Moonflower Polish ~ Pop Pastels

*These polishes were provided for review**Very picture heavy*Hey! I'm back guys! I cannot even begin to express how happy I am to get back to nails! Especially with all of these trying times. I mean, can you even believe this? I feel like I live in a book right now. The world is going through… Continue reading Moonflower Polish ~ Pop Pastels

Moonflower Polish ~ May ’19 PPU

*Provided for reviewIt's almost that time again! PPU is back with one of my favorite themes!! The 80's!! I was born in the 80's so I have been reminiscing for weeks. This may sound corny, but I'm sure other 80's babies will understand; It was a simpler time. I appreciate the childhood I had. The… Continue reading Moonflower Polish ~ May ’19 PPU

Le Petite Indies presents the Spring It On Box

*Provided for reviewHey! Coming at you tonight with a late post. Facebook crashing was half of the problem. The other half? Sickness has hit our house. I have been napping a lot because this cold is just wearing me out. This post will definitely help me out though because it all so pretty and I'll… Continue reading Le Petite Indies presents the Spring It On Box

Moonflower Polish ~ Gemstones: Part 2

*Provided for review*Picture heavyHey y'all! Tonight I have for you the second installment of the Gemstones Collection from Nadia of Moonflower Polish. I have a ton of pics so I will get right to the review. Each polish has the same flawless 1 coat application. These polishes were formulated to stamp so they are very… Continue reading Moonflower Polish ~ Gemstones: Part 2

Moonflower Polish ~ March ’19 PPU

*Provided for review*Picture heavyWho loves Moonflower Polish? When I stamp my nails it's the only brand I reach for lately! Nadia makes fantastic polishes and the one she has for March's PPU is no exception! Moonflower Polish was inspired by Collective Soul's album Dosage. Let's check out her offering for the theme album covers.You're All… Continue reading Moonflower Polish ~ March ’19 PPU