OPI ~ Pink Of Hearts 2014

Hello! Tonight I have a polish duo From OPI. This is the Pink Of Hearts collection for 2014. It took me forever to get these but I have made a point of getting every yearly set/polish since 2012. Not a huge accomplishment but I had just stopped biting my nails so whatever! Anyone who knows me also knows that awareness of breast cancer is super important to me. As it should be for all females (and men)!!! It could happen to anyone anytime!! Click here to be brought directly to the Susan G. Komen site for info and/or to donate!! Back to the polish! Pink Of Hearts 2014 had 2 polishes and a little pink nail file with a glitter side and attached pink ribbon. The pink ribbon is clipped on with a lobster claw type clasp and I am really happy about that because I will be able to move it to my key chain when I am done using the file.

 First polish up is Mod About You. Mod About You is a bright pastel pink crème. the formula is very opaque but I still found it very streaky. My swatch on my fresh new nubs is 3 thin coats with a shiny topcoat.

 Second polish is The Power Of Pink. This polish is a sheer milky crelly tinted slightly pink with matte white and fuchsia micro and medium sized glitters. This was the one I was more excited for and I ended up liking the pink crème better!! I really do like this, its just not for me. I may come back to this when my nails are a little longer. My swatch is 3 thin coats with top coat and a matte coat on my pinkie. Very smooth formula for so much glitter!

 Over all I am super happy with this purchase! I cant wait to see what OPI releases for 2015!!

Milani ~ Sugar Burst

Hi friends!! I found Milani Sugar Burst on clearance at Walgreen’s the other day and the holo caught my eye. Of course my husband being the amazing guy he is grabbed it as soon as I was like ooohhhhh!!!! At first I just though this was a glitter topper. It says on the bottle that it is a “textured nail lacquer with bold shimmer.”. It definitely wasn’t textured like the average polish. Just chunky from the amount of glitter. It has a flat brush which I love. I used 3 coats and still had some visible nail. The base was very thick so I would either use this as just a glitter topper or maybe sponge on layers. The glitter in this polish is micro, small, and medium baby pink hexes and very tiny baby pink bars. It also has a good amount of micro holo hexes. Still unsure how I feel about this polish! What do you think?



China Glaze ~ Shell We Dance?

Good afternoon my friends! For the past few months I have doing nail mail swaps with Mildred. (@millnpolish on instagram). She has cheaper access to my favorite main stream brand and I have… Well, depends on the time of swap! Yesterday I received a package from her with 5 of the 6 polishes from the China Glaze Sea Goddess collection. The only one I am missing now is Sand Dolla Make You Holla. I should have it pretty soon 😉 Today I have Shell We Dance? I am such a sucker for textured polish. I just love it so much!!! This one did not disappoint! I used 3 thin coats of this dusty, matte, rosy color. Even though it is matte, it has quite the sparkle and shimmer. In fact it doesn’t even look too matte at all. More an effect of the texture. And for a textured polish goes on very smoothly. I feel that CG has definitely upped their textured game! I did use top coat on my ring finger but I skipped it on the rest so you could get an idea of just how textured this polish is. I cannot wait to swatch and show you the rest 😀 This polish has small metallic silver and rose glitters and a slight shimmer that just make this polish pop! See for your self and let me know what you think!!

Black Label Nails

Happy Friday everyone!! Hope you all have awesome plans for the weekend. I will be staying home cleaning, swatching, and blogging. Which for a nail addict is definitely a fun weekend 😉  So, lately I feel like I totally got dunked in a luck pool!! I won 5 giveaways in a week!!! I mean come on… who does that?!?!?! now I will probably never win anything again for the rest of my life lol. One of the giveaways I won was more of a contest. Jenn, the owner and creator of Black Label Nails, had a polish naming contest for a St. Patricks day glitter topper. I threw in the name Counting Clovers and won!! The prize was either 1 full bottle of polish of my choice or 3 mini bottles of polish of my choice. I chose the minis so I could have a few to review. Besides the fact that every woman needs options!! I chose Paradise City, Sour Girl, and Counting Clovers. Of course I had to have the one I named! Lets get to it. For these swatches I used 1 coat of the glitter over four thin coats of Sour Girl. This polish has small metallic green hexes and medium whit hexes. it also has holographic clovers. It is very cute and very festive!! Went on smooth but I had to fish for and place all the clover glitters. I usually don’t mind doin what I gotta do to get those big sinking glitters but this one was a little harder than usual. even after leaving my bottle upside down I had to fish and swirl like crazy to get them on my brush. I really do like this though even without the clovers so its all good!

