Fanchromatic Nails

*These polishes were provided for review

Hey guys! Last post before the move. I was sent a few mini polishes to swatch for Fanchromatic Nails. Stopped packing for a few to get this written so let’s get right to it because I am just so busy!!

Glimmer is a pastel neon purple with various pastel matte glitters and matte white glitters. This was a tad sheer but the third coat should make it even and opaque. This is so pretty. It could work throughout the year as well. Such a flattering color. I used 3 coats for my swatches. Price $5.50 mini $11 full size.

Most Imperial Majesty is a multi chrome polish with holo flakes. It shifts between brown, gold, copper, rust red, and green. Most of the time you will have this gorgeous brown color. The formula on this was fantastic. 2 coats for my swatches. Price $5.50 mini $11 full size.

Princess Bubblegum is a neon pink polish with square white glitters and gold metallic flakes. This is a true neon and will glow under black light. You also don’t need a white base to make it pop! I really love this one. I couldn’t capture the true brightness but I do have a black light glow photo. 2 thicker coats would work but I used 3 thin coats for my swatches. Price $5.50 mini $11 full size.

All of these polishes are available now in Fanchromatic Nails shop along with tons of other stuff. Make sure you stop by and have a look. Especially now with the holidays so close! I hope you have a wonderful week y’all. Be back soon! Links below.

Don Deeva

*Provided for review

Heeeeeyyyyyyy! Very long time no talk. Long story short, I have had the pregnancy from hell. Severe morning sickness all through the first 6 months and now gestational diabetes. Needless to say, I have really missed doing my nails. Today I have a few polishes to show you from Don Deeva! I’m so excited to show you these. Let’s check them out 😊
Drizella Grid
Let’s start with Drizella. “Where are my prugly polish lovers at? This unique yellow green jelly polish is a stunner. Heavily loaded with original unicorn pigment and her sister UP. If you love OGUP you will need this in your life! You may just step over a sister to snag this wicked lady.” So perfectly said! This polish reminds me of apples. It shifts from green to red to gold like woah. I don’t think I captured the full beauty. I left this on for over a week and stared at it every day. Check the macro for the best color shift! I used 3 thin fabulous coats for my swatches. This polish will be $17.


Drizella macro

Drizella macro

Drizella macro

Drizella matte

Drizella matte macro

Drizella with unicorn stamping of course!
Viral Outlaw Grid
Next up is Viral Outlaw. “This gorgeous multichrome polish is blown out with holo. A deep purple to denim blue base with shifts of silver and teal to rosey purple. So rich in pigment all you need is 1-2 coats and you’re done!” My go to polish is always purple or blue so you can imagine just how much I love this one. Definitely a 1 coater with an incredible formula. I used 2 coats for my swatches because its just what I do. This polish will be $13.

Viral Outlaw

Viral Outlaw macro
Viral Outlaw macro

Viral Outlaw macro
Viral Outlaw with flash

Viral Outlaw matte

Viral Outlaw matte macro

Viral Outlaw with stamping
Slashdance Grid
Slashdance is an “(American Horror story exclusive) A grey base with multi color UCC flakes, hot pink glitter hex and holo. (Week 2)”. Y’all!!!! This one is fan freaking tastic ❤ It shifts in soooo many ways. You will see it best in the bottle shots. I used 3 coats for my swatches but if you polish on the thicker side 2 should work just fine. This polish will be $13.


Slashdance macro


Slashdance macro
Slashdance with flash

Slashdance matte

Slashdance matte macro

Slashdance with 80’s style gradient stamping
Slashdance bottle

Slashdance bottle

Slashdance bottle
When 2 Bechrome 1 Grid
Lastly, we have When 2 Bechrome 1. “A highly pigmented multichrome polish  with heavy holo. This purple base with deep blue has shifts of gold and red.” This one is oh so good. In between the gold and red shifts there are peach and pink shifts. So gorgeous with the purple base. I could wear this one forever. This one is a solid 1 coater. Guess what? I used 2 coats! I know… shocking lol. This polish will be $13.

When 2 Bechrome 1

When 2 Bechrome 1 macro

When 2 Bechrome 1 macro

When 2 Bechrome 1 macro

When 2 Bechrome 1 with flash

When 2 Bechrome 1 matte

When 2 Bechrome 1 matte macro

When 2 Bechrome 1 with Halloween stamping. Late I know 😔
These are my first Don Deevas and I am thoroughly impressed. The formulas were all phenomenal! I have only heard/read great things so my expectations were high. Totally surpassed my mark. These polishes are all available right now so go grab them all!! I will have all the links below for everything I used. Have a great weekend. Stay tuned because I have so much more to share with you! 

