Wildflower Lacquer ~ April Birth Flower

*Provided for reviewI tried so hard to write up this post last night. I ended up falling asleep 😑 This cold has just really kicked my butt. I am here now though, so let's check out the next polish in Wildflower Lacquer's Birth Flower series.Dainty Daisies is a light lavender base with purple and gold… Continue reading Wildflower Lacquer ~ April Birth Flower

Stella Chroma ~ The Nutcracker Trio

*Provided for review Hi polish lovers 🙂 Do you see these? FLAKIES! Each polish here has a different type of flakes and Pam knocked them out of the park ❤ This is The Nutcracker Trio. Sit back and enjoy some flakie goodness.   Sugarplum Fairy "is a delicate, pale lavender crelly with red-green-purple iridescent flakies… Continue reading Stella Chroma ~ The Nutcracker Trio

LevelUP Lacquer ~ PPU Nov. ’18

*Provided for review Hello! It's Monday :/  I have just the thing to make you feel better about that though! This Friday, PPU Bad Ass Women opens! Ashley from LevelUP Lacquer has brought THE cutest back story to her choice of inspiration ❤ It is her Gram!! Ready for the story? "Keys to the Fridge… Continue reading LevelUP Lacquer ~ PPU Nov. ’18

LevelUP Lacquer ~ PPU September 2018

*Provided for review Hey guys! How's it goin'? Have you had the chance to see this movie? I just watched it the other day and wow. There isn't much else to say about it but WOW! I am the type of person who has seen every horror movie I can get my hands on. This… Continue reading LevelUP Lacquer ~ PPU September 2018

Polish Pickup June 2018 ~ LE Polish

*Provided for review How have you all been? I have been on a crazy emotional roller coaster. That's all for another post though. Today we are here to take a look at LE Polish's contribution to this upcoming Polish Pickup! The June theme is Video Games! The excitement in the group for this one is… Continue reading Polish Pickup June 2018 ~ LE Polish