Creative Cuticles Nail Polish ~ Nothing Good

                                                                                 *I bought this

          Happy Friday peeps! How was black Friday shopping for you? I hope you got amazing deals. Like I said in my last post, I only got to buy 1 thing. Well, 2 really. Then it ended up being 4! I bought a polish and a charm and I got 2 polishes and 2 charms. My Dallas Cowboy star came with a little football so I am super happy about that. 11-1!!!!! Then I got BF16 free with my purchase of Nothing Good. If you keep reading, I may have something for 1 lucky person…

          So, Nothing Good is the polish I chose because I need all the Cowboy blue colored polishes!! It matches the charm perfectly too! Nothing Good is part of the After Midnight trio. It is a deep blue jelly with dark purple ultra micro glitter and holo. For me it was very hard to capture the purple glitters. The dark jelly over powers them a little and just makes them look blue. Either way a gorgeous mix. I used 2 coats and was completely satisfied with coverage. In the pics there is a slight visible nail line. I couldnt tell in real life. You could make it fully opaque with 3 coats but I dont really think its necessary. To the pics!

2 coats of Nothing Good with top coat

Nothing Good with flash

Nothing Good macro
Nothing Good with art!

I added that last picture because there was a comment in the CCNP facebook group that someone had some polish staining. The polish was Melissa not NG!. Now, I am in NO WAY trying to call this person out or call her a liar. Everyone has a different body chemistry and some things work differently on some people than others. This is just MY experience. I had this polish on for about an hour with taking pics and doing art. I use 1 coat of Yellow Stopper as a peel off base coat for swatching. After peeling pieces of the polish off, there was not any staining at all. I only wanted to bring this up because Kayla is the most diligent indie polish maker I have dealt with. Her testing is always super extensive. Feel free to ask her any details. She is always super sweet and attentive. Now, about that thing. I have a brand new bottle of BF16 that I would love to give to a deserving person who missed out on this limited edition polish. Please leave me a comment below and let me know if you were not able to get BF16 and why you think you deserve it. Please dont comment if you do have it. I want to send this to someone who will never have the chance at this polish. You have 1 week. I will pick a winner next Friday/Saturday. As always links are below! Have a great weekend!
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Creative Cuticles Nail Polish ~ BF16

                                                                                   *I won this.

          FRIDAY!!! You have exactly 1 week until Black Friday! I have plans to buy 2 things. First thing is a new laptop! Seriously, this tiny Acer sucks! The second is a new polish from CCNP. I have a good idea on which one but you know how it is… Kayla has some serious awesomeness for Black Friday. Get 50% off of any purchase when you buy 2 or more items using the code: CCNPBF16!! Charms and polish are included in this sale. Also get a full sized bottle of todays featured polish for free!!! Please check HERE for the list of polishes available on Black Friday. Are you ready to see your freebie?!?!

          I was super excited to win the chance to swatch a polish that can never be bought. I mean, how neat right?! As far as indie polish that I have bought myself, CCNP is my most owned. Its really only like 10 lol but 1 income yada yada. Either way CCNP is my indie weakness. Not to mention the amazing sales Kayla always has. Ok ok, I have talked enough! Get ready for some serious pic spam 🙂

          BF16 starts with a purple shimmer base. Add some micro holo glitters and micro charcoal flakies and BAM! Perfection in a bottle. While searching for a base color for this polish I fell in love with so many colors so you will see them all. They are all solid creme polishes because I dont want any shimmer or holo from my base to interfere with the topper. Every swatch is 1 coat of BF16 over the base color with top coat. Formula is amazing! Drum roll please……………………………………


Base color: INM Granite

Base color: INM Granite


Darker colors

Base color: SinfulColors Black On Black

Base color: INM Sage

Base color: SinfulColors Mesmerize

Base color: L.A. Colors Fierce
Lighter colors

Base color: SinfulColors Snow Me White

Base color: INM Cherry Blossom

Base color: SinfulColors Summer S-cool

Base color: INM Bananigans

          So do you love it?!?! Dont forget, THIS POLISH CANNOT BE PURCHASED!! I will have the links below to Kayla’s shop and social media so you dont miss your 1 chance to get this baby! Have a great Friday everyone!!