Creative Cuticles Nail Polish ~ Sunken Treasure (IG Live Polish)

*I bought this
 Hi!! How are you doing tonight? I’m sitting here drooling over this gorgeous polish. I was so very excited to take part in this process. Kayla from CCNP made a polish live on IG with input from all of the viewers! It was so much fun ❤ Let’s have a looksie 👀
Sunken Treasure is a light teal holo polish with multi chrome micro flakes, 3 different color shifting micro glitters, purple shimmer, and blue micro ghost flakes. The name completely captures this polish! I just was saying in my last post how I prefer small bits in my polish. This is THE PERFECT POLISH, for me anyways. Formula is amazing. It polishes itself flawlessly. I am always drawn to these types of teal colors. Sooooo Effing Pretty 😍 I used 2 perfect coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches.
Sunken Treasure

Sunken Treasure with flash

Sunken Treasure macro

Sunken Treasure matte
Sunken Treasure matte macro

Sunken Treasure with art
You have a very short time to get this polish. It is only available for pre-order until the evening of Friday, March 29th (10pm EST). You can purchase this polish. However, it will NOT be made until March 30th, and orders will begin shipping, in the order they were received, on April 1st!!! This is a special polish so I suggest you get on it. And it’s only $8 😱 Links below for your shopping pleasure. Goodnight y’all.

Moonflower Polish ~ PPU Dec. ’18

*Provided for review

Hey! How is your weekend? So far, mine has been nice and boring 😊 I do prefer it that way… ESPECIALLY with being smack dab in the middle of holiday season! Today I have another PPU polish from December’s Enchanted Forest theme. Nadia is bringing you an awesome polish as usual ❤ Let’s have a look.

La Isla del Encanto “is a dark green base with green-blue multichrome sparkle on one angle, and a contrasting indigo-purple-red shimmer at other angles. Inspired by the colors of the Puerto Rican parrot and our rainforests, because we are known as The Aisle of Enchantment, and I couldn’t think of a better and more enchanting forest to use for inspiration.As always with a stamping polish, it is a little on the thicker side. This polish has that low key sparkle that just really pulls this all together. It’s like gold and blue sparks. So pretty ❤ The color shift is a little shy but it is definitely there. When used to stamp, it’s best over dark colors. It really catches the shift better. This is easily a 1 coat polish but I, of course, used 2 coats with glossy and matte top coats. I also added a holiday nail art cuz ’tis the season 🌲🌲 La Isla del Encanto will be $14 USD.

with flash


shift macro

matte macro

Stamped over black and white

art macro

holiday nail art
I hope you will be picking this beauty up! Everyone needs a good multi-chrome stamping polish 😊 Shop will be open December 7th – 10th. Don’t forget that December PPU is not a pre-order. There will be a cap on all polishes and they will start shipping immediately after the shop closes! There will only be 75 bottles of La Isla del Encanto. Make sure to get it added to your wish list for faster check out. Links below. Have a good Sunday 💕

Crabtree & Evelyn ~ Black Tulip

Hello again my lovely friends! I am just on a roll! This time I have a new brand to me, Crabtree & Evelyn! I had no idea they even made nail polish. My husband works at Foxwoods Resort & Casino and while we were shopping there the other day we saw these by the register in the Yankee Candle store!! Great gifts by the way 😉 In the rack there were about 10 colors but none seemed unique. I did find 2 though that I liked enough to try. I really am so glad I did too. The one I chose was this one. Its called Black Tulip. In the bright lights of the store it looked like a brownish, plum sheer base packed with fuchsia flakies. It looked familiar but it totally called my name. When I finally got home I realized that it is just a sheer brown base! All the plumy color came from the glow of the flakies! They are just so bold in this polish!  Then, it got better!! The flakies shifted color to gold then green! Multi chrome flakies are super hot right now on the indie scene and I found one at my husbands work lol! It is amazing and I totally recommend this brand of polish! All of my pics are 3 thin coats with top coat. 2 coats would have worked but I am just picky like that lol. I added some glitter placement and star studs because GLITTER AND STARS!