Captain Beard Takeover

*This product was gifted Good day all you caffeine-nites...or is it cuticlers? Either way, all you fans of Caffeinated Cuticles expecting to be seeing a post about nails and/or nail products, you've been deceived. I, Captain Beard, have commandeered this blog. There have been enough blogs about nails stuff, so I've decided that it's time… Continue reading Captain Beard Takeover

Gilmore Girl Thanksgiving Box

*Provided for review   Happy Monday! Today I have a Thanksgiving box inspired by Gilmore Girls "A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving" from Wildflower Lacquer and LynB Designs 🙂 Before I go any further let me just add this to my list of shows to watch... Will it make me cry? I am super emotional to begin… Continue reading Gilmore Girl Thanksgiving Box

Glisten & Glow ~ Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Polishes + Cuticle Oil Pen

*Provided for review *WORDY!! Hey guys 🙂 I am SO happy to be sharing this with you today! Breast Cancer Awareness is a cause I believe very strongly in. I have donated time and money when I can. But guess what? I have never personally known anyone who has had to deal with this. It… Continue reading Glisten & Glow ~ Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Polishes + Cuticle Oil Pen

Glisten & Glow: Glorious Glistenettes ~ Oceanic Overture

*Provided for review *Very picture heavy Guys! I have some of the prettiest polish you have ever seen!! Jill has made more of her Glorious Glistenettes ❤ The Oceanic Overture Collection is going to be a 3 part series. Pay close attention to release dates because these are all going to be one batch then… Continue reading Glisten & Glow: Glorious Glistenettes ~ Oceanic Overture

Southern Comforts

*Provided for review Hello! Happy Pi Day (3-14)! Today I bring you some Southern Comforts stuff. I swear Tamara is in my head! I asked for a mask and she sent a rose clay mask. Now, I don't care for the rose scent... BUT, rose oil products are so important for my face care. If… Continue reading Southern Comforts