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*Provided for review


Hello! Happy Pi Day (3-14)! Today I bring you some Southern Comforts stuff. I swear Tamara is in my head! I asked for a mask and she sent a rose clay mask. Now, I don’t care for the rose scent… BUT, rose oil products are so important for my face care. If you have been with me for a while you know that I deal with Excoriation/Dermatillomania, a skin picking disorder. My face suffers the worst so I have a lot of scarring and lots of times open sores. Rose is supposed to be amazing for problem skin and healing, and reducing scars, and… you get the idea. So it just made this package really special ❤ Along with the mask I got a foaming hand scrub and a lip oil. Lets have a look 🙂


Lets start with the lip oil. Besides nail polish my other obsession is lip stuff. I say “stuff” because it’s mostly lip balms but really ill take anything lippie! I have almost every Eos there is. I also own almost every Chapstick there is. Seriously, it’s a problem lol. I haven’t, however, tried a lip oil. It’s wonderful!! I have the scent/flavor cherry vanilla. It’s just like fresh cherries. The applicator is a soft doe foot. You only need a tiny swipe!! It’s oil so it will spread. I love that it goes on and soaks in quickly. The moisture stays for a very long time without any waxy film. It’s pretty ideal if you ask me! I would definitely suggest getting yourself a lip oil. The tube is $4.25 and because it’s oil it will last you a very long time!

The oil leaked a bit and wiped some of the lettering away with it



If you are like me, you need a good scrub for your hands at all times! This one is awesome because it starts as a scrub and finishes as a soap. You just need a little, maybe a scoop of one finger. Add just a pew drops of water and it makes a whipped paste. Scrub til your happy then add more water. It will bubble up and soap up your hands. Rinse and you have very soft hands without being greasy! I love it. I don’t care for the “moisturized” feel. To me, it feels slimey and yucky. This totally avoids all that for me! The scent I received is snow flake.  It smells like fresh outdoors and fabric softener sheets. Is that weird lol? I love it ❤ This 4oz. scrub is $6.00.


Now for the face mask. The mask is made with rose oil and rose clay. Use just like a normal clay mask: spread a thin layer on your face and let dry for about 15-20 minutes, rinse. This comes with 2 warnings! 1) Only use this mask once a week in case of sensitivity! 2) This mask may stain clothes! I have not had an issue with either of these at all. I even used an all white wash cloth the first time I did it and you would have no idea they it had been covered in pink clay 🙂 As far as sensitivity, NONE! It was just the opposite. Very cool and soft. It did not leave me feeling dry or like my skin was going to crack if I smiled. I love it and really want to try other masks from Tamara now! for me, with my disorder, masks = LIFE! This mask comes in a 4oz. jar for $10.50. Such a great price for such a beneficial product!

As usual I am in love ❤ If you don’t know already, I use Southern Comforts all the time! Soap, oil, and lotion. I will only BUY from her. I have other things for review but money around here is VERY tight so when I do have any to spend it goes here. I really cannot say enough about everything in her shop. I used to be die hard Bliss Kiss but her oil is just way better. Please do yourself the luxurious favor of grabbing something from Tamara’s shop. You will LOVE it I’m sure! Links will be below 🙂 Have a good hump day!!


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Southern Comforts ~ It’s Not Just Soap, It’s A Way Of Life

                                                                          *Provided for review

          Hello!! Tonight I have some non polish stuff for you! I was sent a few bath products to try and review. Southern Comforts is a hand made soap company. Tamara, the owner, offers more than just soap. There are bath bombs, bath salt, mani bombs and more. I have some of those to show you.

          Cherry Jubilee Soap was the first thing I went for in the package. The scent sticks out like crazy! After you wash it lingers lightly, nothing too overpowering. The soap itself is gorgeous. Its marbled so nicely. It is a soft soap so make sure when its not being used that it stays as dry as possible. The lather from this soap is so thick and luscious. You don’t need a lot of rubbing to get it going. Because of the ingredients, it is very moisturizing.
          Cherry Jubilee Soap Ingredients:  olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, mica, clay, fragrance oil

Better Than Sex Rum Cake Mani Bomb. This was amazing. The scent is so yummy and perfect for fall. The fizz lasted forever. Seriously, go check my YouTube video. I didn’t edit the fizz part at all. I am constantly painting my nails and using pure acetone so this is just the thing my nails and hands need after a long swatch session. It is so moisturizing that after I towel dried my hands, I was still rubbing in the residual oils. Its not greasy or anything, it just lasts! Here is what is in the mani bomb.

          Better Than Sex Rum Cake Mani Bomb Ingredients:  sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, Epsom salt, kaolin clay, cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, mica, fragrance oil

The Mulberry Cupcake is next and this baby has 3 parts!!
The base is a bath bomb, the “frosting” is a bubble bar (bubble bath), and the berry on top is a mini soap. This is so adorable. Mine did not make it to me in 1 piece but this is a picture of what yours will look like. Because mine was broken up I decided to use it for a pedicure. I only used half of the product. The other half is getting a super test maybe tonight. Its getting the husband feet test!!!! I will take before and after pics so we can see how this cupcake works on sand paper lol. Anyways, all of these parts together make the perfect soak. the scent was very subtle but relaxing. Such a great product!!

          Cupcake Bath Bomb Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate citric acid, kaolin clay, cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, fragrance oil

          Cupcake Icing Ingredients: cream of tartar, distilled water, powdered sugar, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate – slsa, mica, fragrance oil

This is a picture Tamara sent me of the finished product

          Lastly, we have the Berry Marshmallow Crunch Bath Salts. This is tied with the soap for my favorite. When I was told it was going to be Berry Marshmallow Crunch scented I was wicked excited. You don’t see to many scents like that. I have to say I didn’t smell it. To me is had a light floral scent. Like it was aromatherapy. It smelled wonderful and again was a very relaxing scent. The water immediately felt softer. It was not oily or geasy at all. Everything just absorbed right into my skin. I was not left feeling dry at all. I highly suggest these bath salts. it is perfect for pampering yourself with little to no work!
          Berry Marshmallow Crunch Bath Salts: Epsom salts, kosher salt, pink Himalayan salt, sea salt, baking soda, mica, fragrance oil

I really enjoyed doing this review. It was nice to take a break from polish and do something different. It could not have come at a better time too. Vacation, birthday, and back to school takes its toll when it all happens in a 2 week period! These products have given me the kick start I needed to get back into my hand care routine. Make sure to check out Tamara’s shop and get what you need with this cold weather season coming! As always, links are below!! Have a good night 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!
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