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Coffee Break!

          Hey everyone! Today I have another win to show you! I don’t know how I get so lucky!?!? This time it was all because of my name. Not Jenn, Caffeinated Cuticles!! It was a coffee themed giveaway in a Facebook fan group for Joy Lacquer. I know! I just won some other Joy Lacquer! Nuts right! Anywho, this is what I got 🙂 Thanks again Joy ❤

The polish is not a color I would purchase on my own. I started to fall in love with Caffeine Cure while swatching it though. It is such a smooth crelly polish. A beautiful dusty rosey nude color. It dries super shiny as well. Just all around perfection. My swatch is 2 coats with HKGirl.

I am obsessed with this brown gold and pink glitter polish and it just happen to match perfectly! If you would like to know what it is just ask. I don’t believe its available anymore though 😦
The scrub is unlike anything I have ever tried. It doesn’t leave the oil film that most scrubs do. Don’t get me wrong, I love how moisturizing the oils are in scrubs. But this is just… mmmmm. Its a whipped creamy formula with coffee grounds and sugar for exfoliation. Add a small amount to wet hands and scrub it all over. When you rinse, your hands will be super moisturized and fresh. But NOT oily or greasy in any which way. It is pretty amazing stuff. Here are the ingredients: raw organic sugar, glycerin, water, plant based surfactant, sorbitol, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, fresh ground coffee, vitamin E oil, squalene, stearic acid, preservative, fragrance, and fragrance oil carrier.

This was right after removing polish. you can see the dry cuticles and redness.

This was after using only the scrub. no lotions oils or butters were used. Can you see the difference 🙂
You already know how I feel about Joy’s cuticle butter! If not, you can find that HERE. I will leave the links below! Make sure you stop by her shop and check it out!!

My True Love Creations ~ Elements Collection

Yay!! We made it to Friday!! Now that I am finally feeling better, I have the Elements Collection to show you. It has 4, perfect for spring, shimmer polishes. This collection will be releasing on March 23rd. Read all the way to the bottom to find out how you can win this collection before its released!! Lets get to it!
          First up is Burning Desire. It is a salmon pink polish with a hot pink flash to it. This one also has a super subtle scattered holo in it. I used 2 easy peasy coats plus HKGirl top coat.

Emerald Sea is a gorgeous, frosty, aqua, shimmer polish. It is so bright while still being soft enough for spring. Love it. My swatch is 2 coats with HKGirl top coat. Be mindful with your strokes as it can leave brush strokes.

Pink Diamond is next and is such a soft dusty rose color. This seems to have micro glass flecks along with the shimmer. Super duper pretty. Again, this swatch is 2 smooth coats with HKGirl top coat.

Silver Lining is the final polish in this set. It is also my favorite. It is a gunmetal silver-grey that has purple undertones to it. This one also seems to have micro glass flecks along with the shimmer. So unique and an absolute must have. Keeping with the trend, this is 2 coats with HKGirl top coat.

**My macros are not color accurate. I really wanted you to be able to see the polish close up though. The pictures with the bottles are color accurate!
What do you think of this set? Would you like to win it? I will be giving away my set with my current giveaway. Yes, they have been swatched, but they are full bottles of an unrealeased collection!! Enter my giveaway HERE!
All Links are below!!
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My True Love Creations ~ Afterhours Collection

Hi everyone! How are we all doing on this Monday? I should be cleaning but I think I will put it off just a little while longer. I think that polish is more important in my list of priorities!! Today I have the very dark and sexy Afterhours Collection from MTLCreations! This upcoming collection will be available for pre-order on February 29th and for sale in the shop on March 9th. The full collection will be $46.99 CAD. The polishes in this collection are amazing. Would you like to see them? I thought you would!

