Gilmore Girl Thanksgiving Box

*Provided for review


Happy Monday! Today I have a Thanksgiving box inspired by Gilmore Girls “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving” from Wildflower Lacquer and LynB Designs 🙂 Before I go any further let me just add this to my list of shows to watch… Will it make me cry? I am super emotional to begin with so sappy is just too much for me. The sadness over fiction is real people!! Anyways, I know it’s super popular so chances are you have watched it and love it. If that’s the case, this box was made for you. I want to take you through a Thanksgiving dinner with this set so sit back and let your imagination and my pics do their work 🙂


Whether you do dinner at your house or someone else’s, whether it’s traditional or not, we all know the main “holiday scent”. You know, the spice with the slight sweet?! Oh, it’s so good. My mom used to put orange peels, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg in a pan on the stove and let it simmer slowly and it would fill the entire house with that warm cozy scent. We’ll Skip The Rolls IS JUST THAT!!! Seriously! It’s orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. This personal essential oil diffuser will totally put you in the holiday mood  ❤  Are we ready for dinner?

Tofurky is a sheer greige (gray/beige) polish with purple and copper sparks and scattered ucc flakies that shift from red to orange to gold. Tofurky has a wonderful formula that starts very sheer but builds. After 3 thin coats I did still have a slight visible nail line but I don’t mind that. I actually feel that because the polish itself is dainty that the sheerness goes along with that perfectly. I used 3 thin, smooth coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches.


with flash
matte macro
with dinner art


For dessert we have Let’s Eat, And Eat, And Eat. This polish has a pinky red base with holo micro flakies and shimmer that shifts from golden to red to purple. Formula on this baby was fantastic. 2 coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches. And some sweet nail art 😉


with flash
matte macro
with dessert art


Now for second dessert!! C’mon…. we all know that’s a thing 🙂 Besides, you aren’t actually consuming anything anyways! Banana Girls is a wax melt that smells like freshly baked banana cream pie topped with juicy pearberry, and rounded out by the sweet aroma of vanilla. Guys, I have no clue what pearberry is but I don’t think it matters lol. It smells exactly like a fresh banana cream pie. The description is spot on ❤ I was able to cut it in half to use it twice and I have half melting right now. SO GOOD!!! How did I do? Did you get the whole dinner vibe? Now you need the box to make it official 🙂

The Gilmore Girl Thanksgiving Box will be available for preorder October 28th – November 4th in Wildflower Lacquer‘s shop. The box will be $20 USD plus shipping. The polishes will also be available separately for $10 USD each. Soooooo, just get the box so you get the wax melt and diffuser free!! Totally worth it ❤ Let me know in the comments what you like best! Links below 🙂 Have a great day all ❤


Wildflower Lacquer: Shop: FB Page: FB Group: Instagram: Twitter:

Lyn B Designs: Shop: FB Page: FB Group: Instagram: Twitter:

Live YouTube Swatches

Glisten & Glow ~ Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Polishes + Cuticle Oil Pen

*Provided for review



Hey guys 🙂 I am SO happy to be sharing this with you today! Breast Cancer Awareness is a cause I believe very strongly in. I have donated time and money when I can. But guess what? I have never personally known anyone who has had to deal with this. It seems crazy but it’s true. I honestly just believe that because I am a woman, my mom is a woman, my daughters are women, etc; we should all be supporting the cause. It is mostly a female issue so why not support something that can happen to anyone you love! Here is another thing you may or may not know: At the end of July, Jill’s mom Anne was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer that had spread to the lymph nodes.  The cancer was found at her yearly mammogram. They remain positive and hopeful for a cancer free future for her. Her form of breast cancer is aggressive and over the next year she will be receiving chemo, have surgery, and radiation. Fortunately, financially it will all be possible for her but for many women it is not. Jill and Anne created this collection to raise awareness of early detection, breast cancer in general, and to help women during this difficult time. 100% of the profits* from the sale of this collection will be donated to the Cancer Center in CT where she is receiving treatment and the donation will be earmarked for women who need financial assistance for treatments. We will be sharing the specific Cancer Center closer to launch and the donation will be publicly shown when the sale is completed. (*Profits are calculated less the cost of the ingredients to make the product, shipping and PayPal fees and promo discount codes.) I can only hope to do these babies justice for the both of them ❤ Let’s go!

