LevelUP Lacquer ~ November ’20 PPU

*This polish was provided for review Hey nail peeps. How was your weekend? Mine were just a bunch of days bunched together lol. My weekends are on Wednesday and Thursday. I did get some quality time with my girls though so that was really nice. Anywho, we have the November PPU coming up. Would you… Continue reading LevelUP Lacquer ~ November ’20 PPU

Glisten & Glow ~ Fall 2020

Hello! How are we all doing? I am fabulous! It's 71 degrees out and all my windows are open. I love this time of year. The fresh air is just so perfect and refreshing. A perfect fall type day to bring you Glisten & Glows Fall 2020 trio! 3 gorgeous glitter crellies that are a… Continue reading Glisten & Glow ~ Fall 2020

Glisten & Glow ~ Summer Livin’ Collection Part 2

*Provided for reviewHere we are again! This time I'm bringing you part 2 of the Summer Livin' Collection. 1 crème and 3 neon glitter crellies! Let's get to it.Mini Golf & Margaritas is a neon blue polish. This polish is the best blue I own 💙 I also have this on my toes. Absolutely the… Continue reading Glisten & Glow ~ Summer Livin’ Collection Part 2

Glisten & Glow ~ Babes & Blossoms Crellies

*Provided for reviewHey guys! Part 2 of this fabulous Babes & Blossoms collection. Today we are looking at the glitter crellies. These are all so fun and perfect for spring! Let's see what we got.Ducklings & Daisies is a white based crelly with grape, mint, baby pink, andyellow glitters. I really loved the grape glitters in… Continue reading Glisten & Glow ~ Babes & Blossoms Crellies

LevelUP Lacquer ~ April ’19 PPU

*Provided for reviewHi! How are you doing this fine evening? I just watched The Walking Dead season 9 finale. Disappointed is an understatement. WTH! I expected some type of action. Well, let me show you something that is the complete opposite of disappointing. LevelUP Lacquer is back for April's PPU and Ash nailed it ❤… Continue reading LevelUP Lacquer ~ April ’19 PPU