Moonflower Polish ~ One More Light Collection

*Provided for review

Hello again 🙂 Are we ready for some deep feels? I have my tissues ready and I hope you have yours. I have written before about how I struggle with anxiety, depression, OCD, excoriation, and then some. These feeling are usually overwhelming and alienating. It’s hard to be around others and be your self when you aren’t even sure what your real self is anymore. It seems hopeless and is very lonely. That’s what this collection highlights. Mental Illness, The Invisible Killer.

This is directly from Nadia, the maker of Moonflower Polish.
“The One More Light collection came about directly as the result of Chester Bennington, from Link Park’s, death. It struck a chord with me in a way that no other celebrity death had previously as I have been a longtime fan of their music. I reached out Jenalyn from Two Girls One Blush/Velashaa on IG because I knew she was feeling the same way and had been very vocal about her depression. I myself was diagnosed officially with General Anxiety Disorder and Depression back in 2005. It’s been an integral part of my life since then, pretty much shaping me into the person I am today. When I asked Jenalyn if she wanted to collab with me, I showed her a few song lyrics and the colors I had in mind and then I also asked to assign colors to what she feels when she’s depressed and happy. She provided me with some pictures to help explain her emotions in color form, and this is what we settled on. The colors represent both the good and the bad.” Color descriptions are also written by Nadia.

One More Light –  “a dusty purple holo with red to green color shifting shimmer. Inspired by the Linkin Park song of the same name, this song is what has kept me alive on my worst days. The chorus goes “Who cares if one more light goes out? In a sky of a million stars, it flickers, flickers. Who cares when someone’s time runs out? If a moment is all we are. We’re quicker, quicker. Who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do” It reminds me that people do care about me, and I care about them. It shows the purpose of the collection, not just to raise awareness but to let others who are also suffering that we are here, there are lots of us, and we care.” I used 2 perfect coats for my swatch with top coat.

with flash

Shadow of the Day – “bluish gray base with pink-red-gold shimmer and scattered holo. Inspired by the song of the same name as well as a picture Jenalyn took. When we are struggling, the world feels all gray and heavy, it feels like there are no more options but one.” This one hits really close to home for me. 2 buttery coats with top coat.

with flash

This is a bit darker here. In real life it looks like the first picture. 

A Million Thoughts – “greenish teal base with red-green-copper shimmer. This color represent my personal struggles with anxiety. Depression comes and goes but anxiety is always there for me. It often feels like I have a million thoughts in my head, all at the same time, a million worries and what ifs. Teal is my favorite color and very representative of me, it’s the color fo the ocean of my Caribbean home (I’m from Puerto Rico originally), it’s the color I had on my hair for a while (but it’s purple now), it’s everything to me, it keeps me grounded.” This one is so complex and breath taking! I used 3 thin coats for this with top coat. So far all of these have amazing formulas… and they stamp!!

with flash

Heart and Soul – “wine jelly base with holo, purple-blue iridescent glitters, and purple-blue shimmers. This color represent my kids, they are the reason I’m still alive today, they reason I get up in the morning and fight. My son is 5 and his favorite color is red, my daughter is 10 and her favorite color is purple.” OH EM GEE!! The blue flash 😍 You need this one. 2 coats with top coat.

with flash

Again, this picture shows the polish darker than in real life. First pic is color accurate.

Do You Love Me – “dusty blue with gray microflakes and pink-red-gold shimmer. Inspired by Jenalyn’s long time boyfriend, specifically an old shirt of his that she loves. It’s calming and helps to center her.

