Happy New Year!!

                                                                                 *Nothing to disclose

          Wow what a year, huh?! 2016 took so much from so many. At the same time, I know people who have had a wonderful year. Let’s just hope that 2017 will be better all around for everyone.

          This year my nails were naked for the ball drop. I wasn’t feeling nails much until I watched it. What is your favorite new years program to watch? My husband and I like to watch Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper. This was their 10 year anniversary hosting together, the aluminum anniversary for anyone who didn’t watch lol. That made me remember a super blingy polish I got in a swap from my sweet friend Heather. You can follow her HERE on IG. Any who, this polish just screams New Years/Eve. Have you heard of the brand Broadway? I hadn’t until now. Let’s see how it does!

          Gunmetal (#54) is a dark charcoal jelly polish that looks black in the bottle. It has micro, tiny, and small silver holographic hexes. I used 3 thin coats of this glitter packed jelly with topcoat. I did use 2 coats of topcoat to get the smooth glass finish, but it wasn’t too bumpy after the first coat of topcoat. As with all glitter polishes, I suggest a peel off base coat for easy removal. Dry time and formula were both great with this polish.

Here is some nail art I did using a big flower charm and some firework stamping!

Charm from LevelUP Lacquer.

I really like this polish for when bling is in need.
What did you have on your nails for New Years? Let me know in the comments! Have a great day everyone ❤

My True Love ~ True Blood Part 2

Hello everyone!! Are we all ready for the holiday weekend?!?! I know I am because my birthday is Monday and my husband has a full day of surprises for me!! I usually don’t like surprises but I am so ready for this one!! I will make sure to keep you posted since I still have 2 polishes from Black Dahlia Lacquer to review! Today I have for you a new collection from My True Love! Well, more like the second half of her True Blood collection. I am sure you already can imagine how this will go… Cherise kills it again with 6 new amazing polishes. And she just had her 4th child!! Talk about an ambitious woman!! Since I will be getting all 6 in this post it will be full of pictures, but I will do my best to keep the rest (starting now lol) as short as possible. First up, we have Eric. An iridescent glitter topper with a very slight touch of holo dust and micro, small, and medium red holo hexes. I swatched one smooth coat over black and an ivory color because this also has a green shimmer that is really hard to capture. I tried!!

The next polish I want to show you is Bill. Bill is a cobalt blue polish with a subtle micro holo to it. My husband loves this one!! It’s not quite as bright as the photos show, but it definitely stands out in the sun! These pictures are 3 coats with top coat. This crelly pulled a little on the first coat but was perfectly smooth and even by the 3rd coat!

Next up is Adilyn. This was the best formula in the bunch! 2 perfect, easy peasy, coats with top coat!! this is a charcoal grey with gold microglitters. just gorgeous!

Here we have Sookie. She is a very delicate, sheer, shimmer polish. For my swatch I used 4 thin coats on 3 of my fingers and 1 thin coat over a similar pink on my pinkie.the only time I could tell the difference was in the direct sun. I could see a BARELY visible nail line on all fingers but my pinkie. Not enough for it to be an issue. The shimmer is what makes me love it. I’m such a shimmer sucker!!

Pam will have a lot of pics because she is magical and deserves it!! Pam is a bright red jelly polish filled with different sized red holo hexes and holo dust. No matter how I tried I could not capture all of the beauty in one type of lighting! My skin color is a little off but its the polish you are here for right?? I used 3 coats of this polish and it was opaque. The squishiness of the jelly and the floating of the glitters made this polish glow from the inside!! Even without direct lighting! you will see what I mean.

They say to save the best for last, right?! Well, I totally did! This polish was like the never ending surprise polish. When i first opened the package i was like, “oooohhhh, I like this!!”. I thought it was a black jelly with metallic blue and green glitters. As I spun the bottle I was like omg! The glitters are holo! I decided i had to bring it to a sunny window to get the full effect. Once there I noticed it is a black holo polish with blue and green holo glitters!!! Holo heaven 🙂 This is by far my favorite of the set! I used 1 coat over black on my pinkie which was dumb because it totally built up in 3 smooth coats (as I have on the other fingers). As usual, wonderful formula!! MUST HAVE!!

This collection will be released on Monday September 1st so go follow for updates as well as a giveaway Cherise has going on right now!! Thanks for reading!! Go get you some polish 🙂 And don’t forget to congratulate Cherise on her new bundle of joy!!


