Deborah Lippmann vs. Sally Hansen

          Good morning! Its Monday… Let’s brighten it up with some glitter! This past Wednesday I got a package in the mail from a great friend I met on IG. I had mentioned that I needed to get Starry Starry Night from Essie and she immediately said here have mine!! Along with SSN she also sent me my very first Deborah Lippmann polish, Across The Universe. They are some pricey polishes so this was a super sweet thing to do! Thanks Jamee 🙂 I have owned Mermaid’s Tale from Sally Hansen for quite a while and never used it. I figured now that I have the expensive version let’s compare!

          Let’s start with the formula. MT was thicker while ATU was very thin but silky. Honestly, I prefer the Sally Hansen formula. It just isn’t as easy to work with a thin formula. It runs and floods the cuticles. The glitter to base ratio was exact to me. Same glitters, same colors, same sizes. The weird thing I did notice, ATU glitters were shinier. I checked in all sorts of light but it was always flashier. Maybe the base is a little clearer idk. Here are the pics!

Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe

Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe macro

Sally Hansen Mermaid’s Tale

Sally Hansen Mermaid’s Tale macro

Sally Hansen Mermaid’s Tale on pinky and middle finger.
Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe on my ring and index fingers.

Sally Hansen Mermaid’s Tale on pinky and middle finger.
Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe on my ring and index fingers with Pure Ice matte top coat.
If I didn’t label it would you be able to tell the difference? Let me know down below! Have a good day!


Nails of the day!

Hello! I would like to start sharing more posts so I figured NOTD posts are a pretty good place to start. Short and sweet 🙂 For my first NOTD post I have some neon, holo, and glitter! The turquoise linear holo polish is Swerve from Liquid Sky Lacquer. Super smooth and opaque. 2 thin coats with a coat of Sally Hansen Color Frenzy textured glitter polish in Green Machine. The neon green polish is Grass Is Lime Greener from China Glaze. This polish takes 3 coats. Not the best formula :/  I used regular scotch tape to make the triangle shape. Before I removed the tape, I stamped a random line design using Pueen stamping plate pueen05. I then added a silver square stud. Topped it all with what else but Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl fast drying & super shiny top coat! Hope you enjoy my NOTD!!

With flash.

Please excuse the hair! 3 furbabies does that lol!

Sally Hansen Triple Shine ~ Sparkling Water

Hello!! Today is my Monday so I wanted to brighten up your evening 🙂 What better way to do that than with this gorgeous tealish/bluish bold shimmer polish. This is Sparkling Water from Sally Hansen. My husband picked this out and I was like, “eh”. I don’t know how he does it but he always manages to pick polishes that I originally don’t like, and I end up loving them. That was definitely the case with this one. I used 3 thin coats with topcoat for this swatch. It started a little bit sheer but built right up!  Formula was wonderful! I have a bunch of SH Triple Shine sheer jelly polishes! I have got to take those out and do something fun with them! Anyways, check it out!

I had to add this bottle macro in a different lighting because it looks multi chrome!! I love the green and purple you can see flash with different lights!!


Drip Drop Nail Paint ~ Prototype #809

Hi friends! Here is the other Drip Drop Nail Paint I told you about! Prototype number 809. This DDNP is pretty much the same as the purple one. It was a touch streaky but I find that with almost all light greens and yellows. It evens itself out by the third coat very nicely. This polish is a pastel green cremelly leaning slightly to the yellow side. As with the purple DDNP, this one also has a very slight holo dust that was very hard to capture. I stamped with this swatch as well but sadly it smudged a little. I’m still learning 🙂 I used Winstonia plate w112 with Sally Hansen polish in Blue Me Away.  I definitely recommend Jessica’s polishes. They were delivered extremely fast and the quality is great! Make sure to go support small business!

Sally Hansen ~ Pacific Blue comparison

Hey my fellow polish lovers!! So there is a huge deal about this reformulation of Sally Hansens Pacific Blue #420. As soon as I heard about it i knew i wanted to grab an original before they were gone. I mentioned it to my husband while swatching and the next day he came home with a huge smile! He says,” i grabbed you the last pacific blue they had.” He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the new, darker pacific blue. He must have seen the “ugh” look on my face because he immediately asked if he should return it. I figured it would be good to hold onto for comparison purposes. And with all the up roar i figured todays the day! First i compared it to China Glaze’s Frostbite. They are very similar. Except for the fact that the new Sally hansen is a jelly polish. Check it out. I did Frostbite on my pinkie and middle fingers, and the new Pacific Blue on my ring and pointer. 3 coats each with topcoat. 

