Dr.’s REMEDY ~ DESIRE Dark Brown

*This polish was provided for review

Hi! How are we all doing? I am anxious as hell! After buying the house fell through we decided to wait a few more years and to just look for a bigger apartment for now. Well, we put in an application to some “luxury” apartments and now we wait. Waiting is so hard!! I have never had much in life as far as money and extras go so even being able to apply here is surreal. But, you’re here for the polish aren’t you. Let’s get to it.

DESIRE Dark Brown is a dark brown creme polish with purple undertones. This polish reminds me of raisins. It has just enough of a purple hint to seem raisiny lol. Super sultry and smooth polish. Definitely perfect for fall and winter. As with most of Dr.’s REMEDY creme polishes, this one is just fabulous. I used 2 coats for my swatches. Price: $17.25

Can you tell that the stamping is a leaf? This was my first try at layered stamping. I wanted to keep it simple because I really wanted to show off this color alone. Make sure you give Dr.’s REMEDY a try. They have tons of good stuff in their polishes such as tea tree oil, biotin, wheat protein, and vitamins. This brand of polish was created by doctors with YOU in mind. Let me know what you think in the comments and if you are interested in bestie twin nails let me know that as well! Have a great day y’all.

Dr.’s REMEDY Holiday ’18 Duo

*Provided for review


Hi guys! My first Holiday post (this year)!! Spoiler alert*** It’s a good one ❤ I have used Dr.’s REMEDY before and they are so good. These, though, blew me away. Totally high end status with polish that feels like it’s an indie! Let’s have a look.


MAGNETIC Midnight is such an exquisite polish. MM is described as “an intergalactic charcoal with glittery specks of multicolor shimmer, this mesmerizing lacquer is truly out of this world. Perfect for holiday parties when you feel like turning up the glam factor, it’s pretty much glitz in a bottle.” I’m gonna call this one a chocolate charcoal. It has a shimmer that really warms the polish and gives it a chocolatey hue. It is packed with holo flakies of different sizes! Totally an indie feeling polish. What’s even better is that MAGNETIC Midnight is a 1 coater. Totally opaque in 1 super smooth coat. You will see in my swatch video I have linked below 🙂 I used 2 coats (because that’s just what I do) plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches. This polish is $17 USD. *This polish is not magnetic.


with flash



matte macro

with art


GIVING Garnet is another stunner! GG is described as “a shimmer-flecked flash of bold crimson color, this festive hue is about as holiday as it gets. Whether you sweep it on a single finger as an accent shade or go all-in with a ruby slipper-inspired mani—you’ll undoubtedly have a celebration on your hands.” I am so happy that they mentioned the ruby slipper thing. I have so many red glitter polishes, it’s one of my favs <3. NONE of them come as close as this to that ruby slipper feeling!! I put this one on as fast as I could. The base is a red jelly. Not pink that builds to red, but RED!! I find this to be a very hard thing to find for red jelly and/or crelly polishes. This is pretty much pure glitter so I recommend a peel off base coat and a really good top coat to smooth out the glitters. Formula was fantastic! I just can’t say enough about GIVING Garnet! I used 3 thin coats for my swatches plus glossy and matte top coats. This polish is $17 USD.


with flash



matte macro

with art

Can you see the dark green holly under the snow flakes? It got pretty lost 😦 The flakes are so cute though! So, if you’re just down here for a recap, YOU NEED THEM! I seriously cannot scream loud enough at you all that you must try these polishes, or at the very least, the brand. These are not only fantastic made polishes, they are more healthy for your nails then regular polish. They are enriched with things like: garlic bulb extract, vitamins C & E, wheat protein, tea tree oil, and more. Click HERE for more info on this polish made by doctors!! These are available now so what are you waiting for?? Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂 Links below.


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Live Swatches

Dr.’s REMEDY ~ Spring 2018

*Provided for review


Hey peeps! Tonight I bring you the Spring Revival duo from Dr.’s REMEDY! This is an actual good for you polish! I won’t weigh this post down with too much,  but I highly suggest you go HERE for some light, informative reading!! Dr.’s REMEDY polishes have things like biotin, tea tree oil, and garlic extract in the formula to promote strong and healthy nails. Really good stuff 🙂 Let’s get to the reason you came: The polish ❤

The first half of the Spring Revival duo is BELOVED Blush. This is a soft blush pink crème polish. Perfect for the spring season. BELOVED Blush is a great base for spring nail art ❤ Formula is smooth and is a 2 coater. I used 3 thin coats for my swatch plus top coat.


with flash

with art

Second half of the duo is REFLECTIVE Rose. REFLECTIVE Rose is a foily, metallic, medium pink. Very eye catching. The formula, for a metallic, was flawless! I didn’t have to deal with stoke marks or dragging at all. I added some very simple art to this one. I used 2 thin coats with top coat for my swatch.


with flash


with art

What do you think of these doctor made, doctor approved polishes? I always love reviewing this polish. Feels like I am doing something really good for my nails. And… I may need stuff like this in the near future 😉 Dr.’s REMEDY polishes are available in all types of colors and finishes for $17.00 USD each. I will leave links below so you can check out the selection yourself! Have a great night my loves ❤


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