 This is Sour Girl by itself. 4 thin coats of perfection.

Sun shot.

Here is Paradise City. this one was a little one the thick side but again, thinner to the rescue!! I really don’t know how Jenn does it but her formula is so even and smooth! This polish has a super flash of blue/purple. My camera couldn’t handle all that flash of awesomeness so just take my word for it!! I promise its amazing. I am pretty sure its supposed to be a blue shimmer but in some lights it does look purple. which is awesome because it just gives it more spunk!!

Hope you enjoyed!! til next time… 🙂

Sinful Colors ~ Got a Blush On You

Hello lovely ladies!! This is my first time posting from my laptop!! I hope it works ok lol. im so used to my phone that I feel like this format looks all wrong… never the less here I am!! lets do this 🙂 today I have a few Sinful Colors textured polishes. SC was my first love. pretty decent quality for really great prices. and their array of colors is awesome!! its only second to my China Glaze collection 🙂 This polish is called Got a Blush On You. its a deep fuschia with blueish flecks. not exactly glitters or flakies so ill call them flecks. now, pink is my color and I absolutely drooled over this in the bottle but it totally failed to wow me on the nail. its pretty but not for me. the formula was great though. dried quickly and was totally opaque in 2 coats. check it out!!

The Juice Box ~ Sunrise Sight Seeing

Hi!! I have been waiting to show this one forever it seems!! The Juice Box Sunrise Sight Seeing! It has patiently sat in my drawer… until last night 🙂 This did take 4 coats to opacity but i usually like to try a polish on its own first to see what its got. Ya know what i mean? Well i definitely should have worn a sky blue color under this one. No matter. It ended up builing up beautifully. Again i did need to glitter fish. But only for the yellow dots!! The rest went on smoothly 🙂 I definitely will be ordering more of her polish in the future. She is great at color matching!! Enjoy 🙂

Femme Fatale Lacquers ~ MaKayla Rose

Hello!!! I have for you a new brand to me today! It is Makayka Rose made by Cynthia of Femme Fatale Lacquers. When i first saw the bottle i was just like “eh”. Didnt really wow me. Which was hugely surprising because i love me a pink/grey color combo!! Needless to say it has sat for about 2 months untried. I had just recently done a nail mail swap with the wonderful @millnrob on instagram. Mildred sent me “pussy galore”. A liquid sand polish from OPI. It had eluded me for so long!!! Since its October i wanted to pair my new textured pink polish with something not so pink. Bam! This combo was born. Its so feminine 🙂 its not totally season appropriate but it reminds me of a soft knit sweater. Does that count?! Anyways. I would have to say that so far this indie brand had the best formula i have used!!! Absolutely cant wait to swatch my other one then go buy more!!! Took a few macros of these as well so enjoy lovelies!!

3 Little Monsters ~ la la loopsy collection

This brand is designed by 3 little girls whose mom owns disturbed potions!! Such a cute idea 🙂 the theme of this set was la la loopsy. Even having 2 girls i dont know much about this doll… anywho i did swatch all of the polishes for you!! My favorite by far is of course the pink. I wanted to like the yellow one but i did have some issues. They are minis so i know they will get thick a little faster than a full size bottle but the yellow needed thinner as soon as i opened it. I liked it much more after that!! It also has heart glitter that i had issues showing because they are white and were easily lost under the yellow polish. It has a very pretty shimmer though which i couldnt capture in my pics. The blue was the same. As far as application with the pink and blue, it was a breeze. No glitter fishing and the perfect thin/thickness. Now for pics 🙂

L-R: Lala, Loops, Oopsy

The macro bottle shot isnt color acurate but the nails are!! 2 coats over white

This was 2 coats alone and i paired it with stardust polish’s pink bikini!!

This is 2 coats over sinful colors sweet nothing. It didnt need undies but it matched so well i couldnt help myself!! Not the best pic but i love it. Overall some great polishes!! Cant wait to try more!! Enjoy 🙂