Orly ~ Explosion Of Fun

Hello again friends! Its almost the weekend!! Tonight I have for you a polish from Orly Sparkle collection. I don’t have them all because I did not like them all. But I have the good ones 😉 Tonight I will show you Explosion Of Fun. This is one of the hardest polishes to capture in a picture!! I have seen this described in a million different ways, but here is my take on it. It has a sheer magenta base with a very strong electric blue shimmer. It also has tiny deep magenta holographic hexes, almost red actually. All together, this polish is wonderful! I used 3 coats with topcoat for the first swatch. I used 1 coat over Sinful Colors Steel My Heart for the second swatch. You really just need to see it for your self. In person if you have the chance! Let me know what you think in the comments!!

Sinful Colors ~ Starry Night & Rain Rubber

 Happy Saturday night ladies!! I am sitting at home bringing this post to you! Last night my husband came home from work super early and brought me home a few polishes. He grabbed me 2 Sinful Colors, Starry Night and Rain Rubber. For me, SC is always a reliable brand at a wonderful price! Not to mention how easy they are to find. My SC collection is now well over 100!! My husband always pays attention to small polish talk and oohs and ahhs as I surf through blogs and social media. So when I mentioned I needed Starry Night, he took note! He grabbed me Rain Rubber because I may have a slight obsession with texture. So, SN was an upset with the formula. It is a black cream polish with tiny holo glitters, micro pink metallic glitter, and gold holo shards. Beautiful but very thick and very streaky. I added some thinner and it helped a tiny bit but it was still not nice to work with. This is 3 thick coats with topcoat. Next time I will try one coat over black.  RR, on the other hand, was a dream to use! Two easy peasy coats with a quick dry time. The texture in this is barely noticeable compared to other SC textured polishes. It is almost identical to the texture of a rubberized joystick on a game controller. Its definitely unique but I love it!! For this mani I used both polishes together and matched it with a few blue heart studs. Check it out and enjoy!! 🙂

Inspired by @rachell_rachell

Hi lovelies ❤ I hope so far everyone is having a wonderful day!! I am in high spirits today and excited to show you my "inspired by" manicure!! On instagram I follow this super talented lady! her ig name is @rachell_rachell. Definitely go give her a follow!! Today she posted these awesome nails that I had to recreate. I will show you hers and then mine. They differ in color but are pretty much the same. For my nails i used 3 coats of Sephora by O.P.I  looks like rain, dear. I topped that with my Glisten & Glow HK girl fast drying and super shiny clear top coat.(A review of that will be coming soon). After that I used nail tape to place in a chevron design. The colors I used for the ombre effect are Rimmel French white tip, Sinful colors sweet tooth, China glaze spontaneous, China glaze coconut kiss, and China glaze VII. Maybe someday I will do videos and tutorials but until then feel free to ask questions in the comments!!! I topped my design with my G&G top coat and I just love it. I hope you all like it as much as I do!!! 🙂

Sinful Colors ~ Blue Persuasion

Of the 4 textured Sinful Colors I have so far, this is my favorite by a long shot!!! Again this is really weird for me since my 2 least favorites are the pink and purple. I like them both but wait until you see this one!! Its this awesome dark blue with pink glitters 🙂 As with the green one this needed 2 coats and dried super fast to a matte textured finish. I got an awesome macro of this one for you!!! I highly recommend this polish if you don’t have it already!!! Get ready to drool… 😉

Sinful Colors ~ Emerald Envy

Hey there friends 🙂 I said I would have these posted already but I don’t.  So I’m doing it now. I’ll stop telling you all how irritating it is to deal with new electronics for me and just breath and blog!! Here we go. Today we have Emerald Envy from Sinful Colors.  I am very pleasantly surprised by this one.  My husband is the green lover. I gravitate towards purple like its the only color on earth lol. So when my husband brought this home for me I was like, eh.  But when it was this guys turn to be swatched I slowly fell in love.  It has this amazing gold shimmer to it. If you have ever seen Happy Ending also by Sinful Colors it is just like it but textured and matte. It took 2 coats to be a solid color and the dry time was amazing. Usually textures dry super fast like glitter polishes. I will be using this polish a lot come St. Patricks day!! See for yourself 🙂

