Moonflower Polish ~ My Old San Juan

*These polishes were provided for review

Hey!! I am back with some new pretties 🙂 Nadia of Moonflower Polish has a trio coming this Friday March 12th! The My Old San Juan collection is not for stamping. These are polishes for regular wear. They also are not permanent so make sure you grab these while you can! Shall we?

Frenta al Mar is a light neon blue with red/green/gold aurora pigment and scattered holo. Y’all! I could wear this ever single day! I love the shade of blue and the shimmer is just so good! The formula was also perfection. Just a freaking awesome polish. I used 3 thin coats for my swatches.

Boriquen Querida is a dark neon purple with pink/purple/gold shifting shimmer. The shift in this polish was impossible for me to catch but it’s really prevalent in person! This one looks like velvet. I love purple polishes and this is no exception! I used 3 thin coats for my swatches.

En Mi Viejo San Juan is a neon coral jelly polish with a slight red/orange/gold shimmer shift and indigo/purple/orange shifting micro flakes. I have already worn this more than once. It makes me long for summer. As with the first two polishes, the formula on this is great! I used 3 thin coats for my swatches.

What do you think of this trio? Each bottle will be only $9!! They will be available this Friday March 12th. The stock will be on the low side then it will switch to a pre-order. I highly suggest you grab these up as soon as you can! Even though My Old San Juan is a spring collection you can totally rock these straight into summer. Thank you so much for stopping by today! Have a great day y’all ❤

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Moonflower Polish ~ November ’20 PPU

*This polish was provided for review. *Picture Heavy

Are we ready for this? I mean, it’s NOVEMBER PPU! November!! Christmas is right around the corner. Today I have for you Moonflower Polish‘s contribution to the theme Red Carpet. Nadia was inspired by Ariana Grande’s grey dress from the 2020 Grammy Awards. Here is the inspiration pic which I grabbed from google:

Silver Lining is a grey based holo base with a pink to red to gold shifting shimmer. To me this is antiqued silver. Such a gorgeous holo! I only saw pink shimmer. For the life of me I just could not catch the shift on film. It doesn’t matter really because the pink shimmer is strong and beautiful and it totally compliments the base. This polish is on the thinner side for Nadia’s usual polish. Even with a thinner base I was still able to stamp. And even better I still only used 1 coat. Lot’s of pics ahead!! I used 1 coat for my swatches. Price $12.50 Cap 100/US 5/UK.

What do you think? I think Silver Lining perfect for the season. I see my daughter stealing this from me in the very near future lol. Abi is obsessed with holo and darker polishes. This will definitely stamp better over darker colors but it will also work for lighter colors as well. The cap for this polish is only 100 for US and 5 for UK so make sure you have warmed up your ninja fingers! Polish Pickup will be open November 6th-9th only. Thanks for reading. Have a good night y’all.

Moonflower Polish ~ August 2020 PPU

*This polish was provided for review

Hello!! How are we all doing? Staying safe and healthy I hope 🤞🏼 Where I am it is thundering and lightning so this is the perfect time to write about this amazing beauty from Nadia of Moonflower Polish

Lightning Crashes is a “dark purple base with purple-to-blue iridescent micro flakes and scattered holo. It can be used as a regular polish in 1-2 coats or as a stamping polish. Lightning storms over Orlando Florida. Meteorology is one of my favorite sciences. The area of Central Florida where I live is known as Lightning Alley because it’s the spot with the most lightning strikes in the northern hemisphere. The unique shape of the peninsula means there’s usually going to be a thunderstorm in the afternoon, due to the collision of sea breezes from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.” This is a deep grape color with blue flashes. It’s fantastic. I mean, I may be biased because blue and purple are my favorite polish colors, but I doubt it. The formula is perfect and only takes 1 coat. Could it get any better? YES! It stamps perfectly! I used one coat for these pics plus top coat. 

Amazing right?!?! Polish Pickup’s theme is Weird Science and it will be open from August 7th – August 10th. Lightning Crashes will be $12.50 with a cap of 75 US and 5 UK. 

