Got The Blues

*Nothing to disclose

Hey y’all! Today is gonna be a personal post. It does come with a mani though 🙂 Feel free to scroll to it if it’s all you wanna see! No hard feelings 🙂 If you wanna read about what’s going on in my life, keep reading!

So, my life is kinda all over the place right now. Sometimes writing helps me get it all into perspective so here we are. Overall, life is good. I am very happily married, I am fed and clothed and I have a stable home. So why the freaking roller coaster? If you want a little extra read and more back story, read HERE. It may help with understanding all this. Caught up? Now, things have changed a little and my husband and I have decided to try and have a baby! Life is just different than it used to be. I am different than I used to be. Because of these life changes, I feel like I could really kill it at motherhood. My girls are much older, 15 & 12, but I am still young! Especially at heart. Not to brag but I am really fun and awesome lol. I love my girls and I see them when I can but they are teen/pre-teen. They are busy with school sports and friends. I just know that this time will be different. I have talked to my doctors about my meds and what is safe during pregnancy. I was told that I have to honestly weigh the benefits between my mental health and the health of the baby. My mental health issues are pretty extreme without meds. I mean, they have kept me out of work for about 7 years! Between my OB/GYN, my psycologist, and myself, we decided to switch to a safer brand and half the dose. I started out on Clomiprimine 200mg. I slowly weaned off of that and onto 20mg Prozac. I still will be going up to 40mg but that’s it.

The process has not been nice. Like I said, my issues are pretty extreme so to keep me any type of normal I need high doses of the meds I use. Dropping those meds then switching them has really messed me up. I don’t think I have done dishes or any type of house work for over 2 weeks. Luckily my husband is like sent from god himself so he hasn’t missed a beat<3 The depression has been crippling. It is so hard to be in a state where you don’t want to move or even eat. Crying all day with no real reason. It was absolutely miserable. I have slowly started to feel better and now I am feeling the excitement. I get the chance to be a mom again! I have gotten the go ahead from all my doctors, some family and my husband, who is freaking out excited!! I have only told some family. The people we haven’t told are the people we want to surprise when the pregnancy arises. Seriously guys, I am on cloud 9 right now! I feel like everything is just falling into place ❤ And now that things have leveled out so well, I am back to my normal nail painting self!


For my first mani in over a week I used Zoya Dream. After having all girls I am really hoping for a boy!! My husband swears it will be but we shall see… It did give me a theme though. I went simple with 2 stamps that just scream baby! I used Glisten & Glow’s Mother Sky to stamp with and Top Coat to seal it all up. The stamper I used is my go to and my favorite, the Long Clear Stamper from Polished Vino. Lastly, the plates I used were both from Pueen’s First Generation collection, Plates 12 & 14. It’s simple but it gives me serious baby boy vibes!


What do you think? Have you gone through anything like this? I would really love to hear how your experience was! If it is not something you want to share publicly you can email me at Well, thanks so much for listening to my ramblings 🙂 I hope you all have a great weekend ❤

Quixotic Polish ~ The Vere Suo Trio

                                                                             *I won these!!

          I am so excited to bring you this post! The minute I saw Quixotic Polish my heart kinda fluttered. They are beyond gorgeous. Then Mary had a giveaway and I happen to win 🙂 It always means so much to me to win things. With only 1 income, the small things, are highly treasured! I got these in the mail yesterday and I dropped everything to swatch them. I mean, LOOK AT THEM!!

L-R: Viridi Ignis, Rosea, Amsonia Ciliata.

          The first one I chose to swatch was obviously gonna be the pink one! Rosea is described as “A delicate pink with lots of added gold to green shimmer.” I honestly thought this was a duo chrome. The shimmer is so strong that it looks like its own color. It is very delicate and sheer, but it built up nicely. I used 3 thin, smooth, silky coats with top coat.

I added some quick stamping to Rosea using my new CICI&SISI plates. The plate is CICI&SISI04 and the polish I used to stamp is SinfulColors #1124 Outrageous. Stamper used was my short and clear stamper from Polished Vino.

This is the one that I knew I had to have. Viridi Ignis is described as “A minty turquoise polish that shifts from blue to pink along with some added holo sparkle.” That is very accurate. This polish is oh so mermaid-y ❤ Seriously! Just the right amount of holo sparkle and the formula is like buttah!! I used 3 thin coats for my swatch plus top coat.

Again, I added some quick stamping. I even used the same plate lol. CICI&SIS04. The polishes I used to stamp with are SinfulColors #1109 Grecian Sun and Formula X Platinum Prime. My trusty short clear stamper from Polished Vino was used here as well.

This last one is so complex! Amsonia Ciliata is described as “A dusty grey blue that has gold to indigo shimmers.” Again, a pretty accurate description, but this is one of those polishes that need to be seen in person. I see purple, pink, green, and different blues along with the gold and grey. So, so gorgeous!! Formula is just like the others, wonderful! 3 thin coats plus top coat.

For this color, I wanted to use my new vinyls from Polished Vino. Complete fail… Everything I did just kept messing me up more. All user error I promise!! I finished because I am not a quitter! I just really should have stuck to stamping lol. I used the Chevron Variety sheet in the Original Clear Vino Vinyls and SinfulColors #983 Beverly Hills. YIKES…

Aren’t they beautiful?!?! They are on sale at the moment for $27.00 + shipping. I am not sure if these are Limited Edition or not but I suggest you hurry and grab them anyways. Super unique polish that all polish lovers need in their stash!! Links for all the brands below 🙂 I hope you all have a very Happy Easter ❤
Quixotic Polish:: Website:: Instagram::Facebook::
Formula X:: Website::
Polished Vino:: Website:: Instagram:: Facebook::

Vintage SinfulColors ~ Morning Dew & Sheer Legend

                                                                               *Purchased by me.

