Stella Chroma ~ Basics Collection

*Provided for review
I’m back! This time I bring you a Basics Collection. 2 wonderful crème polish  that will be perfect for all your blank canvas needs! Pam from Stella Chroma makes fantastic polish so you will want to grab these. Shall we?
High Noon “is a creamy white that is opaque in 2 easy coats. Pure, stark white that is great to use as undies under pale colors, or to help neons pop. Also great for nail art or when you feel like a palate cleanser.” I did feel that this was a bit more crelly like. Still an amazing white polish. I just used 3 thin coats instead of 2 for my swatches. Check Out We’re Golden from the Americana Collection stamped!!
High Noon

High Noon with flash

High Noon macro

High Noon matte

High Noon matte macro

High Noon with art
New Moon “is a glossy black cream that is opaque in 2 easy coats. Coal black as a new moon and perfect as undies to our Constellations polishes or for use in nail art. Also great for channeling your inner Goth kid.” This one is a crème for sure. If you polish thick enough you could totally pull off 1 coat! This polish dried so shiny. Fantabulous formula. I used 2 thin coats for my swatches. I also stamped this with We’re Golden. Do you see the change? Aaahhhhhh it’s so amazing!

New Moon

New Moon with flash

New Moon macro

New Moon matte

New Moon matte macro

New Moon with art

New Moon art macro
The Basics Collection is available now! Each polish will be $10These two will be available as a duo for $18 4/12-4/26, then in singles only after that. I will be doing much more with this set so please keep an eye on my Instagram! You already know you need these❤  Links below!

BravesDiva Polish ~ Nana’s Island Escape

*Provided for review
*Picture heavy
Hey! This post is gonna be about the best cremes I have ever used. Many have great crème polishes but these just top them all. This is my first time working with Tara of BravesDiva Polish and I couldn’t be happier with first impressions! Tara is super laid back about all the behind the scenes stuff. Did I mention she also makes exquisite crème polishes?? I just seriously can’t get over them. The Nana’s Island Escape trio was inspired by Tara’s mom’s favorite place on earth, Exuma Island in the Bahamas. Shall we get to the dream cremes? Thought so 😉
Tropic Of Cancer is a burnt orange crème polish. Yo….. I don’t even like this color normally but this one is my favorite. They all have perfect formulas but this is better than perfect. It’s a super polish. This polish is easily a 1 coater. Smoother than butter to apply. Just all around the best polish I have ever used. I used 2 coats for my swatch just because that’s how I do. Not only does it apply marvelously, it also stamps and water marbles. So ya, a super polish.
Tropic Of Cancer

Tropic Of Cancer with flash

Tropic Of Cancer macro

Tropic Of Cancer matte

Tropic Of Cancer matte macro

Tropic Of Cancer with art

Tropic Of Cancer stamped

Tropic Of Cancer stamped macro

Tropic Of Cancer stamped macro

Tropic Of Cancer stamped macro
Thunderball Grotto is a soft yellow-orange crème polish. Anyone else see mac and cheese?? This color is literally so yummy looking lol. This one is just a smooth as TOC but this one definitely needs 2 coats. It’s better than any other yellow I have. Such a warm inviting color. This polish also stamps and water marbles. I used 3 thin coats for my swatch.
Thunderball Grotto

Thunderball Grotto with flash

Thunderball Grotto macro

Thunderball Grotto matte

Thunderball Grotto matte macro

Thunderball Grotto with art

Thunderball Grotto stamped

Thunderball Grotto stamped macro

Thunderball Grotto stamped macro

Thunderball Grotto stamped macro
Paradise Bay is an aqua crème polish. This one is dreamy. Definitely makes me want to go to the tropics. This one leans more crelly like in my humble opinion. Still just as fabulous as the others! I mean, the color alone makes me happy so the fact that it pretty much applies itself is just an extra bonus. Just like the other 2 this polish stamps and water marbles. This will be used lots in my summer art!! I used 2 perfect coats for my swatches.
Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay with flash

Paradise Bay macro

Paradise Bay matte

Paradise Bay matte macro

Paradise Bay with art

Paradise Bay stamped

Paradise Bay stamped macro

Paradise Bay stamped macro

Paradise Bay stamped macro
I mentioned that they stamped and I showed you that. But here are the water marbles!! 