Moonflower Polish ~ June 2020 PPU

*This polish was provided for review
Good morning friends! How is your weekend so far? Mine is amazing! I got the call that our offer for a house was accepted. I’m buying a house!!! I’m so very excited that I couldn’t sleep well so here I am. Today I have for you Moonflower Polish‘s contribution to Polish Pickup‘s Cocktails & Mocktails. Shall we?
Blueberry Lemonade is a “Pinkish mauve crème with subtle hint of purple to blue multichrome sparkle.” This polish is inspired by the cocktail at the Boathouse Restaurant in Disney Springs (Orlando, FL). As usual, this polish is made for stamping and other nail art. It is suggested that if you do use it for regular wear, you add thinner to the polish so it isn’t as thick. I actually didn’t add a thing and it polished perfectly for me. I really love the color. To me it’s a cross between bubblegum and roses. The shimmer is pretty subtle but over black it really pops. That was my favorite nail. For the regular wear I used 2 coats. You could totally pull off 1 coat if you polish thicker. 

Look out for more manis with this color because it is just perfect! Polish Pickup goes live on June 5th through the 8th at 11am EST. Blueberry Lemonade will be $12.50 and there will be a cap of 75 US only. Ninja fingers y’all. Hope you have a fantastic Sunday and a very happy Memorial Day! Links below. 

Moonflower Polish ~ May 2020 PPU

*This polish was provided for review
Hello! Are we all ready for Candy Land?! I am so excited for this theme. The makers really brought it this month with all the goodies. Nadia, owner of Moonflower Polish, is bringing you this awesome polish that has been formulated for regular wear! Usually the stamping polish aficionado, Nadia changed her direction for this month. Let’s check it out!
Dulce de Coco is an, “off-white crelly full of iridescent microflakies. Dulce de Coco is meant to be worn as a regular nail polish in 2-3 coats. If used for stamping, use over black for best results. It is intentionally more sheer than my usual stamping polishes in order to show off more of the microflakies. Inspired by my favorite traditional Puerto Rican candy, made from coconuts. The polish name translates to “coconut candy”.” This polish screams confection 😍 The flakies make this polish. I love that this is an off white not a bright white. It just softens the whole thing. Formula for me was a little on the thick side but Nadia has assured me she will be thinning out the batches sent to everyone else. It was still totally polishable and I only needed 2 coats for full coverage. It is so pretty stamped as well. I’m rambling so let’s see some pics.

Let me apologize for the weirdness of my skin. White does that to me. So, what do you think? I love it. It was the perfect base for some candy stamping! Make sure this goes on your wish list because there are only 50 bottles for the US only! This pandemic is affecting everyone everywhere, indies included. That leads to shortages of pigments and other supplies. That means ninja fingers are a must if you want this beauty. It will be $12.50 for a full sized bottle of Dulce de Coco. Polish Pickup goes live tomorrow, May 1st, at 11am EST. Polish Pickup is open May 1st – 4th. Links below! Have a great weekend y’all! Stay Safe ❤

Moonflower Polish ~ Pop Pastels

*These polishes were provided for review*
*Very picture heavy*
Hey! I’m back guys! I cannot even begin to express how happy I am to get back to nails! Especially with all of these trying times. I mean, can you even believe this? I feel like I live in a book right now. The world is going through such a tough time right now and I am so glad I can be here to give you a little brightness in your lives. Today I have for you the Pop Pastels from Moonflower Polish. Gorgeous pastels with a bright pop! Each mani has 2 coats of polish on my pinky. 1 coat is totally plenty. It is recommended to thin them a little if you are going to just wear them as a polish. I didn’t. These are made specifically to stamp or use in nail art so they will be on the thicker side. Let’s get to them. 
Paloma is a dove gray. “Yes, it’s really pigeon gray…but I haven’t really seen one since moving to Florida and they are all over the place in Puerto Rico so maybe I’m subconsciously missing them? There’s place in Old San Juan called El Parque de las Palomas where there were hundreds of pigeons and you could feed them, visited many times. Smelled awful, but still brings back good memories of simpler times.” I am absolutely loving greys lately. They are so universal and I feel they flatter any skin tone. This cool grey has a fantastic shimmer that just really makes it special! 