Pink Is Stronger Than You Think is a light pink crème polish packed with pink and copper shimmer with a light dusting of holo. This one was a little streaky on the first coat. It totally covered on the second coat. This polish is super pretty and dainty, but for me it wasn’t the best G&G polish I have used formula wise. I’m sure a little thinner would fix it right up! I used 2 coats plus Glisten & Glow glossy and matte top coats for my swatches. Art was done using The Breast Is Yet To Come for the dry brushing and stamping, and Born Pretty stamping plate BP-26.


with flash
matte macro
with art


Big Or Small, Save Them All is a medium pink crelly polish packed with blue, purple, and pink ucc flakies and a light dusting of holo. I ADORE this one! The formula is freaking fantastic ❤ This is my ultimate polish I think. Seriously wouldn’t change a thing! I used 3 thin coats plus G&G glossy and matte top coats for my swatch. For the art I used G&G Mother Fire and a black polish for the stamping and Born Pretty stamping plate BP-26.


with flash
matte macro
with art


The Breast Is Yet To Come is a dark pink/magenta sparkly shimmer. This one is almost foil like but not as foily. Know what I mean lol?! Absolutely perfect for the season and upcoming holidays. The formula was wonderful and went on smoothly in 2 coats. I used 2 coats and G&G glossy and matte top coats for my swatch. For the art I used Pink Is Stronger Than You Think and I hand painted the design using The Breast Is Yet To Come. I never said I was an artist lol. I am left handed, swatching on my left hand and doing art with my right hand…  This is why I stamp all the time!


with flash
matte macro
with art


Lets not forget the cuticle oil! This is Fight Strong! and it smells divine ❤ The oil is scented with a fruity blend of passion fruit and guava with top notes of pink pepper and berry. Y’ALL… You need this as much as you need air to live. Let’s move on to how you get this amazingness!

This trio of polish, along with the cuticle oil, will be available on October 7th 2018 at 7pm EST. The 4 piece collection (3 polishes + 1 pen) will be $32 USD. Individual polishes will be $10.50 USD each. The cuticle oil pen alone will be $6.99 USD. If you buy the whole collection you end up getting the oil for $.49 USD. That is an amazing deal!! If you are going to get any BCA polish at all, get these. It’s just a great donation to an important cause for someone very close to home for the brand ❤ ❤ ❤ I hope you enjoyed the novel lol! As always links below 🙂


Glisten & Glow: Shop: FB Page: FB Group: Instagram: Twitter:

Live YouTube Swatches

Glisten & Glow: Glorious Glistenettes ~ Oceanic Overture

*Provided for review

*Very picture heavy

Guys! I have some of the prettiest polish you have ever seen!! Jill has made more of her Glorious Glistenettes ❤ The Oceanic Overture Collection is going to be a 3 part series. Pay close attention to release dates because these are all going to be one batch then done! I have part 1 for you today and some cuticle oils! This will be a long post picture wise so I’ll cut the chit chat.

First up is Sea Turtle Sonata. This polish is a mega holo with purple/blue/green/teal holo ucc flakes and teal and blue shimmers. I used 3 coats with glossy and matte top coat (all G&G) for my swatches.


with flash
with flash
matte macro
with art


Dolphin Duet is also a mega holo base with bronze/red/gold/pink/purple holo ucc flakes and it’s loaded with pink/red shifting shimmer. My swatch shows 3 coats with glossy and matte top coats.


with flash
with flash
matte macro
with art


Last is Beluga Blues. Ugh so pretty. It’s a super holo polish with pink/red/gold/green holo ucc flakes, blue micro flakes and violet shimmer. My swatches show 3 coats with glossy and matte top coats.


with flash
with flash
matte macro
with art

Here is what I think: These are freaking fantastic! I do think that the shimmer is a little lost in the intense holo. When you matte it, it really comes out. The formula is as expected for Glisten & Glow, super smooth and easy to work with. These actually dry pretty fast too!


