Creative Cuticles Nail Polish

Hi all! Today I have for you 5 polishes from Creative Cuticles Nail Polish (CCNP)! Kayla, the owner of CCNP recently had a sale that I could not pass up. Buy 2 Get 3 Free!!! And I have noticed since this purchase that Kayla has sales ALL THE TIME!!! Seriously, if you don’t own any polish from this brand, run and go get you some!! I chose what I think is a pretty good variety of formulas for my first time. Glitter, jelly, and crelly polish. First, I want to start with the one I had been eyeing for quite some time. A Great Red. A Great Red is a true red jelly polish with metallic red hexes. It sounds so simple but when its on it has so much depth! The glitters are happily floating about in this blissfully squishy jelly. I love it! I used 3 thin coats with a glossy topcoat and it was perfect. No streakiness or balding at all. There was also no fishing for any glitter. Check it out! There are quite a few pics because I could not narrow it down!

Seriously?!?! How cute is that label??!

A Great Red with matte top coat

Matte macro


Next polish I have is also a red polish. This is Shark Bait. It is a clear base with ultra fine red holo micro glitter and white holo hexes. The white holo hexes are totally mystifying!!! They seem gold iridescent like. By no means do they look white! It is because of this that this polish is so unique. I really have no words to describe the beauty it holds. For my swatch I used 3 thin coats with a glossy top coat. It went on nice and smooth. And it didn’t dry gritty. In love.

The macros are a little blurry to help show the holo. It also looks like bald spots on the edge of my nail but I didn’t see these in real life.

 I’m Blue for You is up next. I originally picked this one because of the soft neutral shade. Its perfect as a sheer base for nail art or it can be fully built up with a few coats. Turns out, this is my favorite of the 5! This polish pretty much puts itself on. It is a super silky smooth formula with no streaking or balding even after multiple strokes of the brush. I usually do this once or twice to check formula and not a smear to be seen. It is completely self leveling and super shiny when dry. I used 3 thin perfect coats with a glossy topcoat. I only used the topcoat to dry it quick! Not for the shine! If you follow my Instagram you know I have used it multiple times already!

The last 2 CCNP polishes I have are sheer neon jellys! Sheer jellys have been all the rage but when I tried the OPI sheer tints I wasn’t very happy… They were so thick they were horrible to work with 😦 So when I saw Kayla had neon jellys I had to try again. I only grabbed Kass (pink), and Tammy (purple) which I now regret. Live and learn! These polishes had the same formula as A Great Red minus the glitter. Smooth without streaking of any kind. I really wanted to showcase these on their own so I decided to add a little stamping so you could see how bright they would be over white!! Swatches are all 3 coats with a glossy top coat. Also not needed for the shine 🙂  And just to clarify there are 3 coats of the jellys over the white stamp as well.



So what did you think? I know I will be getting more. Because of the high quality product it is the second time I feel comfortable enough asking for a custom for another indie maker! The first being the person the custom is for lol!! High five Kayla!! Perfect product in all aspects! I can not wait to own more CCNP! Make sure you are following Kayla on all of her social media for sales and updates!! Links below 🙂
Creative Cuticles Nail Polish:: Shop :: IG

My True Love Creations ~ Fall Collection

Hey ladies! How’s it going this Tuesday night? Hopefully good since it was really warm today! I live in CT so around here it was nice lol! Anyway, I got more polish to swatch from Cherise, owner and creator of My True Love Creations!! Sometimes she throws in a full sized polish which is super sweet to do considering its sent for swatching. 🙂 She also sent a cuticle oil which I will be reviewing in another post after I use it a few more days! I even got my husband involved haha!! Check back to see how… On to the polish!!! I usually don’t do this but I will be giving a review of all the polishes then I’ll post the pics. I am doing it this way because besides the color, the polishes were all pretty much the same. The names of the polishes are Once In a Blue Moon, Apple Crush, and Foresta Lumina. There was also a gold glitter topper called Star Dust. The first 3 polishes are all holographic jellies!! I used 3 thin coats for each swatch and no topcoat. The formula, for jelly polish, was pretty smooth. The first coat is always a little tricky, but it built up and evened out beautifully by the third coat! The polish is full of scattered holo. What I really loved about it was that it wasn’t a super strong holo effect. In my opinion, the strong holo rainbow sometimes takes away from the color of the base polish. Now the glitter. This is something everyone should own!! It’s tiny glitters so it looks very feminine over anything! It could totally be built up if layered thinly or applied with a makeup sponge. I just love this so much! I’m sure you have heard me say before that I’m not a huge fan of glitter. This is my kind of glitter! I could wear this often. It’s not chunky and/or blingy. Here, I wore it over Loyal Made by Pure Nail Lacquer. Perfection 🙂 Lets check these babies out!!!
                                                  Once In a Blue Moon

