China Glaze ~ Vain Villains Part 1

*I won this collection in a giveaway Hello!! So I posted a poll on IG to see if anyone was still interested in swatches considering Halloween is over. I got a yes so here we are! I'm doing this collection in parts because 6 at once just seems like a lot. Let's get to part… Continue reading China Glaze ~ Vain Villains Part 1

Stella Chroma ~ Constellation Trio

*Provided for review *Picture heavy Hey! I hope everyone's holiday shopping has gotten off to a good start! I also hope you left room in your budget to treat yourself. I have 3 multi-chrome, magnetic, flakie polishes to share with you that I am pretty sure you are going to need. Shall we? Gemini "is… Continue reading Stella Chroma ~ Constellation Trio

Stella Chroma ~ The Nutcracker Trio

*Provided for review Hi polish lovers 🙂 Do you see these? FLAKIES! Each polish here has a different type of flakes and Pam knocked them out of the park ❤ This is The Nutcracker Trio. Sit back and enjoy some flakie goodness.   Sugarplum Fairy "is a delicate, pale lavender crelly with red-green-purple iridescent flakies… Continue reading Stella Chroma ~ The Nutcracker Trio

Glisten & Glow ~ Rainbow Connection 5 Year Anniversary Polishes

*Provided for review   Hey! Are we ready to make this Monday fantastic? I have some Glisten & Glow LE's to brighten up your day! Just recently, Annette from Rainbow Connection UK, celebrated 5 years in business ❤ Jill from G&G was one of the first brands offered on RCUK so it was only fitting… Continue reading Glisten & Glow ~ Rainbow Connection 5 Year Anniversary Polishes

Stella Chroma ~ Fall Mattes

*Provided for review *Very picture heavy Finally! Fall is on it's way ❤ I am so stoked. Fall and winter are my favorites so I am so ready for the next 6 months! We also are starting to see the new fall polishes coming out. Pam from Stella Chroma chose to take the matte route… Continue reading Stella Chroma ~ Fall Mattes