There will also be 3 new and 2 re-released cuticle oil scents. These will be in the new twist style! I am excited about this. Every time I put the cap on my pen click ones I would click it by accident lol!! This will stop that from happening 🙂 The 2 re-released scents are Summer Sorbet (a blend of orange, peach, watermelon, tangerine, and a touch of strawberry), and Nectars Of The Caribbean (Island fun blended with sweet fruit nectars). NOTC is my favorite of all and its so peachy/tangeriney ❤ Totally in love! Summer Sorbet is a subtle fruit salad. Not overpowering but very long lasting! The new scents are Pineapple Whipped Dream (juicy fresh cut pineapple with a touch of whipped cream), Papaya Mango Madness (tropical sweet mangos and papayas), and Seashore (clean scent of waves, air, and sun of a summer day by the seashore). The Pineapple Whipped Dream is neat. You can totally smell the pineapple and you can totally smell the whipped cream. But they also blend soooooo good ❤ Papaya Mango Madness is nice but not my cup of tea. I love mangos but I do not like papaya :/ My mother in law loves it so she has been using it ❤ Seashore smells exactly like a seashore. That’s all I can say about it because the description is just spot on.

Now for the details. The Oceanic Overture Collection part 1, as well as the 5 cuticle oils, will be available on August 10th at 7pm EST. The polishes will be $11 USD each or $30 USD for the set. The cuticle oils will be $6.99 USD each. From August 10th – September 10th 2018, cuticle oils are the product of the month and will only be $4 USD each!! Stock up 🙂 I think that’s it! What was your favorite polish? Favorite cuticle oil scent? As always the links are below 🙂 Have a great night<3


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Southern Comforts

*Provided for review


Hello! Happy Pi Day (3-14)! Today I bring you some Southern Comforts stuff. I swear Tamara is in my head! I asked for a mask and she sent a rose clay mask. Now, I don’t care for the rose scent… BUT, rose oil products are so important for my face care. If you have been with me for a while you know that I deal with Excoriation/Dermatillomania, a skin picking disorder. My face suffers the worst so I have a lot of scarring and lots of times open sores. Rose is supposed to be amazing for problem skin and healing, and reducing scars, and… you get the idea. So it just made this package really special ❤ Along with the mask I got a foaming hand scrub and a lip oil. Lets have a look 🙂


Lets start with the lip oil. Besides nail polish my other obsession is lip stuff. I say “stuff” because it’s mostly lip balms but really ill take anything lippie! I have almost every Eos there is. I also own almost every Chapstick there is. Seriously, it’s a problem lol. I haven’t, however, tried a lip oil. It’s wonderful!! I have the scent/flavor cherry vanilla. It’s just like fresh cherries. The applicator is a soft doe foot. You only need a tiny swipe!! It’s oil so it will spread. I love that it goes on and soaks in quickly. The moisture stays for a very long time without any waxy film. It’s pretty ideal if you ask me! I would definitely suggest getting yourself a lip oil. The tube is $4.25 and because it’s oil it will last you a very long time!

The oil leaked a bit and wiped some of the lettering away with it



If you are like me, you need a good scrub for your hands at all times! This one is awesome because it starts as a scrub and finishes as a soap. You just need a little, maybe a scoop of one finger. Add just a pew drops of water and it makes a whipped paste. Scrub til your happy then add more water. It will bubble up and soap up your hands. Rinse and you have very soft hands without being greasy! I love it. I don’t care for the “moisturized” feel. To me, it feels slimey and yucky. This totally avoids all that for me! The scent I received is snow flake.  It smells like fresh outdoors and fabric softener sheets. Is that weird lol? I love it ❤ This 4oz. scrub is $6.00.


Now for the face mask. The mask is made with rose oil and rose clay. Use just like a normal clay mask: spread a thin layer on your face and let dry for about 15-20 minutes, rinse. This comes with 2 warnings! 1) Only use this mask once a week in case of sensitivity! 2) This mask may stain clothes! I have not had an issue with either of these at all. I even used an all white wash cloth the first time I did it and you would have no idea they it had been covered in pink clay 🙂 As far as sensitivity, NONE! It was just the opposite. Very cool and soft. It did not leave me feeling dry or like my skin was going to crack if I smiled. I love it and really want to try other masks from Tamara now! for me, with my disorder, masks = LIFE! This mask comes in a 4oz. jar for $10.50. Such a great price for such a beneficial product!