Hey ladies!! Long time, no type! I have had lots going on and I just took too much on for Easter. But I am back and SUPER excited to post this! I received  3 polishes to swatch and check out from Cherise Kane. Owner of MyTrueLoveMTL indie nail polish. In an email she sent me she said they may not be as good as other indies because she is new to the game. WELL, if this is what she does as a newbie I will stick around!! I already have gone over an order of about 5 bottles with my husband. The formula on all 3 polishes was amazing. so smooth 🙂 It could pretty much apply itself! Dry time is great! I had no issues at all with coverage or anything. I feel that I could not say enough about Cherise’s Line!! PLEASE do yourself a favor and follow her on IG  (@mtlmytruelove) and buy her polish!!! You wont regret it!! here are a ton of pics of the 3 polishes I swatched.
This is a macro of Cosmic Girl. its a black jelly-ish polish with pink hex glitters and tons of holo dust! when I first saw this it was dark and I didn’t see the holo. as soon as I sat at my desk to swatch I saw it under my lamp and was soooo excited. I love it so much and I haven’t seen anything like it before!

These are macro shots of Mia. A super pretty light purple that’s a little sheer but builds up in 3 coats. Also full of holo dust and shimmer. Since purple is my favorite polish color this one is definitely perfect for me!!

And OMG here is Noah. The second I saw this in the sun I told my husband I needed a full sized. He rolled his eyes, came over to check it out, then said ok! With eyes wide and all 🙂 He loves it!! A glitter topper in a clear base packed full of blue and holo micro glitters! I really have no words so just look! I have tons of pics of all the polishes 🙂

Noah in the sun.
Noah in the shade. 3 thin coats over a light blue on my pointer and pinkie and 3 good coats without undies on the middle and ring.

Blurry to show the holo


Macro of Mia in the sun.

Mia in direct sunlight

Mia in muted sunlight

Cosmic Girl has a lot of flash pics to show the holo because the sun was hiding!!

Cosmic Girl in the sun.

Hope you love these as much as I do!!!

Julep ~ Lizanne

Who got their Julep Maven box?!?! Well, hopefully everyone has because it took me a week or so to get to posting this. I am an it girl 🙂 What type of box do you get? This month I was actually going to cancel my box but forget, then it showed up! I am actually super glad it did because I absolutely love the colors this month! I did also get a cotton candy flavored old fashioned candy stick but my 8 year old daughter pulled the wrapper off and shoved it in her mouth before I could even read the label!! So for this post I will have Lizanne. Lizanne is a dark greenish teal color with a green shimmer. I drooled over this in the bottle… wasn’t so happy with the final outcome on the nail. It lost a lot of shimmer even when I applied Glisten & Glow H K Girl fast drying & super shiny clear top coat (which as you shall see in an upcoming post on my experience)!! I even tried to use a matte top coat, as you will see on my pinky, also to no avail. Still, it is a nice color and from what I have seen so far (I don’t own it) it looks a lot like O.P.I’s   Amazon…Amazoff. Just more on the green side. This polish applied OK. It wasn’t finicky but it wasn’t nice either. Dry time was average. I used 2 coats of this crème polish for these pictures. Check them out and let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

Black Label Nails

Happy Friday everyone!! Hope you all have awesome plans for the weekend. I will be staying home cleaning, swatching, and blogging. Which for a nail addict is definitely a fun weekend 😉  So, lately I feel like I totally got dunked in a luck pool!! I won 5 giveaways in a week!!! I mean come on… who does that?!?!?! now I will probably never win anything again for the rest of my life lol. One of the giveaways I won was more of a contest. Jenn, the owner and creator of Black Label Nails, had a polish naming contest for a St. Patricks day glitter topper. I threw in the name Counting Clovers and won!! The prize was either 1 full bottle of polish of my choice or 3 mini bottles of polish of my choice. I chose the minis so I could have a few to review. Besides the fact that every woman needs options!! I chose Paradise City, Sour Girl, and Counting Clovers. Of course I had to have the one I named! Lets get to it. For these swatches I used 1 coat of the glitter over four thin coats of Sour Girl. This polish has small metallic green hexes and medium whit hexes. it also has holographic clovers. It is very cute and very festive!! Went on smooth but I had to fish for and place all the clover glitters. I usually don’t mind doin what I gotta do to get those big sinking glitters but this one was a little harder than usual. even after leaving my bottle upside down I had to fish and swirl like crazy to get them on my brush. I really do like this though even without the clovers so its all good!

 This is Sour Girl by itself. 4 thin coats of perfection.

Sun shot.

Here is Paradise City. this one was a little one the thick side but again, thinner to the rescue!! I really don’t know how Jenn does it but her formula is so even and smooth! This polish has a super flash of blue/purple. My camera couldn’t handle all that flash of awesomeness so just take my word for it!! I promise its amazing. I am pretty sure its supposed to be a blue shimmer but in some lights it does look purple. which is awesome because it just gives it more spunk!!

