ILNP ~ Eclipse

*Purchased by me

Hey friends! Today I have for you the coveted Eclipse by ILNP! I know it’s everywhere at the moment so thanks so much for coming here to see it 🙂 Let’s check this beauty out.

Eclipse is a black based multichrome polish. Red and orange are the most prominent colors that show through but the green and blue are also there. It’s an easy change as well. You will not need extreme angles to see the red and orange. I actually think this polish looks coolest in the bottle. It shows the colors really well. My pics didn’t show the multichrome like I would have liked. I promise as soon as I move I will figure out better lighting for multichromes! Luckily you can see the bottle pic and the macros. You can use 2 thicker coats but I used 3 thinner coats for my swatches. Formula was great!! Price: $12.50

I do believe this is the first black multichrome. Don’t quote me but I can’t find any others. Feel free to correct me in the comments if you know otherwise! Eclipse made for the perfect Halloween mani ❤ I loved my nails so much! Have you picked this up yet? Again, I would love to do bestie twin nails so let me know! Have a great day y’all 🙂

ILNP ~ Mega (L)

How are we all doing? Probably in bed lol! I got my first ILNP polish in the mail today!! I was so excited when I saw that it was available on! I only had enough money to get this one thing because I had gotten a few other things for an upcoming giveaway! I don’t want to announce it until I have the stuff in hand but it will be a must to follow my Blog, IG, Facebook, and Twitter so make sure you do all that ahead of time!! If you check my IG, there is a picture of a Sally Hansen polish and in the caption I have listed some of the prize 😉 I absolutely needed to get myself this ILNP. I have a thing for silver holo polishes. Especially if it can stamp. I have not tested that yet but I will. For my swatch of Mega(L), I used 3 thin coats and my trusty HKGirl top coat. The L means the holo is linear. They also offer Mega in a scattered holo form. Mega(L) has such a smooth formula. The actual holo particle is so fine that’s its all seamless. Its like I poured rainbow on my nails. I am so very happy with this polish. The packaging was like it was sent from a really close friend. So pretty and colorful. Not sure when, but I will definitely be going back for more ILNP.

Let me know what your favorite ILNP polishes are and which ones I need the most! Links below!!