The Nana’s Island Escape trio launches on April 12th at 9pm EST. Each polish will be $8.50 or you can buy the trio for $23!! You are practically stealing these at those prices! I can’t stress enough how much you need this trio of dream cremes. Have a good rest of the weekend! Links below 😊
  • BravesDiva Polish: Shop: FB Page: FB Group: Instagram:
  • What I Used: Glisten & Glow Base, Matte, and Top coats; Polished Vino Summer Variety Vinyls; Winstonia plate W405; My water marble tool is a needle shoved into the eraser of a pencil and my dotting tool came from my mom so not sure where but they are cheap and very easy to find online.

LevelUP Lacquer ~ March ’19 PPU

*Provided for review
Post number 2! And there may be a third. I just have tons to show you ❤ This awesome polish is brought to you by LevelUP Lacquer. Ash was inspired by Gloryhammer album Space 1992:Rise Of The Chaos Wizards. Shall we?
Darkstorm Galaxy is a “purple jelly packed with UCC Green/purple flakes and mixed purple glitter.” This jelly is sheer enough to layer over another color but I prefer it layered over itself. It has so much going on and the depth is amazing. It really is totally packed with flakies and glitter. It’s mesmerizing 😍 I was shocked when it laid almost totally flat. The base builds up nicely in 3 coats. There is also a really pretty shiftiness to this baby. I used 3 coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches. Darkstorm Galaxy will be $10.50 USD.
Darkstorm Galaxy

Darkstorm Galaxy with flash

Darkstorm Galaxy macro

Darkstorm Galaxy shift macro

Darkstorm Galaxy matte

Darkstorm Galaxy matte macro

Darkstorm Galaxy with art

This polish was really refreshing. I haven’t seen anything like it in such a long time! Takes me back to like 2013 indies. Love it!! PPU will be open March 1st – March 4th. Darkstorm Galaxy will have a cap of 200 bottles. Wish lists are open so go put this on there! Have a good night y’all 💜 

LE Polish ~ Feb. ’19 PPU

*Provided for review

Hi guys! Hope you are all prepping for the upcoming Polish Pickup. The theme for February is Famous Duos and its a good one. Tons of really great, creative ideas. LE Polish has my favorite concept for the term duo… Dolly Parton’s “Famous Duo”! 

pic grabbed from google
Having Our Own Party is “a pale peach crelly with various flakies and red to gold shifting shimmer.” This polish is perfect. The base color will flatter any skin tone. The intense amount of flakies is sooo good. The formula is almost self polishing. I can’t get enough of this crelly! The flakies range in size and there are SO MANY COLORS! Sorry for being so blunt about it all but this polish doesn’t really need to be elaborated on. The pics say it all. If you are a flakie lover this polish is a must have!! 😍❤ I used 2 coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches. I chose upside down hearts for art because its the most G rated way to make boobs lol! And if you don’t like that, flip it around and you have a cute Valentine’s Day mani!! Having Our Own Party will be $12 USD.

Having Our Own Party
Having Our Own Party with flash

Having Our Own Party macro

Having Our Own Party matte

Having Our Own Party matte macro
Having Our Own Party  with art
This polish is as fabulous as Dolly herself! I’m gonna add a few extra bottle shots just because she was so photogenic 😍 

Having Our Own Party bottle

Having Our Own Party bottle

Having Our Own Party bottle

Yup! Gorgeous ❤ Polish Pickup will be open February 1st – 4th with all of the famous duos so set those alarms. Having Our Own Party will be $12 USD and there will be 150 bottles available. Links below! Have a great day all 😃

LevelUP Lacquer ~ Valentine’s Day Trio

                                                                      *Provided for review

          Who is excited for Valentine’s day?? My husband and I have no plans this year. Our 5 year anniversary is at the end of March so we are saving up for that instead. Even with no plans, I have really been feeling V-day nails!! Today, I bring you a trio of polishes inspired by “The Princess Bride”.

