Recent buys

Last weekend i didnt post my hauls!!!! Sorry! But this weekend my polish shopping consisted of buying sets of milani 3d holographics for nail gals 🙂 i do wanna post all my stuff from last week so u dont wonder if i lost my sales and clearance skills 😉 stay tuned because i also have another bestie twin nails!! It was 50% off all clearance at sallys so i picked up a bunch of china glaze!! They also are giving a bottle of free diamond dry top coat with the purchase of 2 china glazes 🙂 so i ended up with a few of those!! It does work on sale and clearanced china glazes so its way worth it!! There was also hand lotion clearanced to $.49! Not sure how but i got 6 bottles for $.12 a piece 😀 i love sallys!! After sallys we went to t.j.maxx. mostly looking for nail envy but they didnt have that. Instead they had a set of orlys that included miss conduct!! A polish i have been searching for for 6 months! Maybe more. The other polish with that was angel eyes. Pretty but eh. And last but not least i finally am going to try mixing pure acetone and glycerin. Its supposed to b much less drying to your nails and cuticles. I havent made it yet so ill keep you posted 🙂 enjoy lovelies ❤

Playing catch up :)

These are my recent hauls. Not all were separate. Just tryin to improve my pics 🙂 anywho, as usual it was all either clearanced or sale prices!! I am a bargain shopper. I even got those 3 nail tek for free. Which makes my free nail tek count 8!!! Thats right! 8 Free nail teks 🙂 all you gotta do is look!! Search back shelves, read fine print on any tags or sales, and always be patient. Chances are that the new collection you want will go on sale soon!! I always wait until polishes are clearanced!! It can be a gamble though so i guess you gotta go with your gut. I almost missed sparkling garbage!! I waited and waited and then it was GONE!!!! 😦 But thankfully my husband is the best ever. We hit up every sallys til we found one. And he even paid full price ( wasnt losin it again!)! Blah blah…. anyways, i know some of the china glazes are from last halloween but i never got them then and i randomly found this set for $6 so i grabbed it. It has bizzare blurple (which is super awesome!), and ghoulish glow. Seems glow polish is all the rage right now. Eh, didnt like the orangey one and i already had the glitter goblin….. do i smell a contest??? NAIL ART CONTEST SOON!! :D. Now i will leave you with my pics 🙂 sorry for all the blabbing. I like to talk/type 🙂 enjoy!!


Ok! These were my hauls the past few weeks. Its alot!! My husband and i are amazing shoppers. We hit clearance and sales like you would not believe. I dont have a reciept for the first haul with the ruby wings. Which are just awseome by the way 🙂 But take a look at my reciept from my second (larger) haul!! OMG 😀 Ladies go check your sallys asap!!

My weeks hauls

Ok! Let me first start by saying wow!! My husband is such a great guy 🙂 i usually dont get this much and i never get this much new stuff. We are usually clearance and sale prowlers!! But there have been some deals we just couldnt pass up!! Like the color clubs!! 7 Full size neon polishes for $10!! Whaattt?!?! I know right!! I got them at t.j.maxx and they had other sets. But summer screams neon so viola 🙂 the sally hansens were $2 a piece at ocean state job lot. Always look there for polish but i usually dont find too much. Only once in a while will i get so lucky. My orlys were half off at cvs. Not my favorites but i am hosting a giveaway on instagram so i needed prizes! Sally hansens fuzzy coat. Hmmm. What can i say besides i dont like it. Im hoping maybe other bottles or colors will make the difference but i used 3 coats and its just not fuzzy. More of a small matte bar glitter topper. Nail envy is pretty self explanitory. It has done wonders for my nail strenghth and i also havent had much if any splitting or peeling since i started using it. This is my second bottle 🙂 it also came with a bangle and since im not big on jewelry it will b added to my giveaway! Here is where i will tell you to go check it out!! Im giving away 10-20 polishes on my instagram account @jstmynails!!!!! Its U.S only and ends june 30th! Almost forgot the rimmel. Havent tried it yet so not too much to say. But it is my first rimmel so im excited. And last, but my favorite, my sallys and dollar tree haul from today. I got the ombre kit as they were putting them on the shelves 🙂 they know me well there and ask why i dont work there lol. Maybe soon…. anyways. I also got my first china glaze holographic polish. From what i have seen they are not too holo. But i like to find out for myself so im checkin it out. And my sinful colors 🙂 i have found these for a dollar at my dollar tree alot lately!! Thats half price. Meaning i can get twice as many. Because i have super anxiety i dont work. I polish 🙂 my husband works and spoils me like crazy. I usually only allow it when its cheap but when he pushes for me to get what i want or like who am i to tell him no?!?! Well thats my hauls this week. Hopefully ill be back soon with better reviews of my stuff. Dont forget to check my ig for more nail pics and for my giveaway!! 🙂