As usual I am in love ❤ If you don’t know already, I use Southern Comforts all the time! Soap, oil, and lotion. I will only BUY from her. I have other things for review but money around here is VERY tight so when I do have any to spend it goes here. I really cannot say enough about everything in her shop. I used to be die hard Bliss Kiss but her oil is just way better. Please do yourself the luxurious favor of grabbing something from Tamara’s shop. You will LOVE it I’m sure! Links will be below 🙂 Have a good hump day!!


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Glisten & Glow ~ Hand + Nail Nutrition

                                                                     *Provided for review

Good morning!! Just when I thought I had found my holy grail skin ritual, I get a message from Jill.  I was super excited to be chosen from so many talented, beautiful ladies in the nail community. I was also freaking out a little because I love her stuff! I have used Glisten & Glow top coat for years. It is basically the only top coat I use unless I say otherwise. It just CANNOT be beat. I have also used other products from G&G that have always been amazing. This new Hand + Nail Nutrition is no different. 
Hand + Nail Nutrition is one of those amazing “you have to try for yourself” products. It is unlike anything I have tried before. The formula is very thin. It only takes a tiny bit for both hands to be fully covered. H+NN is super packed with wonderful ingredients that deeply hydrate and protect your skin. I don’t drink nearly enough water and usually it shows. With this, my hands looked fresh and totally quenched. It actually helped smooth my nails a little. I have some crazy bumps and ridges and this seems to have evened that out a little. See for yourself…

Keep in mind that this was Thanksgiving weekend as well, I did so much cooking and so many dishes. I didn’t change a thing in my normal daily schedule. I also swatched and used acetone like crazy! H+NN works even better when paired with the G&G cuticle oil. I would use the H+NN first and let it soak in for maybe a minute or two. I then added a good coating of the cuticle oil and rubbed that in. I did this 3-5 times a day when I had a free few minutes, not until bed on Thanksgiving. So now that you have seen the proof, lets get to the deets!
The Hand + Nail Nutrition is available now HERE. There are 2 sizes and 2 scents. The sizes are .5 oz. for $6.50 and 2 oz. for $14.00. The scents offered are Unscented and their signature scent, Sangria White Peach. I will leave an ingredients list below for anyone who cares to check it out!! So what are you waiting for? I treat my hands awfully and they look great right now because of this miracle in a jar! Go give it a try and come back and tell me what you think!! Have a great day friendos!!
**Ingredients: water, vitamin e oil, jojoba oil, aloe barbadenis, rosehip oil, vitamin a, kelp extract, neem oil, vegetable glycerin, castor oil, wheat germ oil, keratin complex, panthenol, oat protein, coconut oil, beeswax, steric acid, emulsifying wax, SDC, MSM, citric acid, potassium, and fragrance (or not).

The Supernatural Box!

                                                                     *Provided for review/press sample

          Hello!! I am so excited to bring you this box 🙂 Let me start by saying that I have never seen this show… *gasp*. I know. At the moment, I am watching Bates Motel. When I finish this show I will be starting Supernatural. I don’t know if other bloggers do this but I just really like to know what exactly I am swatching! Ash has already gotten me into Game of Thrones, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, and I believe there is more but ya lol. The Supernatural Box comes with a bunch of goodies.  3 polishes (Supernatural Lacquer, Level Up Lacquer, Dollish Polish) 3 magnets & 1 postcard (Cut Throat Cutie) and 1 mani bomb (Loquita Bath & Body aka Lolita Lacquer). Let’s take a look at everything then we will get to the deets!

          The first thing I notice is how nicely it is all packaged up. That first picture is the sticker holding together the tissue paper. As soon as you open that, there is a postcard. Underneath that are the polishes, magnets, mani bomb, and business cards.