          French Kiss is a deep crimson crème polish that is totally opaque in 2 coats with HKGirl top coat. The formula was perfect as usual. Such a creamy formula that is totally self leveling. So vampy. My pictures lean a little browner than it is in real life.

Blue-ty Call is a dark blue jelly polish that leans a little teal. Omg is it gorgeous. Blue polishes have been a weakness lately and the deeper the better. I used 3 thin coats with my HKGirl top coat. It is so squishy! I cant wait to make jelly sammiches with this!

Can you see the bump in my nail? This is just how my nail grows. NOTHING to do with the polish!!
Orgasmic Dreams is my favorite of the bunch. It is a dark purple jelly. Kind of a cross between a raisin color and royal purple. So pretty. It has scattered holo and multiple sizes and shapes of holographic and metallic glitters. I used 3 thin coats with top coat but 2 coats would be ok. I just wanted more glitter lol. Formula was perfection with this one. Its like a little purple galaxy on the nails. So mesmerizing.

Bottle macro of Orgasmic Dreams
Happy Ending is the last polish in this collection. It is a chocolate brown crème polish with scattered holo and tons of glitters that are holographic and metallic. This polish is so opaque! I only used 1 coat plus HKGirl. The formula on this polish is wonderful. The mix of colors is so so pretty. I did find that because it has such an opaque base, it was a little hard for the glitters to show up. You can see the glitters much better in the bottle. Either way, I loved it.

Bottle macro of Happy Ending
Overall, this collection is unique and I love it. Which one is your favorite? As always, links below! Have a great week!
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Joy Lacquer ~ Know It. Fight It. End It.

Hi guys! I have been under the weather and I cant sleep so here I am. I want to show you a polish and cuticle butter I just won in a giveaway! Joy Lacquer is a new to me indie polish brand. I love trying new things. Especially when they impress! The polish is just amazing. I used 3 thin coats of Know It. Fight It. End It. plus my HKGirl top coat. This polish is a blurple metallic that has a great formula. Brush strokes are a little visible but not too bad at all. My favorite thing about this polish is that it stamps! I did some stamping over SinfulColors Alfresco and the colors matched beautifully. The stamping itself is terrible because I was trying my new marshmallow stamper. For some reason the firm stamping heads pick up sooooo much better for me!

Joy Lacquer Know It. Fight It. End It. macro
Joy Lacquer Know It. Fight It. End It. stamped over SinfulColors Alfresco.

Joy Lacquer Know It. Fight It. End It. stamped over SinfulColors Alfresco macro
Matte Orange Cuticle Butter is the second thing I want to show you. It is the best thing ever! I have been strictly using my Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Nail Oil and my Burt’s Bees cuticle cream. My nails have been pretty good so far. Then this! I have stopped using my Burt’s Bees and I don’t plan on buying it anymore. This balm is much more firm and way less greasy. The smell is so very subtle, yet very fresh. This cuticle butter and my oil are a match made in heaven. The packaging is so tiny and cute. Super convenient. Its is also available in bigger sizes and other scents. I grabbed this little piece of info from her shop site, “Matte Orange Cuticle Butter is a firmer formula and contains a bit less oil than your normal cuticle butters, but is just as beneficial.  It’s base is shea and cocoa butter with grapeseed oil added.  The fragrance is blood orange essential oil and is found to be very soothing and subtle.  Matte Orange is perfect for those who do not want a shiny look on their fingertips.” I am now totally hooked. I will be trying this in other scents but because of the matte quality this one has, I will be keeping it as a staple for swatching. Moisturized cuticles without the oil slick shine!
This, and the next picture, were taken right after washing my hands and applying the Matte Orange Cuticle Butter. I used no other products in these pics.