Sinful Colors ~ Got a Blush On You

Hello lovely ladies!! This is my first time posting from my laptop!! I hope it works ok lol. im so used to my phone that I feel like this format looks all wrong… never the less here I am!! lets do this 🙂 today I have a few Sinful Colors textured polishes. SC was my first love. pretty decent quality for really great prices. and their array of colors is awesome!! its only second to my China Glaze collection 🙂 This polish is called Got a Blush On You. its a deep fuschia with blueish flecks. not exactly glitters or flakies so ill call them flecks. now, pink is my color and I absolutely drooled over this in the bottle but it totally failed to wow me on the nail. its pretty but not for me. the formula was great though. dried quickly and was totally opaque in 2 coats. check it out!!

Penguin Nails!!

Well hello!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!! I know i did!! I got a laptop and an iphone and a new bed!! And thats just some of it 🙂 thats why i have been so absent. This is my first iphone and first laptop. I am trying my best to get used to it all but its pretty alien at this point. I am not a very computer friendly person lol. That will be a goal of mine this year, master blogging and editing pics. Since im still workin on it here are a few pics from my recent penguin nails 🙂 enjoy ladies!!

Sinful colors ~ gone platinum

Hi!!! I have another polish here i have been looking at and finally decided to get. Gone platinum is a metalic purple. It was a ONE COATER!! I always use two because i have pretty serious ocd and even numbers is a part of that. This polish went on like a dream. Sinful colors (for me) is all over the place with their formulas. Some are really thick while others run everywhere. Either way this is one of their great polishes. It is metalic so it does leave stroke marks. I havent found a metalic that doesnt 😦 i totally recommend this polish!! And best part, i found it for a dollar at my local dollar store!! I again added a china glaze feathered polish. I have one coat of party fowl on my ring finger and two coats on my middle finger. This wasnt as thick as the one i used over shower together. Pretty thin actually. But i love the colors. Totally different from the sally hansens fuzzy coats. Hope u like it too!!

Some changes…

I am about to be moving soon and that means… NO BUY 😦  So i believe the time has come to do lots of swatching slash reviews 🙂 i just recieved some new babies in the mail from another contest win so i will start with those 🙂  For now, i leave you with my manicure today! I used color club in twiggie, ruby wing in eternal, sally hansen complete salon manicure in the skys the limit, and sinful colors in ocean side. I topped it with a thin layer of polish addict nail color in watermelon crush. Which you will be seeing soon 🙂 Enjoy!

Playing catch up :)

These are my recent hauls. Not all were separate. Just tryin to improve my pics 🙂 anywho, as usual it was all either clearanced or sale prices!! I am a bargain shopper. I even got those 3 nail tek for free. Which makes my free nail tek count 8!!! Thats right! 8 Free nail teks 🙂 all you gotta do is look!! Search back shelves, read fine print on any tags or sales, and always be patient. Chances are that the new collection you want will go on sale soon!! I always wait until polishes are clearanced!! It can be a gamble though so i guess you gotta go with your gut. I almost missed sparkling garbage!! I waited and waited and then it was GONE!!!! 😦 But thankfully my husband is the best ever. We hit up every sallys til we found one. And he even paid full price ( wasnt losin it again!)! Blah blah…. anyways, i know some of the china glazes are from last halloween but i never got them then and i randomly found this set for $6 so i grabbed it. It has bizzare blurple (which is super awesome!), and ghoulish glow. Seems glow polish is all the rage right now. Eh, didnt like the orangey one and i already had the glitter goblin….. do i smell a contest??? NAIL ART CONTEST SOON!! :D. Now i will leave you with my pics 🙂 sorry for all the blabbing. I like to talk/type 🙂 enjoy!!