PolishTBH ~ Sugar Plum Fairy

This polish I picked up in a fellow ig’ers destash sale. Lauren had this and another PolishTBH┬ápolish from the holiday collection that I scooped up as fast as I could!!! When I received the package it also had 2 minis from Mod Lacquer!! How sweet was that?! I will get to the minis in another post but just to give you a preview, I LOVE the glitter topper!!!!! Anyways, this is Sugar Plum Fairy. Its a deep orange polish with tiny gold glitters. It actually wasn’t exactly what I expected but I couldn’t find many swatches to check it out. I thought it was going to be a little more pinkish. Either way, I really do like this a lot. Its a unique color and I love the finish when its dry. Without topcoat its not really shiny but not quite matte either. Somewhere in between. I also have pics with shiny topcoat and a matte top coat. I prefer this one shiny. The formula is one of the best I have tried!! I used four coats for these pictures. I would rather use thin layers and extra coats than thick layers and less coats. it just dries better and more uniform. So, here are my pics!! let me know what you think ­čÖé

This pis was with matte coat on the ring finger and shiny topcoat on the rest

Zoya ~ Beatrix

Hello and welcome to what may┬ápossibly be┬ámy favorite Zoya┬ápixie dust so far! I really wasn’t looking at this color much because I’m not a huge orange fan. My husband kept saying that he liked it and thought┬áI should get it. I gave in because┬áI couldn’t make up my mind for my last choice and┬áI figured if I didn’t like it┬áI could send it to Sally. I know she likes orange:) Always when┬áI get new polish the first thing┬áI do is swatch it on a piece of paper. When I finally got to this one┬áI was just wowed. It almost looks like a coral color with golden shimmer. It gets more of an orange color as the coats build but it is pretty sheer. This took 3-4 thin coats. Mostly 3 but 4 on a few that needed touching up. I can not wait to wear this in the summer. It is the perfect beach color!! See for yourself

She Nail Polish ~ Burnt Orange

Hello!! Here is the second polish i swatched from She’ Nail Polish. This one is called Burnt Orange. I think this one surprised me the most. Its a jelly!! I had no idea. All of the polishes looked so pigmented i just assumed they were cremes. To my surprise only one was a creme. Again a super unique orange. Something i have been looking for for a while actually!! Its so orange without being neon or overwhelming. I did again put three thin coats over white. I didnt want a visible nail line and white shows pretty true color every time!! It did build up nicely. Such a squishy jelly formula!! I love that about it. Soooo doing a jelly sammich with this color!! For a jelly it dries pretty fast too. And it smooths itself out which is a nice plus. Sorry for the books lol. Now to the pictures. Again with the watermarble and NO top coat!! Enjoy