Drip Drop Nail Paint ~ Prototype #809

Hi friends! Here is the other Drip Drop Nail Paint I told you about! Prototype number 809. This DDNP is pretty much the same as the purple one. It was a touch streaky but I find that with almost all light greens and yellows. It evens itself out by the third coat very nicely. This polish is a pastel green cremelly leaning slightly to the yellow side. As with the purple DDNP, this one also has a very slight holo dust that was very hard to capture. I stamped with this swatch as well but sadly it smudged a little. I’m still learning 🙂 I used Winstonia plate w112 with Sally Hansen polish in Blue Me Away.  I definitely recommend Jessica’s polishes. They were delivered extremely fast and the quality is great! Make sure to go support small business!

Black Label Nails

Happy Friday everyone!! Hope you all have awesome plans for the weekend. I will be staying home cleaning, swatching, and blogging. Which for a nail addict is definitely a fun weekend 😉  So, lately I feel like I totally got dunked in a luck pool!! I won 5 giveaways in a week!!! I mean come on… who does that?!?!?! now I will probably never win anything again for the rest of my life lol. One of the giveaways I won was more of a contest. Jenn, the owner and creator of Black Label Nails, had a polish naming contest for a St. Patricks day glitter topper. I threw in the name Counting Clovers and won!! The prize was either 1 full bottle of polish of my choice or 3 mini bottles of polish of my choice. I chose the minis so I could have a few to review. Besides the fact that every woman needs options!! I chose Paradise City, Sour Girl, and Counting Clovers. Of course I had to have the one I named! Lets get to it. For these swatches I used 1 coat of the glitter over four thin coats of Sour Girl. This polish has small metallic green hexes and medium whit hexes. it also has holographic clovers. It is very cute and very festive!! Went on smooth but I had to fish for and place all the clover glitters. I usually don’t mind doin what I gotta do to get those big sinking glitters but this one was a little harder than usual. even after leaving my bottle upside down I had to fish and swirl like crazy to get them on my brush. I really do like this though even without the clovers so its all good!

 This is Sour Girl by itself. 4 thin coats of perfection.

Sun shot.

Here is Paradise City. this one was a little one the thick side but again, thinner to the rescue!! I really don’t know how Jenn does it but her formula is so even and smooth! This polish has a super flash of blue/purple. My camera couldn’t handle all that flash of awesomeness so just take my word for it!! I promise its amazing. I am pretty sure its supposed to be a blue shimmer but in some lights it does look purple. which is awesome because it just gives it more spunk!!

Hope you enjoyed!! til next time… 🙂

Zoya ~ Chita

 Hey there friends! I have gotten super spoiled lately. My husband just cant help himself. Which is the worst because I cant help myself when it comes to polish!! There was a major Zoya promotion recently for 3 free polishes!! All you had to pay was $12 for shipping and handling!! So my husband let me get three then created an account in his name and told me to get a few more!!!! When he says yes I don’t hesitate. I asked my nail bestie Sally what she liked and hooked her up! I chose for her Stevie and Blaze. Stevie is a pixie dust textured polish and Blaze is a holographic polish. These will be her first Zoyas!! And that’s just the Zoyas! I was also able to pick up some new indies which I will be getting swatch of soon so keep an eye out for that!! What I have for you now is one of the polishes I picked for myself from the Zoya sale. This one is Chita. Chita is a dark forest green with silver micro glitters that could totally be a one coater. I used two because I prefer my coats to be very thin. If you wanted to use a thicker coat just one should do. I also did not use top coat. This dries to a textured matte finish that is just the best. If you don’t own any Pixie dust polishes from Zoya I strongly suggest you get one. In my opinion they are the best textured polishes by far!!! My skin looks a little red but I think after I did these swatches I made it better so bare with me on that. I’m working on making my lighting much better for the sake of these beautiful polishes. Check out Chita.

Sinful Colors ~ Emerald Envy

Hey there friends 🙂 I said I would have these posted already but I don’t.  So I’m doing it now. I’ll stop telling you all how irritating it is to deal with new electronics for me and just breath and blog!! Here we go. Today we have Emerald Envy from Sinful Colors.  I am very pleasantly surprised by this one.  My husband is the green lover. I gravitate towards purple like its the only color on earth lol. So when my husband brought this home for me I was like, eh.  But when it was this guys turn to be swatched I slowly fell in love.  It has this amazing gold shimmer to it. If you have ever seen Happy Ending also by Sinful Colors it is just like it but textured and matte. It took 2 coats to be a solid color and the dry time was amazing. Usually textures dry super fast like glitter polishes. I will be using this polish a lot come St. Patricks day!! See for yourself 🙂

Christmas Manis!!

Nothing to review or swatch today but here is a few shots of a Christmas mani i just finished 🙂 i used Pure Ice silver mercedes sugar cookie. For the red and green i just used some Avon stripers and a dotting tool over nail tape!! Enjoy 🙂

Adding more christmas manis to this post!! These are a chevron tip with gold star studs. The base is essies as gold as it gets. The tips are winter wonder by sinful colors. Wanted something cute and festive but not super girly!! SUCCESS 🙂 Enjoy!!

She Nail Polish ~ Leave Me

Hey lovelies 🙂 today i have 3 nail polishes sent to me by Rashetta, owner of She’ Nail Polish. The quote for the polish is awesome!! “Colors that brighten up any mood”. Its so true!! How many of you have been happier just from a unique wonderful color?? I have! Actually when i recieved these thats how i felt because the colors are beyond different. First i will say i LOVE a solid color indie. Im not really a huge glitter fan *gasp* i know…. Anyways i recieved 3 colors and imediately got a fall/70’s/watermarble vibe all at once! When i say 70’s thats good!! Im such a hippie lol 😀 so for all pictures i have a watermarble accent nail 🙂 The color here is called Leave Me. Its the perfect green for the holiday season!! I was pretty sheer so i actually put 3 thin coats over white. I did not however use any color underneath my water marble. The formula on the polish was wonderful. A streak here and there but super easy to fix and well worth it!! Also has a good dry time. Not super fast but you wont be waiting forever!! In all of these pics i am not wearing top coat. Didnt need it. Very shiny on its own. To the pics!! Enjoy 🙂

Honey Bunny Lacquer ~ The Doors Collection

Hello!! Today i have something super special to share with you!! I recently got up the guts to approach Deb, owner of Honey Bunny Lacquers, to swatch some of her polishes. Not just for fun but i really would love to be a part of the swatching world. I feel i have come leaps and bounds from where i was months ago and would like to start taking this more seriously. When i asked Deb about swatching she said absolutely!!! She, like myself, likes great music and sent me some polishes from her Doors collection!!!!! Even better she sent me one called love street which is my FAVORITE doors song. I was so excited to be “officially” swatching 🙂 the polish in the bottle looks sooo pretty. Peace frog is a beautiful green with gold shimmer. It just glides on the nail so smoothly. It took 3 coats until solid but every coat just as smooth as the last. Dries pretty swiftly as well. Then i added the glitter, Love street. OMG!!! They were perfectly matched for each other. Tiny holo hexes and small green squares just make me melt. I did have to place a few of the bigger hexes but it was worth it. In every pic i only used one coat of glitter. I also used seche vite top coat for all pics 🙂 Tons of pics for these ones ladies!! Make sure to follow Deb on instagram for updates and stock info @dmob74. And on twitter @beautyninja4!! ENJOY!!