This one shows the holo a little better.

Apple Crush


Foresta Lumina

Star Dust

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I do!! They are available now so go grab your favorites (or all)!!

My True Love ~ True Blood Part 2

Hello everyone!! Are we all ready for the holiday weekend?!?! I know I am because my birthday is Monday and my husband has a full day of surprises for me!! I usually don’t like surprises but I am so ready for this one!! I will make sure to keep you posted since I still have 2 polishes from Black Dahlia Lacquer to review! Today I have for you a new collection from My True Love! Well, more like the second half of her True Blood collection. I am sure you already can imagine how this will go… Cherise kills it again with 6 new amazing polishes. And she just had her 4th child!! Talk about an ambitious woman!! Since I will be getting all 6 in this post it will be full of pictures, but I will do my best to keep the rest (starting now lol) as short as possible. First up, we have Eric. An iridescent glitter topper with a very slight touch of holo dust and micro, small, and medium red holo hexes. I swatched one smooth coat over black and an ivory color because this also has a green shimmer that is really hard to capture. I tried!!

The next polish I want to show you is Bill. Bill is a cobalt blue polish with a subtle micro holo to it. My husband loves this one!! It’s not quite as bright as the photos show, but it definitely stands out in the sun! These pictures are 3 coats with top coat. This crelly pulled a little on the first coat but was perfectly smooth and even by the 3rd coat!

Next up is Adilyn. This was the best formula in the bunch! 2 perfect, easy peasy, coats with top coat!! this is a charcoal grey with gold microglitters. just gorgeous!

Here we have Sookie. She is a very delicate, sheer, shimmer polish. For my swatch I used 4 thin coats on 3 of my fingers and 1 thin coat over a similar pink on my pinkie.the only time I could tell the difference was in the direct sun. I could see a BARELY visible nail line on all fingers but my pinkie. Not enough for it to be an issue. The shimmer is what makes me love it. I’m such a shimmer sucker!!

Pam will have a lot of pics because she is magical and deserves it!! Pam is a bright red jelly polish filled with different sized red holo hexes and holo dust. No matter how I tried I could not capture all of the beauty in one type of lighting! My skin color is a little off but its the polish you are here for right?? I used 3 coats of this polish and it was opaque. The squishiness of the jelly and the floating of the glitters made this polish glow from the inside!! Even without direct lighting! you will see what I mean.

They say to save the best for last, right?! Well, I totally did! This polish was like the never ending surprise polish. When i first opened the package i was like, “oooohhhh, I like this!!”. I thought it was a black jelly with metallic blue and green glitters. As I spun the bottle I was like omg! The glitters are holo! I decided i had to bring it to a sunny window to get the full effect. Once there I noticed it is a black holo polish with blue and green holo glitters!!! Holo heaven 🙂 This is by far my favorite of the set! I used 1 coat over black on my pinkie which was dumb because it totally built up in 3 smooth coats (as I have on the other fingers). As usual, wonderful formula!! MUST HAVE!!

This collection will be released on Monday September 1st so go follow for updates as well as a giveaway Cherise has going on right now!! Thanks for reading!! Go get you some polish 🙂 And don’t forget to congratulate Cherise on her new bundle of joy!!