These bad boys went right on my helmers.
          I have not used the Women Of Letters mani bomb yet but when I do I will post a video up on IG. It is a honey, rose scent. Strong, but not over powering. How awesome does it look though?? I have used Mira’s mani bombs before and they are really good.
          Now for the polish. First up is Hey Assbutt from LevelUP Lacquer. This is described as a creamy whitish khaki crelly with Blue Ultra Chrome flakies. As always the formula is flawless. I used 2 thin coats for my swatch plus top coat. Such an incredible polish.

It is very fitting that The Supernatural Box would feature Supernatural Lacquer. I have 1 other polish of Stefanies and it is amazing. This one is no different. Her formula is super smooth and very opaque!! Saving People, Hunting Things is described as an olive drab green with gold shimmer, gold and bronze flakes and linear holo pigment. This one stamps so wonderfully. I used 2 coats plus top coat for my swatch. You can totally get away with 1 coat if you’re careful.

The final polish in this box is from Dollish Polish. This is a new to me brand. The polish is gorgeous! I Lost My Shoe is a metallic midnight blue with color-shift micro flakies. Pictures just don’t do this one justice. Like the other polishes, this one has a flawless formula. Perfect in 2 coats with top coat.

Final Thoughts: GET THE BOX! The quality of the polish is worth every penny. The rest is just bonus! I haven’t even watched the show yet and I love this collab ❤ Seriously! There will only be 50 boxes available so mark your calendars. Here are the details. The box will be on preorder March 10th-12th. The cost is $33 + shipping. International shipping is available for this 🙂 It will be available only on Stefanie's website. I will leave links to each makers shop below!!! Hope you have a fantastic week! Keep an eye on my IG for swatch videos 🙂
Supernatural Lacquer:: Shop
LevelUP Lacquer:: Shop
Dollish Polish:: Shop
Loquita B & B:: Shop
Cut Throat Cutie:: Shop

Southern Comforts ~ It’s Not Just Soap, It’s A Way Of Life

                                                                          *Provided for review

          Hello!! Tonight I have some non polish stuff for you! I was sent a few bath products to try and review. Southern Comforts is a hand made soap company. Tamara, the owner, offers more than just soap. There are bath bombs, bath salt, mani bombs and more. I have some of those to show you.

          Cherry Jubilee Soap was the first thing I went for in the package. The scent sticks out like crazy! After you wash it lingers lightly, nothing too overpowering. The soap itself is gorgeous. Its marbled so nicely. It is a soft soap so make sure when its not being used that it stays as dry as possible. The lather from this soap is so thick and luscious. You don’t need a lot of rubbing to get it going. Because of the ingredients, it is very moisturizing.
          Cherry Jubilee Soap Ingredients:  olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, mica, clay, fragrance oil

Better Than Sex Rum Cake Mani Bomb. This was amazing. The scent is so yummy and perfect for fall. The fizz lasted forever. Seriously, go check my YouTube video. I didn’t edit the fizz part at all. I am constantly painting my nails and using pure acetone so this is just the thing my nails and hands need after a long swatch session. It is so moisturizing that after I towel dried my hands, I was still rubbing in the residual oils. Its not greasy or anything, it just lasts! Here is what is in the mani bomb.

          Better Than Sex Rum Cake Mani Bomb Ingredients:  sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, Epsom salt, kaolin clay, cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, mica, fragrance oil

The Mulberry Cupcake is next and this baby has 3 parts!!
The base is a bath bomb, the “frosting” is a bubble bar (bubble bath), and the berry on top is a mini soap. This is so adorable. Mine did not make it to me in 1 piece but this is a picture of what yours will look like. Because mine was broken up I decided to use it for a pedicure. I only used half of the product. The other half is getting a super test maybe tonight. Its getting the husband feet test!!!! I will take before and after pics so we can see how this cupcake works on sand paper lol. Anyways, all of these parts together make the perfect soak. the scent was very subtle but relaxing. Such a great product!!

