Polish Addict Nail Color ~ Pretty Poison

Hi everyone! I did have a different polish for you today but I realized that the whole post would have been a complaint. Im not really sure how to approach the situation so I opted to bring you an awesome review instead!! If you follow my Instagram, then you already know that I recently bought Pretty Poison from PANC. And you also know I love it! Seriously. I have drooled over this polish since the first time I saw it. Only having 1 income really hurts my indie budget so when I saw that Laura added it to her last chance bin I had to fly! And because it was during the holidays I also got an extra 10% off of that!! Did I mention that this polish is a thermal? With shipping included it was less then $6.50! I am a little sad to say that the thermal does not work for me 😦 It came in the mail such a beautiful pink color because its cold outside. I let it sit for a day to warm up properly then I swatched it. I tried to take pics with the transition but even in ice water it just stayed white. That is actually fine with me because I love it so much either way! I am so super happy I got to get his before it was gone forever! This is 3 thin coats with HKGirl top coat.


Pretty Poison macro.
Do you have this polish? I would love to see your swatches or nail art using it! Let me know in the comments how to find your pics! Links below!!
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Neons For Life!

Hello friends πŸ™‚ Lately I feel like I just cant get enough neon! Neons will always be my favorite; but lately I haven’t really even looked at anything but my neons. I decided I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you! This will be picture heavy because I did different lighting and finishes. Let’s get right to it!
The first polish is Polish Addict Nail Color Candy Pop. This is the crelly version that I just won in a Random Act of Kindness giveaway! This polish is perfectly me. Literally Jenn in a bottle. for this swatch i used 3 thin and flawless coats plus topcoat. I cannot believe that I found a glitter packed polish that I really like!! Really, this is not neon. but it is bright and new so I wanted to share πŸ™‚

Next one is a prototype polish from Drip Drop Nail Paint. It is number 1008. This is another amazing crelly and it does have neon glitter in it. Again for my swatch I used three thin coats and top coat. I also have a few more of Jessica’s prototypes. She makes great polish so go check her out! And the label is one of the cutest thing I have seen from any indie polish!

Next up is Cameo Colours Lacquers Hex-Sea And I Know It. This is such a gorgeous polish with so much depth! Its a bold blue jelly polish filled with, duh, hexes!!! Awesome neon ones πŸ™‚ This one I matted for a few pics so you could see the layers of glitter better. Most definitely a must have!!Β 


The last one I want to show you is Honey Bunny Lacquer A Little Bitter. I had the hardest time finding a polish in my collection that would show off this glitter topper best. I ended up using a dark grey and an off white. i actually really loved the results of both. There are a ton of fun macros for this because everywhere I looked there were different glitters! Triangles, hearts and even the tiniest micro glitters. If you enjoy bright glitter in tons of shapes and sizes this is for you!! Take a look.Β 

So, which is your favorite??

Polish Addict ~ Rainbow Concrete

I cant believe that i havent done this sooner!! This is 1 of 2 of my biggest lemmings ever!!! Ill share the other if/when i get it πŸ˜‰ This one is Polish Addict Nail Color Rainbow Concrete! Its definitely more sheer than i thought it would be so i used 2 coats over a grey for all pics. It has the best “rainbow” mix of colors i have seen in any polish so far!! Laura and Crystal are glitter geniuses. Lets let it speak for itself. Enjoy πŸ™‚

Random :)

These are just a few pics i took of the first mani i did with these colors. If u look close u can see the sunset in sunset!! Sunsut is the orange color on my right hand. Also a polish i won from a giveaway. That one is by black luna lacquer. Isnt it gorgous?!?! Anyways, i also put watermelon crush (which is in my past few posts) over enchanted forest. Also by black luna lacquer. The other hand is cranberry mango over china glazes snap my dragon. The colors are perfect for each other. The accent is milani 3D holographic in 3D.

Cranberry mango

This is my favorite one of all. I dont even know why but when i look at the bottle i drool. Ok, i dont drool. But im sure my mind wants me to πŸ™‚ this polish has bar glitter. I love bar glitter. My husband hates it. Oh well. He isnt wearing it so there!! The base of this polish is sheer. But not so sheer that u cant make it opaque. Here i have one coat on pinky. One coat over china glazes snap my dragon on the ring finger. On the middle is 2 coats and on the pointer is 2 coats over snap my dragon. LOVE LOVE LOVE. tons of glitter but not to chunky. Easy to apply and beautiful on πŸ™‚ totally will need a back up of this if possible!!

Watermelon crush

This polish is just nuts. Its so fulk of glitter i wasnt even sure there was any base lol!! But there is and its wonderful. It looks a little dark in the bottle but the base is sooo sheer. Im totally ok with that though because i dont want to be limited to using it alone or over just greens. This one is also very easy to apply. Its like she throws some butter into her polish batches it so smooth. Anyways, one coat alone on the pinky. One coat over china glazes tree hugger. Ring is 2 coays alone. And my pointer is 2 coats over tree hugger. I will b getting alot of use out of this polish πŸ™‚

Burn book

This one is soooooo me!! Loving the black and white glitter trend. One of my favorite colors is red. I also am a sucker for holo!! Combine those three facts and you have burn book!! This polish by polish addict nail color is the shizz!! LOVE IT πŸ™‚ would totally work on its own with 3 thin coats. Or over white to save on polish use. Again it is chock full of glitters!! But if u ask me its just right πŸ™‚ pinky has one coat. Ring has one coat over white. Middle has 2 coats. Pointer 2 coats ober white. Super easy application. No fishing at all!!

Spring prom queen

This is spring prom queen by Polish Addict nail color. How pretty is this πŸ™‚ Laura, the owner of polish addict, sent me a runner up prize for getting the second closest guess of her polish count!! Isnt she so sweet πŸ™‚ its like she read my mind too because they were all wishlist polishes πŸ™‚ So here we have one coat alone on the pinky, one coat over white on my ring finger, 2 coats alone on my middle finger, and 2 coats over white on my pointer. All of the polishes are packed with glitter!! This one has hearts which you can see on my pointer. I had a hard time finding them. But it would be fine without. As far as tip wear goes i will probably never be helpful because i polish daily. I also am not familiar enough with glitter shapes and sizes but im workin on it. For now i leave you with these πŸ™‚

Some changes…

I am about to be moving soon and that means… NO BUY 😦  So i believe the time has come to do lots of swatching slash reviews πŸ™‚ i just recieved some new babies in the mail from another contest win so i will start with those πŸ™‚Β  For now, i leave you with my manicure today! I used color club in twiggie, ruby wing in eternal, sally hansen complete salon manicure in the skys the limit, and sinful colors in ocean side. I topped it with a thin layer of polish addict nail color in watermelon crush. Which you will be seeing soon πŸ™‚ Enjoy!