Glisten & Glow ~ Babes & Blossoms Cremes

*Provided for review
 Hello! I have such cute polishes to show you today!! Glisten & Glow has released the Babes & Blossoms collection made of 4 cremes and 4 crellies. This post will be all about the cremes. lets get to it!
Ponies & Poppies is a light pastel purple crème polish. Remember the big deal over muted neons? This is the pastel version. It’s a lighter version of pastel. All the cremes are. Definitely unique! The formula is good! These could all be 1 coat cremes if you’re careful. I of course used 1 more coat than necessary 😑 My swatches show 2 coats.
Ponies & Poppies

Ponies & Poppies with flash

Ponies & Poppies macro

Ponies & Poppies matte

Ponies & Poppies matte macro

Ponies & Poppies with saran wrap art
Bunnies & Buttercups is a light pastel yellow crème polish. I am a sucker for a good pastel yellow. This is for sure the best I own. My other fave is a Sally Hansen I have been very frugal with for 5 years now lol. Formula is great and could be a 1 coater. Amazing for pastel cremes!! I used 2 coats for my swatches of course.
Bunnies & Buttercups

Bunnies & Buttercups with flash

Bunnies & Buttercups macro

Bunnies & Buttercups matte

Bunnies & Buttercups matte macro

Bunnies & Buttercups with art
Calves & Carnations is a light pastel peach crème. This is another color that is a must have for me. I really don’t like plain white nails on myself and this gives me that perfect tint. Absolutely fabulous formula. I used 2 coats for my swatches.  

Calves & Carnations

Calves & Carnations with flash

Calves & Carnations macro

Calves & Carnations matte

Calves & Carnations matte macro

Calves & Carnations with art
Goslings & Gardenias is a light pastel grass green crème polish. I just realized how much I need this collection lol. These are all color staples for me. all colors I would totally grab in person! My husband always picks on me about needing a separate Helmer just for my pastel/minty greens 😂 I really just cant help myself. I used 2 coats for this one. This one had the best formula of all in my opinion. Freaking fabulous.

Goslings & Gardenias

Goslings & Gardenias with flash

Goslings & Gardenias macro

Goslings & Gardenias matte

Goslings & Gardenias matte macro

Goslings & Gardenias with art
These are available now so don’t wait! Go grab them . Each of these cremes will be $8.50. You can also purchase the whole Babes & Blossoms collection that includes the 4 coordinating crellies (next post) for $60.  It’s Jill making these polishes so you already know you won’t be disappointed! Links below for your shopping pleasure. Don’t forget to read the next post for the crellies!! 

OPI ~ Pink Of Hearts 2014

Hello! Tonight I have a polish duo From OPI. This is the Pink Of Hearts collection for 2014. It took me forever to get these but I have made a point of getting every yearly set/polish since 2012. Not a huge accomplishment but I had just stopped biting my nails so whatever! Anyone who knows me also knows that awareness of breast cancer is super important to me. As it should be for all females (and men)!!! It could happen to anyone anytime!! Click here to be brought directly to the Susan G. Komen site for info and/or to donate!! Back to the polish! Pink Of Hearts 2014 had 2 polishes and a little pink nail file with a glitter side and attached pink ribbon. The pink ribbon is clipped on with a lobster claw type clasp and I am really happy about that because I will be able to move it to my key chain when I am done using the file.

 First polish up is Mod About You. Mod About You is a bright pastel pink crème. the formula is very opaque but I still found it very streaky. My swatch on my fresh new nubs is 3 thin coats with a shiny topcoat.

 Second polish is The Power Of Pink. This polish is a sheer milky crelly tinted slightly pink with matte white and fuchsia micro and medium sized glitters. This was the one I was more excited for and I ended up liking the pink crème better!! I really do like this, its just not for me. I may come back to this when my nails are a little longer. My swatch is 3 thin coats with top coat and a matte coat on my pinkie. Very smooth formula for so much glitter!

 Over all I am super happy with this purchase! I cant wait to see what OPI releases for 2015!!

Drip Drop Nail Paint ~ Prototype #809

Hi friends! Here is the other Drip Drop Nail Paint I told you about! Prototype number 809. This DDNP is pretty much the same as the purple one. It was a touch streaky but I find that with almost all light greens and yellows. It evens itself out by the third coat very nicely. This polish is a pastel green cremelly leaning slightly to the yellow side. As with the purple DDNP, this one also has a very slight holo dust that was very hard to capture. I stamped with this swatch as well but sadly it smudged a little. I’m still learning 🙂 I used Winstonia plate w112 with Sally Hansen polish in Blue Me Away.  I definitely recommend Jessica’s polishes. They were delivered extremely fast and the quality is great! Make sure to go support small business!

Drip Drop Nail Paint ~ Prototype #808

 Happy New Year everyone!! I hope everyones holiday was wonderful! My family and I had a great Christmas 🙂 Now I am back and have a pile of swatches and other reviews to post! Lets check out this first beauty from Drip Drop Nail Paint. I bought a few prototype bags a while ago for me and for some nail mail ladies!! I kept more than I planned on, which was only 3, but I had to have them. This one is number 808. I think out of the 3 I have this is my favorite. It is a pastel purple with very slight holo dust scattered throughout. This formula isn’t exactly a total crème but has a touch of jellyness to it. I believe I have seen it called a cremelly. I may be crazy but either way I like it 🙂 Because the holo is so fine I had the hardest time capturing it. I did, however, make up for it with stamping!! I received some new plates and wanted to play lol. These swatches are all 3 thin smooth coats with top coat. I used Winstonia stamping plate w101 using China Glaze Seas The Day.

                            I love this combo!! Stay tuned for the other DDNP I have for you 🙂

Zoya ~ Stevie

Hi ladies. As promised here is the amazing Stevie!! I picked this up with my last Zoya order. I had been wanting this for quite some time now. Not sure what took me so long to get this one. It is worth every penny 🙂 It took me 3 coats until it was opaque. But it dries super fast so you wont have to wait forever between coats. It has a matte textured finish with silver micro glitters. I love love love this!!!! Lets get to the pics!!

Painted Polish ~ Aurora

Hi all!! Here is an awesome micro glitter!! This is Painted Polish Aurora. It looks like a rainbow of colors but when i looked closer i could only see 3!! Pink, blue, and yellow. I like this way more than i thought i would. Went on very easily and with great coverage!! All pics are one coat over pastels with topcoat. Great dry time as well. Hope to get more of these in the future!! Enjoy 🙂

Ethereal Lacquer ~ Spell Book

Hi all!! Today i have Ethereal Lacquers Spell Book. Its a super soft lavender jelly polish. I put it over 2 coats of sally hansens white on. While this is some ladies holy grail white…. im still on my search. Although it isnt too bad. I used 3 coats of Spell Book. Went on nice and thin which i prefer. Bit it wasnt so thin it was messy. And its just so feminine 🙂 not my usuall but super pretty for a change!! What do think? Enjoy 🙂