          Cupcake Bath Bomb Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate citric acid, kaolin clay, cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, fragrance oil

          Cupcake Icing Ingredients: cream of tartar, distilled water, powdered sugar, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate – slsa, mica, fragrance oil

This is a picture Tamara sent me of the finished product

          Lastly, we have the Berry Marshmallow Crunch Bath Salts. This is tied with the soap for my favorite. When I was told it was going to be Berry Marshmallow Crunch scented I was wicked excited. You don’t see to many scents like that. I have to say I didn’t smell it. To me is had a light floral scent. Like it was aromatherapy. It smelled wonderful and again was a very relaxing scent. The water immediately felt softer. It was not oily or geasy at all. Everything just absorbed right into my skin. I was not left feeling dry at all. I highly suggest these bath salts. it is perfect for pampering yourself with little to no work!
          Berry Marshmallow Crunch Bath Salts: Epsom salts, kosher salt, pink Himalayan salt, sea salt, baking soda, mica, fragrance oil

I really enjoyed doing this review. It was nice to take a break from polish and do something different. It could not have come at a better time too. Vacation, birthday, and back to school takes its toll when it all happens in a 2 week period! These products have given me the kick start I needed to get back into my hand care routine. Make sure to check out Tamara’s shop and get what you need with this cold weather season coming! As always, links are below!! Have a good night 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!
Southern Comforts:: Shop:: Instagram::

Coffee Break!

          Hey everyone! Today I have another win to show you! I don’t know how I get so lucky!?!? This time it was all because of my name. Not Jenn, Caffeinated Cuticles!! It was a coffee themed giveaway in a Facebook fan group for Joy Lacquer. I know! I just won some other Joy Lacquer! Nuts right! Anywho, this is what I got 🙂 Thanks again Joy ❤

The polish is not a color I would purchase on my own. I started to fall in love with Caffeine Cure while swatching it though. It is such a smooth crelly polish. A beautiful dusty rosey nude color. It dries super shiny as well. Just all around perfection. My swatch is 2 coats with HKGirl.

I am obsessed with this brown gold and pink glitter polish and it just happen to match perfectly! If you would like to know what it is just ask. I don’t believe its available anymore though 😦
The scrub is unlike anything I have ever tried. It doesn’t leave the oil film that most scrubs do. Don’t get me wrong, I love how moisturizing the oils are in scrubs. But this is just… mmmmm. Its a whipped creamy formula with coffee grounds and sugar for exfoliation. Add a small amount to wet hands and scrub it all over. When you rinse, your hands will be super moisturized and fresh. But NOT oily or greasy in any which way. It is pretty amazing stuff. Here are the ingredients: raw organic sugar, glycerin, water, plant based surfactant, sorbitol, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, fresh ground coffee, vitamin E oil, squalene, stearic acid, preservative, fragrance, and fragrance oil carrier.

This was right after removing polish. you can see the dry cuticles and redness.

This was after using only the scrub. no lotions oils or butters were used. Can you see the difference 🙂
You already know how I feel about Joy’s cuticle butter! If not, you can find that HERE. I will leave the links below! Make sure you stop by her shop and check it out!!

Lucky 13 Lacquer ~ Sea Salt Scrub

Hey there! How has your summer been? Mine has been family filled and fun! I have been spending all my spare time at my desk swatching and whatnot. Tonight, I bring you a review of a hand scrub from Lucky 13 Lacquer. The ingredients in this product include sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, coconut oil, and synthetic “blackberry fizz” fragrance.  First impression: It is such a pretty light coral color due to the pink Himalayan salt! It also has a pretty strong fragrance. Although it is blackberry fizz scented, it definitely had a citrus note to it. It smelled fresh and lively. Can you describe scent like that lol? It just woke up my senses! Don’t worry too much about the strong scent. It soaks in and leaves a nice subtle scent that is very long lasting! I also was sent a glass file. I already know I love these so my review is to run and get you one! I will show you all the pics then let you know what I thought!!

Macro of the scrub.


Right after a long swatch session and right before my first use of the sea salt scrub.

Right after my first use. Look at the moisture!
This was after 3 uses of the scrub.
Freshly filled and scrubbed!
Overall, I loved this stuff. After a week of use (every other day), It definitely made my hands softer. My nails and cuticles soaked up the oils so fast. It was exactly what I needed for my nails and I didn’t even know it! Make sure you get some for yourself! Links below 🙂
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