Hope you enjoyed!! til next time… 🙂

Sue Me Lacquer

Hi there!! Today I have for you a pretty new indie line called Sue Me Lacquer. I had seen a dark blue jelly that she made that I loved so I contacted her about swatching!! Before I even start on the polish let me tell you how awful this winter has been to my hands!! I had one break making dessert for Thanksgiving and they haven’t stopped since!! Peeling, tearing, the works! Warm weather is on its way so hopefully we are done with all this because I have no nail left lol. I also have been playing with my lighting again. I just can not seem to get it to where I need it. I will get it though eventually… I have to, right?! So here are the polishes sent to me by Susan 🙂 I really liked them all!! The formula on a few were on the thick side but I have been assured that they are being reformulated as I type! And again please excuse my winter fingers! This polish is called Monkey Love. This polish is a  sheer yellow metallic with orange/coral hexes, red metallic and holographic micro glitters and red hearts. I used 2 coats over 2 coats of Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty. It really Made the yellow pop. I couldn’t get the best pictures of this. It reflected the light like you would not believe and I didn’t want to matte it because you would lose the shimmery finish!! The formula on this was one of the thick ones but a little thinner fixed it right up!! It was smooth and dried nicely. I did have to dab on some hearts but not all. I just left my bottle upside down for a few minutes before swatching. 

This one is called Bloody Valentine. This was also a thicker one but thinner fixes all!! Not really but it did fix this issue 🙂 BV is an awesome jelly polish. The squishiness is just to die for! It was a dream to work with as well. 3 smooth coats without undies. Its definitely darker than blood red but its a unique color to say the least. It a blackened reddish brown. Almost like a dried blood stain. Does that make sense? Either way I liked it more and more the longer I wore it. I did have to fish a little for the heart but hey, its a pretty big glitter. I haven’t come across a polish yet to have perfectly floating hearts!!! Besides the fact that it has red hearts and black holo hearts! It also has lots of red holographic microglitter. Which I totally love. It gives the dark polish a pop and flash of brightness. The dry time on this polish was amazing!! Probably the second fastest of any indie I have tried! I only used my seche vite topcoat to add a little extra shine.

Forever Alone is a black crème polish with scattered holo glitters. No matter what I did I could not capture any holo. Mostly to the fault of New England weather. Being on a third shift schedule and hardly seeing the sun doesn’t help either. nut I did get a good bottle shot of the holo for you so you could see just how beautiful FA really is. This really could be a one coater but I used 2 coats because it didn’t dry completely smooth and I wasn’t sure if it were the polish or user error. Its not bumpy or anything but you can definitely feel the texture of the glitter. you can actually see it under my top coat. Which was weird because after the top coat it was like glass! Without topcoat it also dried to a waxy, semi-matte finish.

Like they say, save the best for last!!! Ruby Kisses is a cranberry colored sheer jelly jam packed with holo goodness. This is a pretty colored version of china glaze fairy dust in my opinion. This one needed no thinning. I used 4 thin coats of perfection. I can not say enough about this polish. I have already made plans to buy this in a full size. Its so versatile. its sheer enough to layer over almost anything. I just love it on its own though! Its just super beautiful!!! Make sure to check out Sue’s store for these polishes as well as others!! It will be worth it!! 🙂

PolishTBH ~ Polar Express

Here is the second polish I grabbed from an instagram destash. Polar Express from PolishTBH. It is a dark denim blue polish with gold glitters that dries matte. I love this polish so much. I have been searching for a blue polish that looks like jeans. I don’t know why but I just had to have one. I was so excited to see that I had finally found my perfect denim polish without even knowing it!! This polish applies like butter. It is so smooth!!! I took a macro shot of this and it looks textured but its not. I really am not sure what made it look like that. maybe the glitter? I took pics with it matte and shiny. I prefer it matte. just out of the bottle perfection. this is a retired polish but I happen to see Chrissy say that she would never turn down a custom order! 😉 Good for me because I will need more of this. check out my pictures and leave a comment!!! 🙂

Zoya ~ Stevie

Hi ladies. As promised here is the amazing Stevie!! I picked this up with my last Zoya order. I had been wanting this for quite some time now. Not sure what took me so long to get this one. It is worth every penny 🙂 It took me 3 coats until it was opaque. But it dries super fast so you wont have to wait forever between coats. It has a matte textured finish with silver micro glitters. I love love love this!!!! Lets get to the pics!!

Zoya ~ Beatrix

Hello and welcome to what may possibly be my favorite Zoya pixie dust so far! I really wasn’t looking at this color much because I’m not a huge orange fan. My husband kept saying that he liked it and thought I should get it. I gave in because I couldn’t make up my mind for my last choice and I figured if I didn’t like it I could send it to Sally. I know she likes orange:) Always when I get new polish the first thing I do is swatch it on a piece of paper. When I finally got to this one I was just wowed. It almost looks like a coral color with golden shimmer. It gets more of an orange color as the coats build but it is pretty sheer. This took 3-4 thin coats. Mostly 3 but 4 on a few that needed touching up. I can not wait to wear this in the summer. It is the perfect beach color!! See for yourself