It’s not that she thinks he doesn’t love her, but that she likes to ask him if he still loves her in order to calm the chaos in her brain even though she knows she’s his world.” THIS! My husband and I have been together for over 7 years and married over 5 years. Yet almost every day I find myself wondering this same thing. I used 3 coats for this one. The first coat was a tad patchy so the 3rd coat is just for good measure.

with flash

 The polishes will be $10 each, available in 15ml sizes only, the set will be $48. 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the National Suicide Hotline and Linkin Park’s One More Light fund. They will be available starting on January 5th at 9am at my shop:

My first reaction of this polish was excellent. The formula is great and each one of the polishes applies beautifully. I could not have asked for a better first experience with Moonflower Polish. I know this was a lot to read but I hope you take in every last word. Supporting this polish brand in turn supports causes which are not heard from enough. Thanks so much for making it this far! Social media links below ❤

LevelUP Lacquer ~ Polish Pickup January 2018

*Provided for review

Hey peeps! Tonight is going to be busy here! I have this post and another as well as videos for both! So let’s get right to it. LevelUp Lacquer is returning again to Polish Pickup for January. The theme for Januarys inspiration is “Crystals & Gemstones”. Ashley, along with 2 other makers, Crows Toes & Chirality, have each chosen 1 of the 5 Infinity stones from the Marvel Universe to use as inspiration. The one I have for you today is inspired by Aether. 

Infinite Realities has a sheer, ultra holographic base with black and red glitters in multiple shapes and sizes. This polish can be used as a topper but I suggest it by itself. It is just so busy that it needs nothing else! It is a glitter bomb so I suggest a peel off base coat for easier removal. I used 3 thinner coats for my swatch and 2 coats of top coat. It is a thirsty glitter so a good top coat is pretty important. 

with flash

So? What do you think? I think it’s phenomenal! SO. MUCH. SPARKLE. Totally captures the theme for the month. Polish Pickup will be open January 5th – 8th so make sure you set your alarms! These are the only days you can get this! Follow Polish Pickup on Facebook to keep up with all the brands participating. Have a good night y’all 💓

LevelUP Lacquer ~ Star Wars Inspired Quarterly Box

                                                                        *Provided for review
                                                                        *Lots of pics

Hello! How is your holiday season so far? Have you finished your shopping? I have been super busy and am not even close to done shopping. Same as every year lol! I have some things to show you that may help you with your shopping for the nail lover in your life or maybe just for you…

The Star Wars inspired quarterly box from Ash, over at LevelUP Lacquer, will have 4 full size polishes and 1 bath bomb. I do not have the bath bomb for this post but I will give an update on IG when I have it! This box was up for pre-order but will be coming back later this month for anyone who didn’t get it 👍

First polish is For The Troopers. This polish is a white crelly base with black and grey hex glitters and a red, glass-fleck flash! For a crelly polish, I feel this one was easy to work with. Builds up beautifully with an even glitter pay out. I used 3 coats with a top coat. 

with flash

The next polish is a jelly! Far Far Away is a bold blue jelly polish with different sizes of color shifting glitters. The glitters are just like the unicorn pee pigment. Soooo awesome.  I used 3 coats with top coat. This polish was nice and easy to work with.

with flash

Hope. I think this one is my favorite. Hope has a purple, gold, blue color shifting base with silver holo shreds. The first coat was a tad streaky but the second coat completes it. I used 2 coats with top coat.

with flash

Last, we have Rule Of Two. This one has a thermal base that goes from black to clear. It is a jelly base with red and black glitters and black flakies. I love thermals. This one is so bad ass!! Red and black together is just such a strong combo. This went on flawlessly in 3 coats with top coat.
with flash

with flash

with flash

As soon as these are available I will update this post and spread the word on IG and Facebook. Will you be picking up this box? I would love to do a twin mani with someone with these. Let me know! Have a great day 🙂

Dimension Nails

                                                                       *Provided for review

 *Picture heavy

Hey my lovely readers! How are you on this fine 50 degree winter day??? Well, not technically winter, but seriously 50?!?! What is going on? It’s really hard to get into the holiday spirit when it doesn’t feel like the season. So today, I am bringing you so brightness. I have a new to me brand, Dimension Nails, that is 10-free, cruelty free, and 100% vegan! I have 2 polishes and a stamping plate so lets get to it!
The first polish we have is Mako Shark. It is a deep teal crème polish that is very opaque. The formula was super smooth like butter. An all around fantastic polish. I used 2 coats plus top coat for my swatch. The flash pic is color accurate. It was coming off a bit bluer without the flash.

