Deborah Lippmann vs. Sally Hansen

          Good morning! Its Monday... Let's brighten it up with some glitter! This past Wednesday I got a package in the mail from a great friend I met on IG. I had mentioned that I needed to get Starry Starry Night from Essie and she immediately said here have mine!! Along with SSN she also… Continue reading Deborah Lippmann vs. Sally Hansen

Nails of the day!

Hello! I would like to start sharing more posts so I figured NOTD posts are a pretty good place to start. Short and sweet 🙂 For my first NOTD post I have some neon, holo, and glitter! The turquoise linear holo polish is Swerve from Liquid Sky Lacquer. Super smooth and opaque. 2 thin coats… Continue reading Nails of the day!

Sally Hansen Triple Shine ~ Sparkling Water

Hello!! Today is my Monday so I wanted to brighten up your evening 🙂 What better way to do that than with this gorgeous tealish/bluish bold shimmer polish. This is Sparkling Water from Sally Hansen. My husband picked this out and I was like, "eh". I don't know how he does it but he always… Continue reading Sally Hansen Triple Shine ~ Sparkling Water

Drip Drop Nail Paint ~ Prototype #809

Hi friends! Here is the other Drip Drop Nail Paint I told you about! Prototype number 809. This DDNP is pretty much the same as the purple one. It was a touch streaky but I find that with almost all light greens and yellows. It evens itself out by the third coat very nicely. This polish… Continue reading Drip Drop Nail Paint ~ Prototype #809

Sally Hansen ~ Pacific Blue comparison

Hey my fellow polish lovers!! So there is a huge deal about this reformulation of Sally Hansens Pacific Blue #420. As soon as I heard about it i knew i wanted to grab an original before they were gone. I mentioned it to my husband while swatching and the next day he came home with… Continue reading Sally Hansen ~ Pacific Blue comparison