          Hi friends!! I have been MIA! I went on my anniversary trip, then the day I came home I got a chest/head cold. I did, however, strike gold while we were in New Hampshire. Recently, I joined an amazing SinfulColors group on Facebook. Please join Sinfully Polished Nails HERE if you love Sinfuls!! Since joining this group, I have been introduced to vintage SC. I never realized that the SC I have now are a newer version. I was automatically on the hunt to find some of these. I had no idea how soon that would be.

          With all the saving we did for our vacation, actively looking for new polish was out of the question! We did have certain things we wanted to do though while out of state. My husband has wanted to get me to this awesome place called Headlines. We always miss it because of the time or route (we frequent NH often). This time we planned our ride home around it. We spent at least 90 minutes just looking around. With all the money pretty much gone, we were just there to look. We got to the last shelf we hadn’t looked at, and right there were 7 bottles of polish. All SinfulColors, and 5 of them vintage!! I may have squealed a little. I grabbed each one. There were only 2 colors, the rest were repeats. Thankfully we saved like $10 for snacks. Who needs snacks on a 7 hour drive???? Not this polish addict 🙂 Of course, the minute I got home I had to swatch them! Ok, No more rambling. Onto the polish!

          Let’s look at #222 Morning Dew. She is a sandy colored nude with matching shimmer and a frosty finish. For such an older polish, the formula was flawless. I used 3 coats plus top coat.

I added some art using #961 Fig and #1199 Song Of Summer. I used Winstonia 4th generation plate W403 and my long, clear stamper from Polished Vino.

Lastly, we have #230 Sheer Legend. Right in the name it says that it’s sheer but it wasn’t too bad! This one is an olive/khaki nude with a pink shimmer and a frosty finish. Again, the formula was super smooth. I used 3 coats with top coat.

I did some more stamping! It’s just so easy and beautiful! I used #1178 Truth Or Dare to stamp with. The plate I used was from Born Pretty Store BPL-003 and as always I used my long, clear stamper from Polished Vino!

So, what did you think? Honestly, they aren’t the type of colors I would typically go for. But, when faced with something that is no longer made, you buy, then deal with it later lol! Luckily, the colors I got are neutral so it will be easy to pair up for art and the like. I will leave links below to what I used in this post! I hope you all have a wonderful week 🙂
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Born Pretty Store:: Website:: Facebook:: Twitter:: YouTube:: Pinterest::
Polished Vino:: Website:: Instagram:: Facebook::

Bitzy Nail Color

                                                                                  *Nothing to disclose

          Good morning! It’s Monday and I bring you a very mood accurate post today. A little bit of brightness, but mostly junk. My husband and I stopped at Sally’s yesterday because I needed some Yellow Stopper and I had a 20% off coupon. Naturally, I started looking at everything there. It was a good thing I did because I FINALLY found a cotton ball grabber!! So, I grabbed a few things then head towards the counter to check out. My husband pointed out some mini polishes and said, “hey look, these are only $1.50”. They were mostly pretty boring. I did manage to grab 2 that looked indie-ish and decided I needed them. Because polish lol 🙂 So we pay and go home. I get right to work putting swatches in my swatch book. I decided to stay up past my bed time to get these babies swatched. Ya, let’s see how that went…

Dilly Dally/Sweetie Pie

          I have never heard of Bitzy before so I went in with an open mind. Dilly Dally is the first polish I decided to swatch. Mostly because it is super neon. First coat was a little streaky. That wasn’t an issue for me since a lot of neons have picky formulas. It also dried matte. Again, totally common with neons. Second coat was much better. Still not satisfied. Third coat. Not too shabby! It looked good enough but I could not leave it matte. It was so chunky. Didn’t level much at all as far as glitter goes. I ended up using 3 coats of top coat just to get it smooth. I really love the color of this one but it is NOT worth it. Here is 3 coats of Dilly Dally with 3 coats of top coat…



          The next one is called Sweetie Pie. This one is a peachy yellow crelly polish with neon hex glitters in pink, orange, green, and yellow. It is so pretty in the bottle. Very springy! Let’s get right to the point. Don’t ever get this polish! The glitter was in clumps and the formula was sooooo streaky. I used 3 coats but could have used a 4th to even coverage. If I had used a 4th coat, 1) I would be mad and 2) I would have mounds of glitter. No bueno. Seriously, I know you may want to try it because its cheap and pretty… DON’T!! This polish also needed 3 coats of top coat to be kind of smooth. Ugh, just awful 😦


          Since I did enjoy Dilly Dally enough, I did some nail art using the original Clear Nail Vinyls from Polished Vino, and some gems my mom got me. Chrissy has an awesome shop, awesome designs, awesome products, and amazing customer service! Make sure you check the links below to see what she has ❤

          I hope I have saved you from making this small polish mistake. I wouldn’t even feel right giving these away. I really do love the nail art I did though with the Clear Nail Vinyls. Have you tried this brand? Maybe a creme formula would be better? Let me know in the comments! Have a mostly happy Monday 🙂

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          Polished Vino:: Shop:: Instagram:: Facebook::