with flash
Here is Mako Shark with some silver flakies added to it. The how-to will be in my swatch video for these babies!

with flash

The second polish is Raspberry Cordial. This one is even more opaque than Mako Shark. A total one coater if you polish carefully. I used 2 coats plus top coat for my swatch of Raspberry Cordial. Mostly just an OCD thing. Again, this polish is effortlessly applied.

with flash
**Be careful when painting and removing these polishes! Due to the highly pigmented nature of these polishes, they can stain!

The art I did over this color was using the stamping plate that I chose to review.

The stamper I chose to use ended up not being a good one for the plate. It happens. After I was done filming, I tried 2 of my other “go-to” stampers. There was a huge difference once I found THE stamper. The 3 stamper I used are a big marshmallow stamper, a silver fancy stamper, and a long clear stamper. These were my findings:

big marshmallow stamper, squishy head

fancy silver stamper, firm head

long clear stamper, medium firmness

You can clearly see the difference

This is just a better angle to show Mako Shark stamped over black

 The stamping I did on my actual nails came out pretty descent. Next time I will use another stamper. The plate itself is etched perfectly.  

with flash
High quality products! Did I mention the cremes watermarble?? They do! SO VERY WELL!! If you want to know where I bought the stampers I used please feel free to ask in the comments or email me! That goes for any questions or comments at all 🙂 Thank you so very much for reading all of this! You have no idea how much I really appreciate it ❤ Please make sure to check out this shop for AMAZINGLY wonderful stuff!! Have a great day everyone!

Go watch my swatch video to see what this is about ❤

LevelUP Lacquer ~ New Colors!

                                                                      *Provided for review

          Hey guys!! How are things where you are? Here in Connecticut, it is finally feeling like fall 🍁🍂   I had my husband start grabbing stuff to make crockpot soups. I LOVE THIS SEASON. Fun fact: I am watching Hocus Pocus right now 😍 A few weeks ago, Ash sent me some new colors. 6 to be exact so let’s jump right in.

          Bang is inspired by Spike from the anime series Cowboy Bebop. Have you seen it? Anime is probably my most unliked type of anything. I have never gotten into it. EVER. I can’t even tell you why either because I love cartoons and all types of weird crazy shit. The polish is awesome so I guess I took a microscopic step in the right direction?? Bang is a royal blue crelly base with yellow glitters and glass flecks. It dries semi-matte and oh so shquishy!! I used 3 coats plus top coat to get it opaque to my liking. You may want to add another coat or pair it with a similar base color.

with flash

          Swordfish II. Can you guess what this one is inspired by? Yup! Spike’s ship, also from Cowboy Bebop! This one is a glitter topper and it is super versatile. Its full of red and black glitters with a touch of white glitters. The awesome thing about this one is that some of the red glitters are transparent. So if you layer it over a light color it will look pinkish. Instant Valentine’s Day polish 💥
I used one smooth coat, over a light grey, with top coat. The glitters in this lay perfectly flat 👍

with flash

          This one is called Dark Garnet. It’s a dense glitter topper that gets to full coverage with 3 easy coats. It’s dark and super sparkly. Vampy and totally perfect for this time of year. It will add glam to anything! I used 3 coats with top coat.

with flash

          Oh flakies, why you so good?!?! I had no idea how much I could end up loving flakies. LevelUP Lacquer has some awesome flakies. This one is called Crystal Complex. The base is a jelly that is a stunning mix of emerald and teal. Then the flakies… glass fleck, rainbow, electric blue. I want to swim in this forever 😍 My pics show 3 coats with top coat.

with flash

          Super Nova is next. This is a dark blurple jelly filled with rainbow flakies and iridescent glitters. I thought this was blue. Then I thought it was purple. It definitely changes with the light but this is the exact definition of “blurple”. Super smooth and very eye catching. I used 3 coats with top coat.