Salmón is a “salmon pink, kinda coral. I love fresh salmon sushi.” While I don’t do sushi myself, I absolutely love this color. I am not a huge fan of floral manis and this made me love my cute little flowers! Again, the shimmer makes this polish.

Lavanda is a “soft purple, my daughter loves lavender and soft pastel purples. I’m horribly allergic but I still get her lavender scented things cause I know they help her fall asleep and relax. Middle school is tough.” So is high school. I love/hated both. This reminds me of my son. We use the lavender scented bath stuff to calm him before going to bed. I absolutely love the mixed smell of new baby and lavender!! 

Girasol is a “sunflower orange-yellow. My twin sister loved sunflowers growing up, they always make me think of her.” Sunflower is the perfect description for this yellow. It’s such a deep, warm yellow. Makes me want warm sunny days. I couldn’t capture the shimmer well in this one. It’s there and it’s beautiful. 

Menta is a “minty green, just a great refreshing spring green.” Another good description. This green is the perfect amount of minty while being the perfect amount of springy at the same time. The shimmer, for some odd reason, makes me think of jelly beans.

Agua is a “Caribbean sea blue, a shimmery turquoise, like the waters that I love and miss of my home island.” I have never been further south than Orlando, Florida so this color makes me crave a Caribbean vacation so bad. I just want the waters that you can see through with all the beautiful sea life passing by.

Cielo is a “the color of the sky on a bright sunny day. Florida gets these really nice cloudless days where the sky is exactly this color and the temps are cool. I call them “theme park days” cause they’d be perfect for that.” I haven’t been to a park in such a long time. My daughters go weekly of more to Six Flags every summer (season passes). Either way I am a super sucker for a blue polish. My favorite type of polish is a shimmer crème so you can imagine how much I love this one.

Café is a “light brown, it’s the color of a proper cup of coffee in my opinion. Just a hint of milk and sugar, can’t start my day without it.” I use flavored creamer instead of milk and sugar but the color is pretty accurate for a great cup of coffee. I like mine a touch lighter but not much. The shimmer in this brown makes it different from any other brown I own. It’s a very sensual type color.

The Pop Pastels are available now in Nadia’s shop! These will only be available in full size bottle as the mini bottles come from Italy and that’s obviously not happening at the moment. Each bottle will be $9 and the full set of 8 polishes will be $65. Please allow 5-10 business days for shipment. This is the normal TAT but just keep in mind what we are all going through at the moment. Moonflower Polish is always my favorite brand to stamp with. The quality is fantastic and the customer service is amazing. Links below for what I used for these manis. I hope you all stay safe and healthy in these particularly trying times! Have a great night!!
  • All Polishes: Glisten & Glow Top, Base, Matte coats; SinfulColors Black On Black; Bundle Monster (Maniology) Stamper; Makeup Sponge for gradient.
  • Paloma: Salmón, Lavanda, Winstonia Plate W402.
  • Salmón: Paloma, Lavanda, Winstonia Plate W110.
  • Lavanda: Paloma, Salmón, Winstonia Plate W403.
  • Girasol: Menta, Agua, Beauty Bigbang Plate XL-009.
  • Menta: Girasol, Agua, Winstonia Plate W415.
  • Agua: Girasol, Menta, Born Pretty Store Plate BPL-025.
  • Cielo: Café, Winstonia Plate W101.
  • Café: Cielo, Pueen Cosmetics Plate Pueen09.

Moonflower Polish ~ May ’19 PPU

*Provided for review
It’s almost that time again! PPU is back with one of my favorite themes!! The 80’s!! I was born in the 80’s so I have been reminiscing for weeks. This may sound corny, but I’m sure other 80’s babies will understand; It was a simpler time. I appreciate the childhood I had. The things that molded me into who I am today! Times like this I wish I worked so I could buy these pretties. I shall live vicariously through you all so please buy up everything this month! I need it lol! One polish I do have is from Moonflower Lacquer. This polish is based on Puerto Rican pop sensation Chayanne and his 1987 Fiesta en America music video. Let’s have a look.
Fiesta en America is a denim blue creme stamping polish with scattered holo, red-gold micro flakes and green-blue micro flakes. This one is dynamic and so freaking awesome. Denim is a spot on description of the blue color. The flakes are such a great addition. It looks peppered ya know? Really spectacular polish. I used2 smooth coats for my swatches.