Pipe Down this Love is Bliss

Hello again!! How are we doing on this wonderful Saturday morning? I am way more awake than anyone should be at this time but that’s why I am here. The other night I swatched polishes from a new Valentine’s day trio. The name of the collection is Pipe Down this Love is Bliss. Such a clever collaboration 🙂 In order all the polishes included in this title are Pipe Dream Polish, owned by April; Love, Angeline, owned by Natosha; and Bliss Polish, owned by Yvette. I absolutely had to have this trio and I cant even explain why. I was just so drawn to it. Probably because of the insane price!! $21 for 3 full size limited edition indie polishes!!! And not just any indie polishes, 3 of the top indie brands out there. So naturally I was beyond excited to get these 🙂 Before they got here I was most looking forward to Sticky Kisses from Pipe Dream Polish. This is a soft light purple crelly with medium pink metallic and matte glitters and dark purple metallic and matte glitters. All hexes in 3 different sizes. It also has the slightest shimmer. Such a beautiful polish!! Now, while I do love this one, I was totally amazed  by Love is Blind from Love, Angeline polish. It is the most amazing charcoal grey crème jam packed with  an amazing assortment of rainbow flakies!! I have a great macro shot of this!! And lets not forget the ever so important red polish!! A staple for most nail polish addicts. I am sure you have heard me say a red is a red. and then say why the red I am showing is an exception. maybe reds are way more versatile than I had previously thought. This jelly polish is the most jelly polish I have ever seen or used. it was almost a little goopy. most likely from the cold so I just added a few drops of thinner and I was good to go. Another jam packed flakie polish but this time its a flash of bright purple and some fuschia. Here, let me show you…

This is four thin coats alone. no top coat or undies

For Love is Blind I used three thin coats although it really only needed an easy breezy two. I did use top coat for this and I used a matte coat on my ring in the last two pics.

And last but not least is Sticky Kisses. For this I used three coats and top coat on all but my ring finger. again I matted that finger in the last few pics!

See the super fine shimmer in the macro shot below??? Super pretty!

Hope you like the polishes as much as I do!! 🙂

Femme Fatale Lacquer ~ Spiked Lemondrops

Hello!! This post i have Femme Fatale Lacquers Spiked Lemondrops. It is a bold yellow jelly polish with fine red glitter throughout. I absolutely love this polish in the bottle!! I am not so sure how it looks on my skintone 😦  This is my second polish from this company and the formula is so professional!! Just the right amount of coverage and glitter. The only 2 pics i got of this are 3 coats with no undies!!! Enjoy 🙂

Cameo colours lacquers ~ neon lit nights

Hey friends 🙂 i think i saved the best for last. This is Neon Lit Nights by Cameo Colours Lacquers. Need i say more?? No?! Well i’m gonna because again it’s worth it 🙂 this is a black jelly polish filled to the brim with neon glitters of all shapes and sizes. Stars, squares, bars, hexes!! Everything that the perfect polish should have!! I used one coat over black then topped it with top coat. I started to drool. Then while i was takin pics and having a super hard time with the glare of my top coat i decided to matte it!! I used black luna lacquer matter fact matte top coat. Its the best… EVER!! Then i was about in a puddle lol. Totally fell in love. Great formula, great polish, and the perfect mix and amount of glitter. All of this coming from a girl who cant stand black polish. I have truley been turned. Enjoy the amazingness that is neon lit nights!! 😀

Cameo colours lacquers ~ Hex-sea and i know it

Hey ladies!! Last week i won another giveaway on instagram!! I am not sure how i have gotten so lucky!! This one was epic. Over the next few days/weeks i will be showing you the polishes i won!! All indies 🙂 The first one i chose to wear was a favorite of me and my husband. Hex-sea and i know it is this amazing ocean blue jelly packed with neon glitters. Green, pink, and blue hexes from very small to giant!! Some of the large green ones are transparent which adds dimention. The formula was a tiny bit thick but not enough to bother application!! These pictures are 3 coats with topcoat and no undies!! Enjoy 🙂

Adding some new pics since my nails are longer and i have a nice lightbox!!!! 😀

Did you know this polish is black light reactive?? Here is the progression from regular light, to light with black light, to just black light!! IN LOVE!!!! ❤