with flash

          Guys. This one is mine!! I fell in love with Selene the minute I saw her so I asked Ash if she would add some silver holo flakies and name it Jennifer. She said yes and then I died. Seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE this ❤❤❤ If you want to see Selene just click HERE and it will take you to that post! Without further adieu, I give you the flakie, holo, goodness of Jennifer! 1 coat over black with top coat. Ill throw in some matte stuff too 😀

          What do you think? I may be the tiniest bit bias but I’m gonna have to say that Jennifer is my favorite. My second choice though is definitely Dark Garnet. Such a sparkly beauty. Most of these are available now and the ones that aren’t will be available Monday (10/23/17)! Stop by the shop and have a look. There are tons of other polishes available as well. Have a fantabulous weekend y’all!!



LevelUP Lacquer ~ Goddesses Of The Moon Trio

                                                                      *Provided for review

          Hello! Today I bring you some flakie and holo goodness.  Since it is Friday, I will keep this short. LevelUP Lacquer has so many new polishes out! Here we have the Goddesses Of The Moon Trio. There is 1 crème polish and 2 flakie toppers. Holy wow they are divine!

          Nyx is the crème of the trio and it is a must have, staple polish. A luscious black crème with holographic specks scattered throughout. Great base for any nail art especially galaxy manis! I used 2 coats plus top coat.

with flash

          Next is Luna. Luna is a flakie topper with tiny iridescent glitters. The flakies are like the “unicorn pee” pigment. They shift from gold to green to red to orange and whatever else thats in between there. Just lovely.


          Last is Selene. I love this one the most 😍 Selene has tiny iridescent glitters and flakies that change between electric blue, aqua, pink, purple, green, and in very rare instances even peach!! This polish to me screams fairy to the max!

          To me, all 3 of these are staples in a collection. The range of the shift on the toppers is just fantastic. Totally unlike anything I have ever seen. You will just have to see them in person 😉 Make sure you swing by Ash’s shop to see these and so many more beautiful polishes! Have a fabulous weekend 😃

LevelUP Lacquer ~ You Matte, Bro? Summer Collection

                                                                                *Provided for review & lots of pics!

          EEEEEEEKKKK!!! It’s neon season 🙂 I am so flippin’ excited to bring you these babies. I was so happy to see that none of these have holo! Just some shimmer and flakies. I love my holo polishes but the mix of holo and neon is a bit over done in the indie market. Of course, that is just my opinion. So, we have this set of super bright polishes… Shall we dive in? Thought so 🙂

          First let me start with this disclaimer. Neons don’t always play nice with the camera. I did my best to get my pictures color accurate as far as the polish is concerned. My skin, however, may look a little… off.

          Let’s start with Hack The Planet since I already shared the swatch video on IG. Hack The Planet is a bright, not quite neon, grass green. She is filled with micro iridescent flakes and glitters and a soft shimmer. This one has a good creamy formula and was opaque in 2 easy coats. I used a glossy top coat and Ash’s new matte top coat called Come Matte Me.

Hack The Planet with glossy top coat

Hack The Planet with glossy top coat macro
Hack The Planet with Come Matte Me top coat

Hack The Planet with Come Matte Me top coat macro
          Let’s check out Lag. This one is a neon pink crelly polish with glass flecks and iridescent flakes. I love the color of Lag. So bold and Barbie-ish! The first coat on this one was a tad streaky. It totally leveled out with the second and third coats. I used 3 coats for this one with glossy top coat and Come Matte Me.
Lag with glossy top coat

Lag with glossy top coat macro

Lag with Come Matte Me top coat

Lag with Come Matte Me top coat macro
          Perma Death is next and OMG is it gorgeous. Such a perfect neon blue. This one is filled with blue and pink flakies and a subtle shimmer. Great formula on this one. Nice and creamy. Perfect in 2 coats. Again, I used a glossy top coat and Come Matte Me.
Perma Death with glossy top coat