          This is one of my husbands favorite movies 🙂 Today is also his birthday so this is very fitting. Let’s jump right in with The Man In Black. It is such an elegant polish. It’s a black creme polish with gold micro flakies and a gorgeous green shimmer. Such a refreshing way to wear black. I used 2 smooth coats with top coat.

          The second polish in this trio is Truu Wuuv. This one is a berry color polish with gold and fuchsia micro flakies. Super pretty ❤ I used 2 wonderful coats and top coat. I also want to apologize real quick for the crazy color of my hands! I had to warm up the picture to get it true to color. I'll add a pic to show what it started as!!

How different is that lol?? I usually don’t do anything but crop my pics but this was a little ridiculous…

          OK! Lastly, we have Princess Buttercup. This one is my favorite!! It is a holo polish with holo micro flakies. The color is amazing. It’s a red with a touch of brown. When I say a touch, I mean like a drop. It’s so gorgeous!! My swatch is 2 coats of perfection with top coat!!

          This trio is available now in Ash’s store! It even has my husbands approval. That means the polishes match the movie lol. I really really enjoyed the simplicity of each polish. They each had something, but mostly it was a subtle something. These types of polishes are highly underrated! Will you be grabbing this trio? Let me know in the comments!! As always, links to Ash’s shop and social media down below!!

          LevelUP Lacquer:: Shop:: Instagram:: Facebook:: Facebook Fan Page:: Twitter::

Bitzy Nail Color

                                                                                  *Nothing to disclose

          Good morning! It’s Monday and I bring you a very mood accurate post today. A little bit of brightness, but mostly junk. My husband and I stopped at Sally’s yesterday because I needed some Yellow Stopper and I had a 20% off coupon. Naturally, I started looking at everything there. It was a good thing I did because I FINALLY found a cotton ball grabber!! So, I grabbed a few things then head towards the counter to check out. My husband pointed out some mini polishes and said, “hey look, these are only $1.50”. They were mostly pretty boring. I did manage to grab 2 that looked indie-ish and decided I needed them. Because polish lol 🙂 So we pay and go home. I get right to work putting swatches in my swatch book. I decided to stay up past my bed time to get these babies swatched. Ya, let’s see how that went…

Dilly Dally/Sweetie Pie

          I have never heard of Bitzy before so I went in with an open mind. Dilly Dally is the first polish I decided to swatch. Mostly because it is super neon. First coat was a little streaky. That wasn’t an issue for me since a lot of neons have picky formulas. It also dried matte. Again, totally common with neons. Second coat was much better. Still not satisfied. Third coat. Not too shabby! It looked good enough but I could not leave it matte. It was so chunky. Didn’t level much at all as far as glitter goes. I ended up using 3 coats of top coat just to get it smooth. I really love the color of this one but it is NOT worth it. Here is 3 coats of Dilly Dally with 3 coats of top coat…



          The next one is called Sweetie Pie. This one is a peachy yellow crelly polish with neon hex glitters in pink, orange, green, and yellow. It is so pretty in the bottle. Very springy! Let’s get right to the point. Don’t ever get this polish! The glitter was in clumps and the formula was sooooo streaky. I used 3 coats but could have used a 4th to even coverage. If I had used a 4th coat, 1) I would be mad and 2) I would have mounds of glitter. No bueno. Seriously, I know you may want to try it because its cheap and pretty… DON’T!! This polish also needed 3 coats of top coat to be kind of smooth. Ugh, just awful 😦


          Since I did enjoy Dilly Dally enough, I did some nail art using the original Clear Nail Vinyls from Polished Vino, and some gems my mom got me. Chrissy has an awesome shop, awesome designs, awesome products, and amazing customer service! Make sure you check the links below to see what she has ❤

          I hope I have saved you from making this small polish mistake. I wouldn’t even feel right giving these away. I really do love the nail art I did though with the Clear Nail Vinyls. Have you tried this brand? Maybe a creme formula would be better? Let me know in the comments! Have a mostly happy Monday 🙂

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          Polished Vino:: Shop:: Instagram:: Facebook::