Sassy Cats Lacquer ~ April ’19 PPU

*Provided for review
Friday!!! Besides being awesome by itself, it also means there is 1 week until Polish Pickup! I’m about to give you another polish to add to your wish list. Sassy Cats Lacquer is bringing you a magnetic polish for Famous Works Of Art ❤
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Mistakes is a deep red jelly polish with blue to purple magnetic shift with blue/gold/pink/purple shifting ghost flakes, and gold shimmer flakes. This polish is inspired by Bob Ross’s Red Sunset painting. To me, Mistakes looks like a deep red galaxy. You are gonna get lost in the depth. The flakies just float in the base. Formula is great but for me, the number of coats change depending how I wear it. When I used the magnet, I used 1 thin coat then a second thick coat to magnetize. Without the magnet I used 3 thin coats. Super gorgeous.

Mistakes with flash

Mistakes macro

Mistakes matte

Mistakes matte macro

Mistakes without magnet

Mistakes macro without magnet

Mistakes with art
PPU will be open April 5th – April 8th. Mistakes will be $13 with a cap of 75 bottles. You definitely won’t want to miss out on this one. It’s so pretty either way you wear it! I hope you have a fantabulous Friday ❤

Sassy Cats Lacquer ~ Feb. ’19 PPU + IPU

*Provided for review

Hello! It’s Friday 😊 That means there is only 1 week left until Polish Pickup goes live!! I hope you are getting excited. There are so many good things this month. The theme famous duos has produced such amazing creativity. Today we are looking at a duo from Sassy Cats Lacquer, based on Lilo & Stitch! Let’s check it out.

Lilo & Stitch duo
Stitch Steals A Ride! is a “bubblegum pink polish filled with blue, pink, purple glowing shifting chroma flakes with gold shimmer.” Another polish filled with amazing flakies! I know you’re going broke this month! My favorite thing about this polish is actually the shimmer. It gives the polish this subtle warmness. It’s just breathtaking. The formula is a little sheer so layering over a similar color is totally possible. It polishes nicely though so layering it over itself won’t get too thick. I prefer it over itself, of course, because it adds to the amount of flakes you can see ❤ I used 3 thin coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches. Stitch Steals A Ride! will be $12 USD.

Stitch Steals A Ride!

Stitch Steals A Ride! with flash

Stitch Steals A Ride! macro
Stitch Steals A Ride! matte

Stitch Steals A Ride! matte macro
Next is Aloha Lilo. This one is a Hawaiian punch scented quick dry top coat”. I used Aloha Lilo over my nail art and I am happy to report there was no smudging! It dries quick and smells like my childhood lol. 
Aloha Lilo will be $7 USD.

Aloha Lilo top coat used over nail art

Are you putting these on your list? There will be 75 bottles of Stitch Steals A Ride! available and 40 bottles of Aloha Lilo available. Have your wish list ready for faster check out! Have a good Friday y’all ❤