Perma Death with glossy top coat macro
Perma Death with Come Matte Me top coat

Perma Death with Come Matte Me top coat macro
          Last is So Meta. She is a neon grape purple. So Meta has the same gorgeous pink and blue flakes as Perma Death. The subtle shimmer in this one is pink! LOVE!! Please don’t mind the skin. I had to warm these up quite a bit for them not to look blue!! I used 2 coats with glossy top coat and Come Matte Me. The bottle shots are more color accurate.
So Meta with glossy top coat

So Meta with glossy top coat macro
So Meta with Come Matte Me top coat

So Meta with Come Matte Me top coat macro
          I am so happy with this collection. Neon is my favorite color and I am an 80’s baby. I feel like this set totally captured that. Come Matte Me is included in this collection. This is more of a waxy matte, not a no-shine matte. The finish complements each color beautifully!! The You Matte, Bro? collection will be available on Thursday, June 1st. Don’t miss out on the flakie goodness of these!! As always links below 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful day!!
          **At this moment I am taking a moment of silence for the reason of the holiday, Memorial day. I have a sister in the services so I understand that today is more than picnics and celebration to some. Thank you to all the men and women, past and present, for your services ❤
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Quixotic Polish ~ The Vere Suo Trio

                                                                             *I won these!!

          I am so excited to bring you this post! The minute I saw Quixotic Polish my heart kinda fluttered. They are beyond gorgeous. Then Mary had a giveaway and I happen to win 🙂 It always means so much to me to win things. With only 1 income, the small things, are highly treasured! I got these in the mail yesterday and I dropped everything to swatch them. I mean, LOOK AT THEM!!

L-R: Viridi Ignis, Rosea, Amsonia Ciliata.

          The first one I chose to swatch was obviously gonna be the pink one! Rosea is described as “A delicate pink with lots of added gold to green shimmer.” I honestly thought this was a duo chrome. The shimmer is so strong that it looks like its own color. It is very delicate and sheer, but it built up nicely. I used 3 thin, smooth, silky coats with top coat.

I added some quick stamping to Rosea using my new CICI&SISI plates. The plate is CICI&SISI04 and the polish I used to stamp is SinfulColors #1124 Outrageous. Stamper used was my short and clear stamper from Polished Vino.

This is the one that I knew I had to have. Viridi Ignis is described as “A minty turquoise polish that shifts from blue to pink along with some added holo sparkle.” That is very accurate. This polish is oh so mermaid-y ❤ Seriously! Just the right amount of holo sparkle and the formula is like buttah!! I used 3 thin coats for my swatch plus top coat.

Again, I added some quick stamping. I even used the same plate lol. CICI&SIS04. The polishes I used to stamp with are SinfulColors #1109 Grecian Sun and Formula X Platinum Prime. My trusty short clear stamper from Polished Vino was used here as well.

This last one is so complex! Amsonia Ciliata is described as “A dusty grey blue that has gold to indigo shimmers.” Again, a pretty accurate description, but this is one of those polishes that need to be seen in person. I see purple, pink, green, and different blues along with the gold and grey. So, so gorgeous!! Formula is just like the others, wonderful! 3 thin coats plus top coat.

For this color, I wanted to use my new vinyls from Polished Vino. Complete fail… Everything I did just kept messing me up more. All user error I promise!! I finished because I am not a quitter! I just really should have stuck to stamping lol. I used the Chevron Variety sheet in the Original Clear Vino Vinyls and SinfulColors #983 Beverly Hills. YIKES…

Aren’t they beautiful?!?! They are on sale at the moment for $27.00 + shipping. I am not sure if these are Limited Edition or not but I suggest you hurry and grab them anyways. Super unique polish that all polish lovers need in their stash!! Links for all the brands below 🙂 I hope you all have a very Happy Easter ❤
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Formula X:: Website::
Polished Vino:: Website:: Instagram:: Facebook::