Here is the original Pacific Blue alone. 2 coats no topcoat!!

And lastly this is both the new and old Pacific Blue! The new on my ring finger and the old on the rest. 

Final thoughts: i didnt like the formula on the new one at all. Its pretty but not anywhere near as stand out as the original!! If you can get your hand on the old one before its gone for good!!!! 

Vinyl Boutique nail decals

Hey my polish addicts!! Today I have a manicure to show you that uses vinyl nail decals. I received these to use and review from the sweet Laura!! She is the owner of  Vinyl Boutique. She offers everything from animal shape decals to labels for your kitchen containers. like flour, sugar, brown sugar stuff like that. she does monogrammed stickers and iPhone/pad/pod charger wraps!! I was just looking at her page and she has lowered her prices and ships internationally. I still have a few more decals that I will be showing you soon! I really love the idea of hounds tooth decals but taking them off and placing them piece by piece can get tiring! Other than that I loved everything about these!! Here are the hounds tooth and the kissing lips 🙂 Make sure to follow Laura on Instagram to keep up with sales!!! 

                                                    These 2 pictures were taken in my house next to a window. you can see the screen shadow lol.

This was in my house with no lights on

I had the worst luck with all of my macro shots so I’m sorry these are blurry!!

Sue Me Lacquer

Hi there!! Today I have for you a pretty new indie line called Sue Me Lacquer. I had seen a dark blue jelly that she made that I loved so I contacted her about swatching!! Before I even start on the polish let me tell you how awful this winter has been to my hands!! I had one break making dessert for Thanksgiving and they haven’t stopped since!! Peeling, tearing, the works! Warm weather is on its way so hopefully we are done with all this because I have no nail left lol. I also have been playing with my lighting again. I just can not seem to get it to where I need it. I will get it though eventually… I have to, right?! So here are the polishes sent to me by Susan 🙂 I really liked them all!! The formula on a few were on the thick side but I have been assured that they are being reformulated as I type! And again please excuse my winter fingers! This polish is called Monkey Love. This polish is a  sheer yellow metallic with orange/coral hexes, red metallic and holographic micro glitters and red hearts. I used 2 coats over 2 coats of Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty. It really Made the yellow pop. I couldn’t get the best pictures of this. It reflected the light like you would not believe and I didn’t want to matte it because you would lose the shimmery finish!! The formula on this was one of the thick ones but a little thinner fixed it right up!! It was smooth and dried nicely. I did have to dab on some hearts but not all. I just left my bottle upside down for a few minutes before swatching. 

This one is called Bloody Valentine. This was also a thicker one but thinner fixes all!! Not really but it did fix this issue 🙂 BV is an awesome jelly polish. The squishiness is just to die for! It was a dream to work with as well. 3 smooth coats without undies. Its definitely darker than blood red but its a unique color to say the least. It a blackened reddish brown. Almost like a dried blood stain. Does that make sense? Either way I liked it more and more the longer I wore it. I did have to fish a little for the heart but hey, its a pretty big glitter. I haven’t come across a polish yet to have perfectly floating hearts!!! Besides the fact that it has red hearts and black holo hearts! It also has lots of red holographic microglitter. Which I totally love. It gives the dark polish a pop and flash of brightness. The dry time on this polish was amazing!! Probably the second fastest of any indie I have tried! I only used my seche vite topcoat to add a little extra shine.

Forever Alone is a black crème polish with scattered holo glitters. No matter what I did I could not capture any holo. Mostly to the fault of New England weather. Being on a third shift schedule and hardly seeing the sun doesn’t help either. nut I did get a good bottle shot of the holo for you so you could see just how beautiful FA really is. This really could be a one coater but I used 2 coats because it didn’t dry completely smooth and I wasn’t sure if it were the polish or user error. Its not bumpy or anything but you can definitely feel the texture of the glitter. you can actually see it under my top coat. Which was weird because after the top coat it was like glass! Without topcoat it also dried to a waxy, semi-matte finish.

Like they say, save the best for last!!! Ruby Kisses is a cranberry colored sheer jelly jam packed with holo goodness. This is a pretty colored version of china glaze fairy dust in my opinion. This one needed no thinning. I used 4 thin coats of perfection. I can not say enough about this polish. I have already made plans to buy this in a full size. Its so versatile. its sheer enough to layer over almost anything. I just love it on its own though! Its just super beautiful!!! Make sure to check out Sue’s store for these polishes as well as others!! It will be worth it!! 🙂