Fiesta en America  

Fiesta en America with flash

Fiesta en America macro

Fiesta en America matte

Fiesta en America matte macro

Fiesta en America stamped

Fiesta en America stamped macro

Fiesta en America stamped macro
What are your must haves this month? Is this one of them? If it wasn’t, I hope it is now 😁 You can never go wrong with a Moonflower stamping polish ❤ Polish Pickup will be open May 3rd – May 6th so mark your calendars! Fiesta en America will be $12.50 with a cap of 75 bottles so get your ninja fingers prepped. Links below! Have a great day 💕

Le Petite Indies presents the Spring It On Box

*Provided for review
Hey! Coming at you tonight with a late post. Facebook crashing was half of the problem. The other half? Sickness has hit our house. I have been napping a lot because this cold is just wearing me out. This post will definitely help me out though because it all so pretty and I’ll be distrascted!! First, let me tell you how excited I was to swatch this box!!! I have swatched all of these brands before and I love them all. Such great quality brought to you in 1 place!! This is also Nadia’s (Moonflower Polish) first collab box! Lots to be excited about so let’s get to it. 
I Lilac You A Lot is a light purple base with blue, pink, and green micro flakies and crystal rainbow flakies. This polish was all around perfect! Smooth formula that levels beautifully. The flakies had me. I could not stop flinging my hands around to see the flakies colors. Absolutely exquisite! I used 2 coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches.
I Lilac You A Lot

I Lilac You A Lot with flash

I Lilac You A Lot macro

I Lilac You A Lot matte 

I Lilac You A Lot matte macro

I Lilac You A lot with art
Pink Hare Don’t Care is a light pink linear holographic polish with gold flakies and scattered pink and silver holo glitters. This one made me think of roses. So obviously I ended up with rose art lol. Taylor’s polish is always fabulous. Formula is as smooth as butter. Love me some pink holo polish! 2 coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches.
Pink Hare Don’t Care

Pink Hare Don’t Care with flash

Pink Hare Don’t Care macro

Pink Hare Don’t Care matte

Pink Hare Don’t Care matte macro

Pink Hare Don’t Care with art
Peri-Winkle Of My Eye is a periwinkle crème stamping polish with a pink shimmer. I am head over heels for this color! We had a playroom when we were growing up and I BEGGED my mother to paint it periwinkle. She did 😁 If you look up close it seems speckled. I assure you it’s totally smooth but its such an awesome look! You’ll see what I mean in the macros. This polish was on the thicker side. Totally normal for a stamping polish so not to worry. Totally could have been a 1 coater but… we all know how this goes. I used 2 coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches. I also show it stamped over black and white. Love it stamped over white!
Peri-Winkle Of My Eye

Peri-Winkle Of My Eye with flash

Peri-Winkle Of My Eye macro

Peri-Winkle Of My Eye matte

Peri-Winkle Of My Eye matte macro

Peri-Winkle Of My Eye with art

Peri-Winkle Of My Eye stamped

Peri-Winkle Of My Eye stamped macro

Peri-Winkle Of My Eye stamped macro

Peri-Winkle Of My Eye stamped macro

Peri-Winkle Of My Eye stamped matte

Peri-Winkle Of My Eye stamped matte macro

Peri-Winkle Of My Eye stamped matte macro

Peri-Winkle Of My Eye stamped matte macro
Coral-icious Peeps is a coral crème polish with tons of different blue and aqua shimmers. I saved this for last because it has my favorite art! Again, this polish falls in line with the previous polishes from Sassy Cats. Phenomenal. I freaking love everything about this polish. Goes on smooth and has the most gorgeous blue pop to it. I used 2 coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches.
Coral-icious Peeps

Coral-icious Peeps with flash

Coral-icious Peeps macro

Coral-icious Peeps matte

Coral-icious Peeps matte macro

Coral-icious Peeps with art
How springy is this box. It makes me think of everything Easter! Candy, Colored eggs, Pretty dresses. Just so much fun. The Spring It On Box will be on pre-order from March 21st – March 26th and you will start receiving your boxes by the second week of April! The box price will be $36 plus shipping. You can get each polish separately for 
$10 plus shipping. The boxes will be available is Sassy Cats Lacquer’s shop and the first 20 boxes ordered will get a free mini cuticle oil!  Pre-order yours asap! I wanna know what the cuticle oil scent is lol!! Links below! Have a great night/day!! 

