Joy Lacquer ~ Kinder Queen Collection

                                                                        *Provided for review          Hey guys! I have been sitting on these polishes for a couple months and I CANNOT wait to show them to you 🙂 The Kinder Queen Collection has 7 polishes that represent Joy's daughter going into school. This collection will be available on September 9th. The theme for these are so fun.… Continue reading Joy Lacquer ~ Kinder Queen Collection

LevelUP Lacquer ~ Game Of Thrones Collection

                                                                          * Provided for review                                                                          *Very picture heavy          Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Are you superstitious? I am not. I have 2 Black kitties 🙂 I will admit though that today I just feel off. I think it is a full moon tonight as well.... So let's make this night better with a little polish. LevelUP… Continue reading LevelUP Lacquer ~ Game Of Thrones Collection

Coffee Break!

          Hey everyone! Today I have another win to show you! I don't know how I get so lucky!?!? This time it was all because of my name. Not Jenn, Caffeinated Cuticles!! It was a coffee themed giveaway in a Facebook fan group for Joy Lacquer. I know! I just won some other Joy Lacquer! Nuts… Continue reading Coffee Break!

Joy Lacquer ~ Know It. Fight It. End It.

Hi guys! I have been under the weather and I cant sleep so here I am. I want to show you a polish and cuticle butter I just won in a giveaway! Joy Lacquer is a new to me indie polish brand. I love trying new things. Especially when they impress! The polish is just… Continue reading Joy Lacquer ~ Know It. Fight It. End It.