’t to my eyes! This is 2 coats over Platinum Prime on all but my ring finger. That is 2 coats alone. All with a glossy top coat. Beautiful color!

Boundless Berry is a sexy bold red. I kept oohing and ahhing with every brush stroke! This one is a little more sheer than the first 2 because of its lighter color. I used 2 coats over Platinum Prime on all but my middle finger. That is 2 coats alone. All with a glossy top coat. I think this may be my favorite. So classic!

Limitless Lemon is my least favorite. Just not a huge fan of yellow unless its highlighter yellow or pastel yellow. This will be great for blending though. 2 coats over Platinum Prime on all but my pinky. That is 2 coats alone all with glossy top coat. Over the Platinum Prime it is a bright yellow. On its own it is very yolky looking. Like over easy egg yolk.

Overall, I love these! I can’t wait to play with these after my chores tonight! That’s right! I am 30 and I still call housework chores lol! Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!!
Hi! I am here to add on some recent looks I created using these polishes! I will be getting a new tripod next week so videos to come for all the looks I will be adding!
WATERMARBLE! They work wonderfully for watermarbling!

Next we have some advanced/reverse stamping. This is always fun with a beautiful outcome… but super time consuming. For me anyways. I don’t have steady hands at all!

The last 2 looks used all of the colors over a solid base of Platinum Prime. This next look uses only Limitless Lemon and Boundless Berry in a gradient over a stamped design using Platinum Prime over my bare nail. I really loved the look of this one!

Which look is your favorite and what would you like to see in a video?