LevelUP Lacquer ~ February ’17 Multiplayer box

                                                                   *Provided for review/press sample

          Good morning!! Today I have for you the Multiplayer Box for February. I do not have a post for January. With Ash just quitting her job to do full time polish stuff, it has been hectic I’m sure. I have the polishes if you want to see but keep in mind they will not be available for purchase!! Let’s start with a quick refresher. The Multiplayer Box is a monthly subscription box that has polish and extras. There are 2 LevelUP Lacquers, 1 Zoya polish, and any random things Ashley decides to add. I have seen finger puppets to stamping plates! It’s always random. The best part of this box? The price!! The box is worth about $35, but you only pay $20. Even better, the shipping is included in that price!! So, ready to see what’s in this box? I thought so 🙂

          Let’s start with the Zoya. Her name is Binx and she is such a beauty. It is an orchid jelly base with a very strong gold shimmer and small iridescent glitters. I really didn’t think I would like this one. (Iridescent glitters are my least favorite glitters) Once it was out of the bottle and on my nails, I really started to like it. The formula is jelly perfection! The shimmer is my favorite part. It really stands out. Even the glitters were really pretty. Gave it a little something extra, not that it needed it. I used 3 thin coats with top coat for my swatch.

          The first LUL we have is Me + You. It’s a gorgeous purple cream polish with ultra fine black holo glitter. I knew I would like this one. Purple is my favorite polish color.  This one is very simple but a must have. It would be the perfect base for some art with added sparkle. I used 2 coats with top coat. Just like my last post, I had to warm this one up a bit so please don’t mind my crazy looking skin!

Last polish is an iridescent and pastel glitter topper. So very perfect for this time of year. I wanted to showcase Sweet Things over more than just one color so you get 5!! I like doing this because it gives you an idea what it looks like over more than just white or black. I will list the names of the colors in the macros. I think I like it most over blue and black. I used 1 coat over each color. I didn’t need to fish for glitter or do any placement. Such a great glitter packed formula. 

Sweet Things over SinfulColors Snow Me White

Sweet Things over INM Bananigans

Sweet Things over SinfulColors Sugar Rush

Sweet Things over INM Granite

Sweet Things over SinfulColors Black On Black

          Make sure you grab this Multiplayer Box because it is only available for the month of February!! I will leave Ash’s links below! Make sure you check out her Valentine’s day trio as well! I also have more to come so I will see you soon 🙂 Have a great day!! ❤

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LevelUP Lacquer ~ Valentine’s Day Trio

                                                                      *Provided for review

          Who is excited for Valentine’s day?? My husband and I have no plans this year. Our 5 year anniversary is at the end of March so we are saving up for that instead. Even with no plans, I have really been feeling V-day nails!! Today, I bring you a trio of polishes inspired by “The Princess Bride”.

          This is one of my husbands favorite movies 🙂 Today is also his birthday so this is very fitting. Let’s jump right in with The Man In Black. It is such an elegant polish. It’s a black creme polish with gold micro flakies and a gorgeous green shimmer. Such a refreshing way to wear black. I used 2 smooth coats with top coat.

          The second polish in this trio is Truu Wuuv. This one is a berry color polish with gold and fuchsia micro flakies. Super pretty ❤ I used 2 wonderful coats and top coat. I also want to apologize real quick for the crazy color of my hands! I had to warm up the picture to get it true to color. I'll add a pic to show what it started as!!

How different is that lol?? I usually don’t do anything but crop my pics but this was a little ridiculous…

          OK! Lastly, we have Princess Buttercup. This one is my favorite!! It is a holo polish with holo micro flakies. The color is amazing. It’s a red with a touch of brown. When I say a touch, I mean like a drop. It’s so gorgeous!! My swatch is 2 coats of perfection with top coat!!

          This trio is available now in Ash’s store! It even has my husbands approval. That means the polishes match the movie lol. I really really enjoyed the simplicity of each polish. They each had something, but mostly it was a subtle something. These types of polishes are highly underrated! Will you be grabbing this trio? Let me know in the comments!! As always, links to Ash’s shop and social media down below!!

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