Moonflower Polish ~ Gemstones: Part 2

*Provided for review
*Picture heavy
Hey y’all! Tonight I have for you the second installment of the Gemstones Collection from Nadia of Moonflower Polish. I have a ton of pics so I will get right to the review. Each polish has the same flawless 1 coat application. These polishes were formulated to stamp so they are very opaque. I cannot wait to use them in more nail art. They are super holo but don’t dry super shiny so I suggest a good top coat to make them pop! And because I am me, I used 2 coats plus top coat for my swatches. I did not matte these. They are ultra holos so I wanted that to be the focus. Ready for the pics? Me too!
Rubi (Ruby) is a warm toned red ultra holo with slight orange undertones. 2 coats plus glossy top coat

Rubi with flash

Rubi macro

Rubi stamped

Rubi stamped macro

Rubi stamped macro

Rubi stamped macro
Citrino (Citrine) is an orange ultra holo. 2 coats plus top coat.

Citrino with flash

Citrino macro

Citrino stamped

Citrino stamped macro

Citrino stamped macro

Citrino stamped macro
Esmerelda (Emerald) is a green ultra holo. 2 coats plus top coat.

Esmerelda with flash

Esmerelda macro

Esmerelda stamped

Esmerelda stamped macro

Esmerelda stamped macro

Esmerelda stamped macro
Zafiro (Sapphire) is a sapphire blue ultra holo. 2 coats plus top coat.

Zafiro with flash

Zafiro macro

Zafiro stamped

Zafiro stamped macro

Zafiro stamped macro

Zafiro stamped macro
Lapislazuli (Lapis Lazuli) is an indigo or slightly blue leaning purple depending on how you see color. I personally see blue-violet. 2 coats plus top coat.

Lapislazuli with flash

Lapislazuli macro

Lapislazuli stamped

Lapislazuli stamped macro

Lapislazuli stamped macro

Lapislazuli stamped macro
Gemstone art using the whole Gemstones: Part 2 Collection
My birthday is in September so I have to say that Zafiro is my favorite 💙 Esmerelda is a very very close second 💚  Each polish will be $12.50 for the 15ml and $7.50 for the minis. Sets will be $57 and $34. They will not be available as 1 large set of 10 for now. A few minis will also be available at for the same price. These are available now along with a bunch of other new stuff so don’t wait. Go now!! Links below 👍 Have a great night!!

Moonflower Polish ~ March ’19 PPU

*Provided for review
*Picture heavy
Who loves Moonflower Polish? When I stamp my nails it’s the only brand I reach for lately! Nadia makes fantastic polishes and the one she has for March’s PPU is no exception! Moonflower Polish was inspired by Collective Soul’s album Dosage. Let’s check out her offering for the theme album covers.
You’re All I Need is “an indigo/periwinkle creme base with red-gold multi chrome shimmer and scattered holo.” As always, this polish is spectacular! Totally could be a 1 coater. It is mainly for stamping but it’s so gorgeous on its own. It looks best stamped over darker colors but I gotta say I loved it over white!! I used 2 coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches. You’re All I Need will be $12.50 USD.

You’re All I Need

You’re All I Need with flash

You’re All I Need macro

You’re All I Need shift macro

You’re All I Need matte

You’re All I Need matte macro

You’re All I Need matte shift macro

You’re All I Need with art

You’re All I Need stamped

You’re All I Need stamped macro

You’re All I Need stamped macro

You’re All I Need stamped macro

You’re All I Need stamped matte

You’re All I Need stamped matte macro

You’re All I Need stamped matte macro

You’re All I Need stamped matte macro
Polish Pickup will be open March 1st – 4th so mark your calendars! There will be a cap of 75 bottles so ninja fingers required 😆 Have a fantabulous Friday ❤