Playing catch up :)

These are my recent hauls. Not all were separate. Just tryin to improve my pics 🙂 anywho, as usual it was all either clearanced or sale prices!! I am a bargain shopper. I even got those 3 nail tek for free. Which makes my free nail tek count 8!!! Thats right! 8 Free nail teks 🙂 all you gotta do is look!! Search back shelves, read fine print on any tags or sales, and always be patient. Chances are that the new collection you want will go on sale soon!! I always wait until polishes are clearanced!! It can be a gamble though so i guess you gotta go with your gut. I almost missed sparkling garbage!! I waited and waited and then it was GONE!!!! 😦 But thankfully my husband is the best ever. We hit up every sallys til we found one. And he even paid full price ( wasnt losin it again!)! Blah blah…. anyways, i know some of the china glazes are from last halloween but i never got them then and i randomly found this set for $6 so i grabbed it. It has bizzare blurple (which is super awesome!), and ghoulish glow. Seems glow polish is all the rage right now. Eh, didnt like the orangey one and i already had the glitter goblin….. do i smell a contest??? NAIL ART CONTEST SOON!! :D. Now i will leave you with my pics 🙂 sorry for all the blabbing. I like to talk/type 🙂 enjoy!!