Please, please, please, go give this shop a look and follow the social media accounts! This is a highly underrated indie that needs to be shared! If you already own a Joy Lacquer, tell me what is the must have shade? Links below!!
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ILNP ~ Mega (L)

How are we all doing? Probably in bed lol! I got my first ILNP polish in the mail today!! I was so excited when I saw that it was available on! I only had enough money to get this one thing because I had gotten a few other things for an upcoming giveaway! I don’t want to announce it until I have the stuff in hand but it will be a must to follow my Blog, IG, Facebook, and Twitter so make sure you do all that ahead of time!! If you check my IG, there is a picture of a Sally Hansen polish and in the caption I have listed some of the prize 😉 I absolutely needed to get myself this ILNP. I have a thing for silver holo polishes. Especially if it can stamp. I have not tested that yet but I will. For my swatch of Mega(L), I used 3 thin coats and my trusty HKGirl top coat. The L means the holo is linear. They also offer Mega in a scattered holo form. Mega(L) has such a smooth formula. The actual holo particle is so fine that’s its all seamless. Its like I poured rainbow on my nails. I am so very happy with this polish. The packaging was like it was sent from a really close friend. So pretty and colorful. Not sure when, but I will definitely be going back for more ILNP.

Let me know what your favorite ILNP polishes are and which ones I need the most! Links below!!

Polish Addict Nail Color ~ Pretty Poison

Hi everyone! I did have a different polish for you today but I realized that the whole post would have been a complaint. Im not really sure how to approach the situation so I opted to bring you an awesome review instead!! If you follow my Instagram, then you already know that I recently bought Pretty Poison from PANC. And you also know I love it! Seriously. I have drooled over this polish since the first time I saw it. Only having 1 income really hurts my indie budget so when I saw that Laura added it to her last chance bin I had to fly! And because it was during the holidays I also got an extra 10% off of that!! Did I mention that this polish is a thermal? With shipping included it was less then $6.50! I am a little sad to say that the thermal does not work for me 😦 It came in the mail such a beautiful pink color because its cold outside. I let it sit for a day to warm up properly then I swatched it. I tried to take pics with the transition but even in ice water it just stayed white. That is actually fine with me because I love it so much either way! I am so super happy I got to get his before it was gone forever! This is 3 thin coats with HKGirl top coat.

Pretty Poison macro.
Do you have this polish? I would love to see your swatches or nail art using it! Let me know in the comments how to find your pics! Links below!!
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Glisten & Glow ~ Ball Lightning

Hump day!!! Today I bring you the last of the 3 polishes I received in my grab bag purchase recently. Ball Lightning is a blurple-y linear holo polish from Glisten & Glow. It is super opaque! As always I use no less than 2 coats but this wouldn’t require the second coat if you are careful. This was a part of the December Holo Hookup box that I talked about in my last post. Maybe I will hit that powerball and finally grab one of the Holo Hookup boxes lol!! I have a blanket to go make so lets get to the polish. Ball Lightning in 2 coats with HKGirl top coat.

Not the best lighting but it was the best macro of Ball Lightning I got.
Don’t worry if you have not gotten in on the holo action! There is a new box every month so be on the lookout! Links below!
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DIFFERENT dimension ~ I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I have another of the 3 polishes from the grab bag I told you about yesterday. This one is from DIFFERENT dimension and is just as amazing as Netflix & Chill. This polish was a part of the first Holo Hookup box. This is a monthly box that includes four themed holographic polishes. The makers included are Glisten & Glow, DIFFERENT dimension, and Cupcake Polish. They are permanent and they feature a 4th indie in each box. The boxes are $40 plus shipping and each polish is exclusive to that box. The box that I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller is from is the November 90’s hip hop themed box and is sadly not available now. Just a little fun fact: I heard this song totally randomly on my iTunes radio today!! My youth was spent in the 90’s so this is the shiz! I loved the song and I love the polish. Purple mega holo!!! With a perfect buttery formula that could be a 1 coater you really cant go wrong. If you like thicker polish coats this is definitely a 1 coater. I did 2 coats with my HKGirl top coat.

I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller macro.
Isn’t this just gorgeous?! This is my favorite of the 3 I got! Would you like to see the 3rd today or wait until tomorrow? Let me know in the comments! Also, make sure you give DIFFERENT dimension a look. Links below!!
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